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The following are membership categories of the Hong Kong Composers' Guild Limited.

1. Full Member (HK$300 per year) 

Open to any person who:
• is a resident of Hong Kong or has been living in Hong Kong for the past 5 years;
• is a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH); or other composition organisations;
• has published, released or publicly performed a minimum of 5 major works. The applicant should present these works to the Council for consideration for membership.

2. Preparatory Member (HK$150 per year)

Open to student composers who are yet unable to fulfil the criteria for full membership. Any composers presently enrolled as a full-time student or studying composition privately may apply. At least one composition by the applicant should be presented to the Council for consideration for membership. Preparatory Membership will be reviewed by the Council regularly and upon invitation to become a Full Member, his or her Preparatory Membership will cease. 

3. Associate Member (HK$300 per year)

Shall be conferred, by invitation of the Council or by application, upon such persons who are supportive to the objectives of the Guild. 

Membership Benefits:

All members are entitled to all of the benefit from and participate in all activities organized by the Guild, in particular to attend and make proposals to the Annual General Meeting. Only Full Members are entitled to nominate and vote for candidates, and to be elected to the Council. 

How to apply:

Application form (in PDF format) can be downloaded from the link below. Completed application form must be accompanied with scores and/or recordings (if scores are unavailable) and deposit membership fee to the Hong Kong Composers' Guild's HSBC account at 636-474546-838. Please direct all applications to:


Hong Kong Composers' Guild Limited
Unit 707 Hong Kong Arts Centre, 
2 Harbour Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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