陳展霆 Chan Chin-ting
鄭汝森 Anthony Cheng
鄭重言 Lee Cheng
洪銘健 Chris Hung
黎雅婷 Ada Lai
李家泰 Lee Kar-tai
麥睿勤 Mak Yui-kan
伍擎峯 Ng King-fung
伍華晞 Ng Wah-hei
謝諾翹 Tse Nok-kiu
黃俊諱 Wong Chun-wai
吳藝敏 Wu Yimin
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陳樂芹 Chan Lok-ken
陳家浚 Chan Ka-chun
陳家浚畢業於香港理工大學數碼媒體設計系,喜歡攝影和說故事。Chan Ka-Chun obtained his BA (Hons) in Digital Media at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is passionate about photo taking and telling stories.
鄭汝森 Anthony Cheng
鄭重言 Lee Cheng
周志光 Chow Chi-kwong
短片導演,畢業於香港浸會大學傳理學院主修電影電視,其後工作於非牟利機構,與青年人製作劇情短片與紀錄短片逾一百齣。Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Cinema and Television, Chow has been working for non-government organizations to write and direct short films with and for children and teenagers. He also takes part in varies productions such as
promotional videos, music videos, webisodes and educational videos.
朱凱濙 Chu Hoi-ying
2011年畢業於香港中文大學音樂系。2014 年畢業於香港浸會大學電影學院藝術碩士(MFA),主修電影製作。2016 年,她入選了釜山國際電影節舉辦的亞洲電影學院(Asian Film Academy),成為學員之一。
李妃蝶 Lee Fei-tip
Lee Fei Tip is currently studying Creative Arts and Culture at The Education University of Hong Kong. She is passionate about contemporary art, photography, and time-based art. Her works are abstract with all sorts of old and new emotions and fleeting thoughts drift in and out of distortion.
麥睿勤 Mak Yui-kan
圖太 Tutaj
Tutaj is an artist collective established in 2017 in Berlin by two artists, Aleksandra Cieślewicz, from Poznan, Poland, and Chih-Chien Wang, from Montreal, Canada. The two artists share similar interest in the use of material, the awareness of quotidian visual structure and the happening of art event within everyday experience. 圖太是一個藝術二人組由 亞歷珊德拉 切希列維其 (波茲南 波蘭) 與 王志堅(蒙特利爾 加拿大)在2017年成立于柏林。
Ling Wong
邱國權 Yau Kwok-kuen
邱國權同學就讀香港教育大學的創意及文化學系四年級,主修視覺藝術,以航拍技術捕捉最美麗的一刻為依歸,走遍大嶼山、南生圍、菠蘿山、橋咀島、華富村等地。The drone video was taken and edited by Marcus Yau majoring in Visual Art from the programme called Creative Arts and Culture from Education University of Hong Kong. Marcus took video clips from different locations including Lautau Island, Nam Sang Wai, Por Lo Shan, Sharp Island and so forth to catch the most beautiful moments from these places.
吳肇良 Wu Zhaoliang
2011年9月 —— 2015年7月

鲍灵格林州立大学 (艺术硕士)
2017年9月 —— 今

优土集团 04/2015-08/2015
非凡传媒 06/2015-02/2017
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