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Concert I. RTHK Quartet
Concert II. The HK Children's Choir and Die Konzertisten
Concert III. Nancy Loo and Mary Wu

I. RTHK Quartet





8 p.m.

Monday 星 期 一
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre


Igor Stravinsky │ Three pieces for String Quartet (1914, rev. 1918)

Ng Chun-hoi │ November Winds (1991)
Tang Man-ngai│ Voices II (2016)*
Lau Hiu-lam │ Disturbance (2014)
Stephen Yip │ Distant Voices (2012)
Wong Chun-wai │ The White Wall II (2015)
Chris Hung │ String Quartet No. 2 (2008, rev. 2016)
Denise Mei-yan Hofmann │ Deep calls unto deep (2014)

David Gwilt │ Variations (2009)



斯特拉文斯基│ 弦樂四重奏三首 (1914, rev. 1918)

吳俊凱│ 秋意涼 (1991)

鄧文藝│ 呼聲引 II (2016) *

劉曉霖│ 紊亂 (2014)

葉樹堅│ 淨‧呼 (2012)

黃俊諱│ 白壁II (2015)

洪銘健│ 第二弦樂四重奏 (2008, rev. 2016)

何美恩│ 漫過 (2014)

紀大衛│ 變奏曲 (2009)

II. The Hong Kong

Children’s Choir and

Die Konzertisten


及 Die Konzertisten



8 p.m.

Tuesday 星 期 二
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Hong Kong Children’s Choir Programme

Conductor: Kathy Fok and Dominic Lam

Chan Kai-young │ Psalm 23 (2015)

Austin Yip │ That It Will Never Come Again (2013)

Warren Lee │ What If the World Lost Its Voice (2013)

Joshua Chan │ Autumn Night (2015)

Lam Fung │ Yellow Crane Tower (2015)

Richard Tsang │ My Lunch (2016)*

Steve Ho │ Let Music Flow (2014)

Die Konzertisten Programme

Conductor: Felix Yeung

Yim Fuk-wing │ Trekking Forward (2016)#
Victor Chan │ On and On: An Ancient Song (2009)
Wong Kong-yu │ Three Lyrics of Lu Fang Wen (2010)
Viola Yuen │ Lullaby (2014)

Elena Chiu │ Revelation XXI (2016)

Ian Ng │ TrancePort (2015)



陳啟揚 │ 詩篇二十三篇 (2015)

葉浩堃 │ 不會來了 (2013)

李偉安 │ 假如世界沒有聲音 (2013)

陳錦標 │ 秋夕 (2015)

林丰 │ 黃鶴樓 (2015)

曾葉發 │ 我的午餐 (2016)*

何崇志 │ 韻樂共流 (2014)

Die Konzertisten節目


嚴福榮 │ 行行重行行 (2016)#

陳偉光 │ 古悠悠行 (2009)

王廣宇 │ 陸放翁詞三首 (2010)

阮慧玲 │ 安睡吧,小寶貝! (2014)

趙學文 │ 啟示錄XXI (2016)

伍家駿 │ 出神 (2015)

III. Nancy Loo and Mary Wu





8 p.m.

Sunday 星期日
Hong Kong City Hall Theatre


Cheung Pui-shan (Hong Kong) │ The Taste of Old Hong Kong (2016)*
Adrian Lam (Hong Kong) │ Loving You, Even, Without You (2016)#
Hui Cheung-wai (Hong Kong) │ Contented Seasons of Cultivation (1999)
Meilina Tsui (Hong Kong) │ Two Miniature Pieces of Yin and Yang (2016)
Yung Yuen-wai (Hong Kong) │ Bi-metamorphosis (2015)

Zechariah Goh (Singapore) │ Interfusion and Toccata (2010)                                                                                 

Joseph Reiser (U.S.A.) │ The Beast Suite (1996)
Sierra Tse (Hong Kong) │ Voices of the Heart (2012)

Chen Ning-chi (Hong Kong) │ The Great River (2013)



張珮珊(香港)│ 回味老香港 (2016)*

林瀚聰(香港)│ 沒有您,依然,還是愛您 (2016)#

許翔威(香港)│ 田舍天倫 (1999)

徐美玲(香港)│ Two Miniature Pieces of Yin and Yang (2016)

容婉惠(香港)│ 易變 (2015)

吳多才(新加坡)│交融與托卡塔 (2010)

萊瑟(美國)│ The Beast Suite (1996)

謝倩雯(香港)│ 心語 (2012)

陳能濟(香港)│ 一條大河 (2013)


* Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild in 2016 with support from Hong Kong Arts Development Council and sponsorship from CASH Music Fund. 此作品於2016年由香港作曲家聯會委約,費用由香港藝術發展局資助及香港作曲家及作詞家協會轄下的「CASH音樂基金」贊助。

# Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild in 2016 with support from Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 此作品於2016年由香港作曲家聯會委約,費用由香港藝術發展局資助。

Programme and artists are subject to change. 主辦機構保留更改節目及表演者權利。 




14.11.2016 - RTHK Quartet 香港電台弦樂四重奏

RTHK Quartet


RTHK Quartet was founded in 2009 with a view to promoting the genre of chamber music and encouraging the art of chamber music playing in Hong Kong. Founding members violinist Le Hoai-nam, violist Elvis Chan and cellist Laurent Perrin are committed to introducing the rich world of chamber music, including some of the most profound and powerful music ever written, to music lovers in Hong Kong and beyond. John Ma is the guest second violinist for this concert.





15.11.2016 - The Hong Kong Children's Choir and Die Konzertisten
​香港兒童合唱團及Die Konzertisten

The Hong Kong Children’s Choir


The Hong Kong Children’s Choir (HKCC) was founded in 1969 as a registered non-profit-making charitable organization. HKCC is now the biggest choir in the world and has grown into a diversified arts organization for children. HKCC is invited to perform overseas each year, spreading the message of love and peace in different parts of the world. The Choir has been well received and appreciated in many countries, gaining an international reputation as the “Little Goodwill Singing Ambassadors” and “one of the best children’s choirs in the world”. HKCC was named “China’s Top Ten Children Chorus” in 2003 and won the prestigious “Award of the Audience” at the “Vivace 2006 International Choir Festival” in Hungary. In 2008, the choir was awarded the “Gold Cup” from “Shanghai International Children’s Chorus Festival”. In 2014, HKCC is selected by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) as one of the IFCM Ambassadors for 2013 to 2015. The Choir was invited to perform in the 2014 “10th World Symposium on Choral Music” in South Korea and 2015 “The 1st IFCM World Choral Expo” in Macau.


Apart from touring abroad, HKCC also actively participates in charitable events, and is frequently invited by local government and other organizations to perform at special and historic moments, including the Hong Kong Handover Ceremony in 1997, the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong International Airport in 1998, the Hong Kong Disneyland Grand Opening in 2005, series of performances celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and performances celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR in 2012.







Die Konzertisten


Music Director: Felix Yeung

Resident Conductor: Sanders Lau

Rehearsal Pianist: Alexander Wong



“The high-standard, refined musicking by the Hong Kong choir Die Konzertisten is surprising and gratifying…[they] deliver the music with a perfectly blended voice, natural phrasings and utmost devotions.” – Dennis Wu


Now in its 8th year, Die Konzertisten (DK) is recognised as one of Hong Kong’s foremost chamber choirs. Led by Music Director Felix Yeung and Resident Conductor Sanders Lau, DK performs with the greatest commitment repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony and Baroque masterpieces, to Romantic delicacies and newly commissioned works by composers in the region.


DK aims to bring the finest of artistic experiences to local audiences. The choir regularly brings in internationally renowned musicians, including conductors Helmuth Rilling (Bach Mass in B minor), Stephen Layton (Mozart Requiem), Jonathan Cohen (Handel Israel in Egypt and Messiah), Nicholas Cleobury (Rutter Requiem, Chilcott Requiem), Chen Yun-hung (contemporary works by Chinese composers) and countertenor Iestyn Davies (Bernstein Chichester Psalms, Pergolesi Stabat Mater).


The choir’s artistic accomplishments have led to invitations of collaboration from eminent artists and organisations local and abroad.  DK has repeatedly appeared in Hong Kong Arts Festival’s programmes, most notably a series of concerts in celebration of Benjamin Britten’s centenary in 2013. The choir has also appeared in two of the Festival’s PLUS programmes in 2016. The choir was featured for four consecutive years in the broadcasted RTHK 4 Christmas in the Park concert. Hong Kong Composers’ Guild invited the choir to perform in its Musicarama Festival and Chinese Composers’ Festival in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Performances with Hong Kong Sinfonietta (Faure Requiem) and Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra (Karl Jenkins Requiem) were both critically acclaimed. In February 2015, DK was invited by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office to perform at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore.


A keen advocate of Baroque music, the group joins hand with Early Music Society of Hong Kong in forming the first-ever local Baroque orchestra, Cammer Musicus, for the performance of Handel’s masterpiece Messiah in December 2015. Under the baton of its own Felix Yeung, DK has previously performed J.S. Bach St. Matthew Passion with an all-local cast of soloists, Buxtehude Membra Jesu Nostri with period instrument ensemble of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and Purcell Dido and Aeneas with Professor Lo King-man as director.  DK also ardently supports local young musicians through its Apprentice Scheme and Young Talents Series.


Die Konzertisten

音樂總監:  楊欣諾

駐團指揮:  劉卓熙

彩排琴師: 黃歷琛


「本地合唱團 Die Konzertisten精煉的演出令人驚艷…[他們]的聲音完美調和,自然地表達樂句,而且極致投入其中。」-胡銘堯


成立於2008年,Die Konzertisten (DK)  現為香港最優秀的室內合唱團之一。在音樂總監楊欣諾及駐團指揮劉卓熙的領導下,DK積極演出各個時期的曲目。由文藝復興複調音樂、巴洛克鉅作、浪漫派精萃,以致全新委約的現代作品 。


DK定期邀請國際知名音樂家來港合作,務求為本地觀眾帶來最頂尖的演出。歷年來包括指揮家: 利靈(巴赫《B小調彌撒曲》)、萊頓(莫扎特《安魂曲》)、高恩(韓德爾《以色列人在埃及》及《彌賽亞》)、高貝利(瑞特、契爾考特《安魂曲》)、陳雲紅(當代華人合唱作品);以及假聲男高音戴維士(伯恩斯坦《奇切斯特詩篇》,佩高萊斯《聖母悼歌》)。




DK一直致力推廣巴洛克音樂,更與香港早期音樂協會合作,成立本地第一隊巴洛克樂團Cammer Musicus,於2015年十二月演出韓德爾《彌賽亞》。以往在楊欣諾棒下,DK曾演出巴赫《聖馬太受難曲》(全本地歌唱家陣容)、布克斯特胡德《耶穌的軀體》(聯同香港演藝學院早期音樂小組),以及浦賽爾歌劇《狄多與阿尼亞斯》(由盧景文教授執導)。DK 透過音樂新秀系列及學徒計劃,熱心支持本地年青音樂家。

20.11.2016 - Nancy Loo and Mary Wu 羅乃新及吳美樂

Nancy Loo, Pianist

Nancy Loo is one of Hong Kong’s most versatile artists, as pianist, radio programme host, actress and writer. She was a recipient of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award. She currently teaches piano at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and is often invited to host music talks and masterclasses, and to serve as a juror for piano competitions.

Loo attended the Juilliard School on scholarship, where she studied with Adele Marcus. After graduating with a Master’s degree, she studied with Vlado Perlemuter in Paris and Guido Agosti in Italy. She was first-prize winner at the Fourth Rina Sala Gallo International Competition in Monza, and has won many other international competitions, including the Marguerite Long International Competition in Paris.

As a pianist, Loo has given solo recitals and performed with orchestras in England, Europe, North America and Asia. Locally, she has appeared in the Hong Kong Arts Festival Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. A keen promoter of contemporary music, she has participated in the annual Musicarama and the ISCM World Music Days Festival. She has also played the piano part for the soundtrack of several Hong Kong films and television series. Her recordings include a piano solo album of Christian music, Ambush and Moonlight on Spring River with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and piano works by local composers.



羅乃新曾獲獎學金入讀茱利亞音樂學院,受教於阿德里‧馬蓋斯(Adele Marcus)門下。在該校取得碩士學位後,又往巴黎及義大利隨弗拉多‧柏利慕特(Vlado Perlemuter)及基度‧阿哥斯提(Guido Agosti)學藝。她曾在多項比賽中獲獎,包括在義大利蒙紮舉行的里薩拉加略國際鋼琴比賽首獎、在巴黎舉行的馬瑰烈‧朗格國際鋼琴比賽等。


Mary Wu, Pianist


Born in Hong Kong, Mary Wu gave her first public performance at an early age and has been captivating audiences ever since in Austria, Poland, Canada, England, Germany, Hong Kong, the United States and throughout Asia.  Highly acclaimed for her piano playing, Wu is said to surprise with “her musical variety, profundity and sensitivity” by Vlado Perlemuter and “…a captivating poetical quality to her playing” by the late Lord Menuhin.  She has performed in many of the world’s major concert halls and with international orchestras and chamber musicians.  She has performed with the late Vlado Perlemuter in Queen Elizabeth Hall in UK, and with the late Lord Menuhin in UK, France and Germany.  She is also a founding member of the Bauhinia Piano Trio formed in 1995.


She has recorded for the BMG, ASV, Dutton Sound, Paradisum and Hugo, CFM Deutschland and Universal labels that include solo and chamber music by classical and contemporary composers.  She recently gave all-Ravel programmes in many major concert halls in China under the invitation of Alliance Francaise China.


Her prizes include the Clavichord and Harpsichord Prizes; Chappell Gold Medal - the most prestigious pianist prize given at the Royal College of Music; first prizes at the London Royal Overseas-League Music Competition and the Mozart Bicentenary International Piano Competition of Asia.  She has performed as a soloist with the Polish Gdansk Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Symphony Orchestra in Canada, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Macau Orquestra Camarata and the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.


She completed her doctoral degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA.  Her teachers include Betty Drown, Peter Norris, Louis Kentner, Vlado Perlemuter, Kendall-Taylor, Gilbert Kalish and Constance Wu.  She has been the artist-in-residence at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for many years and is currently a faculty member at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Baptist University and Chinese University. 


Wu was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awardees Hong Kong in 2003 and the ADC Best Artist of the Year 2010 award.  She has been invited to be a jury member at many competitions including the Steinway Competition and the Ibiza International Piano Competition in Spain.





吳美樂出生於音樂世家,父親吳東是香港早年最傑出合唱指揮之一,母親黃瑞貞於上海音樂專業學院鋼琴系畢業,姊姊吳恩樂、吳禧樂皆為出色的鋼琴家。吳美樂師從肯德爾.泰勒、根納 `柏利慕特及基利殊,畢業於英國曼奴軒音樂學院及皇家音樂學院,並在美國紐約州立大學石溪校取得博士學位。她曾獲多個比賽獎項,包括英國皇家音樂學院頒發的最高榮譽鋼琴獎—查普爾金獎、協奏曲獎 「古鍵琴獎」 倫敦皇家海外聯賽冠軍及莫扎特二百周年國際亞洲鋼琴大賽冠軍等。


吳美樂是香港活躍及其中一位最出色的鋼琴家,琴音遍及歐洲、北美及亞洲多個國家,除了舉行獨奏會外,亦與多個樂團合作,包括波蘭愛樂樂團、加拿大卡格利交響樂團、北京中央樂團(現中國交響樂團)、廣州愛樂交響樂團、新加坡華樂團、澳門室內樂團、香港小交響樂團、香港管弦樂團、香港中樂團及香港城市室樂團等。她亦醉心於室樂演奏,曾與小提琴大師曼奴軒勛爵在英國及德國合奏,及多次與英國格林美室樂獎得主麥金尼四重奏合作,也是香港洋紫荊鋼琴三重奏的創辦人之一。除傳統古典樂章外,吳美樂亦熱衷於演奏現代音樂, 曾多次在國際現代音樂節中演出,亦參與新加坡藝術節開幕演出及在2011年盛中亮的首屆『創意間的親暱』現代音樂節中演出。


吳美樂灌錄過多張唱片,包括《中國現代曲目》及由環球唱片發行的拉威爾鋼琴獨奏全集等,獲樂評熱烈讚賞。她的演奏曾獲曼奴軒曾勛爵稱許「具濃郁詩意」及被法國著名鋼琴家柏利慕特讚譽為:「豐富多變、意味深長和觸覺敏銳」和「她是當代最有天賦的鋼琴家之一」. 美國普爾茲獎得主偉拿稱她為 『 大舞台藝術家』 ,她亦被樂評人稱譽為「世界級的鋼琴家」」。


吳美樂曾任香港中文大學駐校藝術家。現任於香港演藝學院,浸會大學及中文大學任教,並在2011年德國墨格吐芭音樂節中授課。她亦為多個鋼琴比賽任評委, 包括 珍娜巴考華 國際鋼琴(香港區)比賽,新加坡國家音樂比賽 及多次作為西班牙以別沙國際鋼琴比賽評委等。吳美樂獲選為2003年香港十大傑出青年、2010年香港藝術發展局最佳藝術家(音樂)、2012年香港推動文化藝術發展傑出人士。


Ticket 票價:$150, $100

Tickets available now at URBTIX 門票現於城市售票網公開發售
Programme Enquiries 節目查詢:2877 3982

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Half-price tickets for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and CSSA recipients

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4-9 tickets or 2 concerts 四至九張門票或兩場音樂會:10% discount 九折優惠
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10% discount for “Friends of Radio 4”

Patrons may enjoy only one of the discount scheme for each purchase. 


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