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YUEN Viola

Viola Yuen is an active composer, arranger, conductor, and an A Cappella singer who is enthusiastic about applying the use of human voices in various musical composition.  Graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist Collegeand the Academy for Performing Arts, she is now a candidate for a Doctoral Degree of Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Graduate School, majoring in composition.  In 2009, 2010 and 2011, she was awarded the Lions Joseph Koo Music Foundation Scholarship.

Currently, she is also the Music Director of the Sregnis Singer, the first contemporary A Cappella group in Hong Kong; a part-time lecturer of the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts; and a conductor of the choir of Hong Kong Music Institute. She is also instructing a choral conducting course under the Sacred Music Commission - Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.  Since 1990, she has been appointed the conductor of the Diocesan Choir - Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong.  She is also a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (C.A.S.H.) and a director of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild.



目前,阮氏為香港首隊當代無伴奏合唱組合 -「合唱俠」(The Sregnis Singers) – 之音樂總監、香港演藝學院兼任講師,香港音樂專科學校合唱團指揮、及天主教香港教區聖樂培育課程指揮科導師,並由1990年1月起,一直被委任為天主教香港教區聖樂之指揮。 此外,阮氏亦為「香港作曲及作詞家協會」會員及「香港作曲家聯會」理事。


Orchestral Music

  • Libera Me《主!拯救我》 (2008)   10’45” for Solo Baritone, Solo Treble Voice and Orchestra

  • Lamentor《哀歌》(Three movements)   (2011)   14’05” for Choir and Orchestra

  1. First Movement:     Darkness Shrouded

  2. Second Movement:  Grant Them Everlasting Rest

  3. Third Movement:   Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them

  • 第一樂章:  黑暗濃罩大地

  • 第二樂章:  求賜他們永遠的安息

  • 第三樂章:  以永恆的光亮照耀他們

Chamber Music (Western instrument)

  • Awakening I Abyss  覺醒 第一章 混沌 (2007)    4’30” for Flute (+Alto Flute) / Clarinet in Bb (Bass Clarinet in Bb) / Violin / Cello / Piano

  • Awakening II Vagabond  覺醒 第二章 蹢躅 (2007)    5’30” for Clarinet, Horn, Cello, Piano, Percussion

  • Awakening III Renaissance   覺醒 第三章《再生》 (2009)  7’40” for Flute (+ Alto Flute), Clarinet (+ Bass Clarinet), Horn, Cello, Piano, Percussion

  • String Quartet  《弦樂四重奏》 (2008)   6’30”

  • Via Dolorosa  《苦路》  (2012)   8’30” for Clarinet (+Bass Clarinet).Cello. Piano with Bass-Baritone Vocalist

  • Behind Prosperity  《繁華背後》(2012)   1’ for Cello and Piano

  • On that Unforgettable Day……   《那年、那月、那日》  (2012)   2’ for Cello and Piano

  • Cut Grass  (2012)   6’ for Lyric Baritone, Violin, and Piano

Chamber Music (Mixed)

  • Viola 阮  (2010)   8’30” for Viola and four Zhong Ruans

  • Chamber Music (Chinese instrument)

  • Chanting  《吟》 (2009)    6’30” for 2 Erhus, Zhonghu, Zheng (+ Female Voice), Cello (+Male Voice)

  • Episodes…  《片斷》...  (2012)   6’30” for Dongxiao, Zheng, Zhonghu

Voice, A cappella and Choral

  • Nostalgia 《茫》 (2008)   8’20” for Nine-part A cappella

  • On a Sleepless Night 《不寐倦長更》 (2010)   6’13” for Nine-part A cappella and Chinese Bamboo Flute

  • Village Dance  《舞曲》 (2010)   15’17” for Nine-part A cappella and Erhu

  • Mass  《彌撒曲》(2010)    15’

  • Kyrie,  Sanctus,  Agnus Dei

  • 《垂憐頌;歡呼頌;羔羊頌》for mixed choir (SSAATTBB) and solo cello

  • Lullaby  《安眠曲》  (2010)   7’20” for Mezzo Soprano and Bass Clarinet

  • Eddies  《渦流》 (2011)   7’13” for Nine-part A cappella (with microphone and reverberation)

  • Whispering Voice Beyond the Horizon   《地平線以外の低語聲》 (2012)   6’ for Solo Handbells, Handchimes, Handbells Ensemble (six players+Human Voices) , and one back-stage Singer, with wireless microphone and reverberation

Multi-Media Music

  • Living With Despair  《惘 . 生》  (2008)   9’08” for Solo Soprano, Bass Clarinet and pre-recorded tape

  • An Old House by a Lonely Track 《纜車徑旁的一所老房子》 (2009)   10’30” A multi-media composition with nine-part A cappella, with microphone, reverberation, and a solo dancer

  1. A Voice from My Secret Garden     幽微之音 

  2. Reminiscence  憶

  3. A Way Out …  出路…

  • Longing…  《依依…》 (2010)   18’ A multi-media music in Three acts for Flute(+Alto Flute), Oboe, Clarinet (+Bass Clarinet), Cello, Piano, Female Singer, Male Dancer (with microphone, reverberation), Lighting and Staging

  • A Story Beyond the Horizon   《地平線上另一端的一個故事》 (2011)   10’30” for Dongxiao, Female Voice, Percussion and a Female Dancer, with microphone and reverberation

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