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“New Energy of Wind and String”
A Music Composition Animateur Scheme 2015/16

Presented by LCSD, in cooperation with Hong Kong Composers' Guild 

Highlight and Objective

  • A school-year-long music composition training project.

  • For primary and secondary schools with students who have basic music knowledge as well as interested in music composition.

  • Aims to engage the teachers, students and the whole school in the unique art form of music composition, develop the ability of music creativity, and communicate and share with others through music.

  • Project activities include lecture demonstration, music appreciation concert, workshops, in-school concert and finale concert.

  • Students’ creative pieces will be performed at in-school concerts as well as having a chance to be selected to perform at a public performing venue.


Although music composition is a huge undergoing that requires years of training and experience, this requirement does not necessarily prevent new learners to achieve meaningful results within a shorter period of time. We will encourage students to discover their hidden talent by focusing firstly on sound design, rather than complicated topics like harmony and counterpoint. With the project theme “New Energy of Wind and String”, students will explore various kinds of creative sounds on voices, instruments, percussion and everyday objects, and will arrange these sounds in an organized manner in musical contexts. This will naturally lead to the studies of rhythm, notation, pitch organisation and form. Having mastered these basic skills, students will be guided to write creative types of music, for example, emphasizing on irregular phrasing, surprising melodies, dissonance chords, arrhythmic patterns, extended instrumental techniques, etc., with the ultimate aim to express their individuality through instrumental music. Each student will compose his/her own compositions.

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