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Concert Date & Time: Jan 30, 2018 (Tuesday) at 8 p.m.

Venue: Lee Hysan Concert Hall, CUHK

Programme by Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

Conductor: Ho Man-chuen

Stephen Yip - Motto for Beauty (2017)(7’)*

Law Wing-fai - The Drunken Tai Bai (1985)(7’)

Leung Ka-tung - Desert Dew (2014)(7’)

Chan Ming-chi - The Legend of Windscape (2015)(9’)

Leung Hin-yan - Renovated Tradition (2017)(10’)

Tang Man-ngai - City of Lights (2017)(7’)*

Chan Nga-man - The Morning Mist (2015)(7’10”)

Chris Hung - The Yu Lan Festival (2014-15, rev. 2017)(10’)

*Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild in 2017 with support from Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 

Click here for the house programme.

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