Matching Making Concerts 2018 ﹣

when emerging performers meet forerunner composers

​創藝匯新聲音樂會 2018 ﹣


Musicarama 2017: Integrated Dissonance

Chinese Ensemble Music Showcase


音樂新文化 2017: 不協和的融和 


SOUND-Imagination 2018: Hong Kong Culture

​聲影集2018 ﹣ 香港文化

Musicarama 音樂新文化

Musicarama Festival was launched in 1992. The mission of Musicarama is to promote creativity, innovative ideas, advanced musical appreciation, and virtuosic performace. 



New Generation Concert 音樂新一代

In order to encourage young people to pursue excellence in artist creation, the Guild has been collaborating with RTHK Radio 4 to organise this annual composition competition called New Generation for more than twenty years.




The Winners List 歷年獲獎名單:

2017 - Chan Chi-long Tony: Fearing the Shadow

2016 - Zheng Zhong: An Anticlimactic Bassdrop II 

2015 - Shing Chun-hay: Monologue in the Mountain Fog

2014 - Lam Wing-ka: Snow on the river

2013 - Yiu Siu-lung: Midday, Quarry Bay

2012 - Chan Kai-young: Fata Morgana

2011 - Wong Chun-wai: Nhemamusasa

2010 - Lee Kar-tai Phoebus: Arid Branches Resound

2009 - Kwong Chin-wai Charles: Branches

2008 - Leung Hok-kiu Johnson: Galactic Fantasy

2007 - Chu Hiu-fong Priscilla: Ecstatic Pink

2006 - Li Kar-yee: Spring

2005 - Chan Sze-rok: Elegy to the Victims of Andaman Sea

2004 - Lam Hon-chung Adrian: Astray

2003 - Yip Ting: Night

2002 - Li Cheong: Through the Windows

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SOUND-IMAGination 聲影集

SOUND-IMAGination is a multimeida concert series started since 2012, where sound, images and imagination cross.


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