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WONG Lok-hang Amos

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Amos Wong received choral and instrumental music training at a young age. He is currently studying Composition and Electronic Music at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Based on his interests and passion for Cantonese Musicals, Amos founded XTRAMENTAL in 2017, a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that aims to promote Theatre, Music, Musicals and other interdisciplinary art forms. Being the Composer and Music Director of XTRAMENTAL, Amos has written for various multidisciplinary productions including ‘Chasing Stars the Musical’ (2019), ‘Mind and Hours’ (2018), ‘How I Cracked Singing the Musical’(2018) and ‘Hello To My Hollow Heart’ (2017).

Amos was awarded the First Prize in the Unbound Flute Festival Composition Competition (Brisbane, Australia). He was also a selected finalist in The Future Blend Project 2017 (Warwick, UK) with his solo harp piece 'Dwarf Columbine'. His choral piece 'My Birthday Gift' was selected in The Hong Kong Children's Choir's '50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections' in 2018. He was also selected as a participating composer at VIPA Festival 2018 in Spain.

Amos actively engage in choral activities as he believes in the power of the human voice. In 2017, Amos toured as a teacher and accompanist along the Yip's Children's Choir to the International Men and Boys Choir Festival (Arizona, USA). He was also a speaker at the 2018 International Conference of Performing and Visual Arts at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


王樂行自小喜歡廣東話音樂劇,在2017成立了蛋炸饅頭劇場並擔任副主席及音樂總監,希望普及化本土音樂劇的製作,以及探索了跨媒體創作的無限可能性。音樂劇和劇場作品包括《DSE奪夢追星》音樂劇 (2019)、《可可日記》(2019)、《國王有對驢耳朵》(2019)、《我。我們》音樂會 (2018)、《How I Cracked Singing》(2018)和《Hello To My Hollow Heart》(2017)。

王氏曾於多個作曲比賽獲獎,包括澳洲布里斯班的「Unbound Flute Festival」作曲比賽的第一名。此外,他的豎琴獨奏作品亦被獲選入英國沃里克「The Future Blend Project 2017」的決賽。他的合唱作品「My Birthday Gift」被獲選如香港兒童合唱團的50周年兒童合唱作品創作選。他也是入選西班牙VIPA2018音樂節的作曲家之一。


Musical Theatre

  • 《DSE奪夢追星》音樂劇 (2019)

  • 《可可日記》(2019)

  • 《國王有對驢耳朵》(2019)

  • How I Cracked Singing (2018)

  • Mind, and Hours (2018)


  • Hello To My Hollow Heart (2017)

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