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LAM Chun-hei Matthew

Matthew Chun-hei Lam is currently a music undergraduate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in composition. He is now studying composition with Prof. Wendy Lee and he had also studied with Prof. Chan Kai-young, Dr. Lo Hau-man, and Dr. Phoebus Lee Kar-tai. He is also studying piano under Dr. Timothy Kwok Ka Ho. 

He is an active composer and an enthusiast of contemporary music style, with his goal being exploring and experimenting on a wide array of sounds and timbre, especially with contemporary instrumental techniques. Lam is the winner of Toolbox Percussion International Composition Competition 2019 (TPICC 2019), the finalist of New Generation 2020, and awarded honourable mentions of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble call-for-scores 2020 and 2019 Ensemble Ibis Composition Competition. 

As an active composer, his works were featured in various events and were selected by various call-for-scores, most notably including Musical Convergence concert held by Hong Kong Composers Guild, Music from the Heart concerts held by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and Toolbox International Creative Academy 2020 opening concert. 

His works were played and read by various groups, including the Mivos Quartet (USA), Mise-en Ensemble (USA), Cong Quartet (HK), Music-joint Association (HK), Stellar Trio (Beijing), Toolbox Percussion (HK), and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. 


林氏贏得了敲擊襄國際作曲比賽2019的冠軍,2019 Ensemble Ibis Composition Competition和香港創樂團call-for-scores 2020的Honourable Mention,並入圍了香港作曲家聯會主辦音樂新一代2020的決賽。他的作品曾於香港作曲家聯會主辦琴緣飛渡音樂會,心樂集,國際共襄創意學院開幕匯演等多個不同場合演出。而他的作品亦被不同團體演出,如香港中樂團,米費斯弦樂四重奏(美國),紐約室樂團(美國),CONG四重奏(香港),凝音樂坊(香港),史黛拉三重奏(北京),和敲擊襄(香港)。



  • Death is What You Embrace With (2020), for wind orchestra

  • Garden Sketch (2018), for string orchestra, vibraphone and percussion

Chamber (Western)

  • Antithesis (2021), for 2 violins

  • Acrimonies (2020), for clarinet in B♭ and viola

  • Undine (2020), for clarinet in B♭, violin, cello and percussion

  • When Light Vanishes (2020), for string quartet

  • Elements Garden (2019), for 3 percussionists

  • They are at Rest (2019), for flute, horn, vibraphone, percussion, piano, and string quartet

  • Drunken Dance (2019), for clarinet in B♭, piano and cello

  • Silent Spring (2018), for clarinet in B♭, flute, violin, cello, vibraphone and piano

  • Shōrin-zu (松林図) (2018), for string quartet

  • Anemoi (2017), for piano, violin and cello

Chamber (Chinese and mixed)

  • 獨步雪原 (Walking Alone in Snowfield) (2020-21), for chamber Chinese orchestra

  • 幻蜃 (Mirage) (2020), for sheng, pipa, zhongruan, percussion, erhu, gehu

  • Windchaser (2019), for Sheng, Violin and Cello

  • 夢醒之時 (Awakening from Dream) (2019), for qudi, yangqin, erhu and gehu

  • A Night Between Woods…and Melancholy (2019), for (western) Flute, Yangqin, Liuqin, Zhongruan and Guzheng


  • 還有行李要帶走嗎?(Are There Still Luggages to be Brought?) (2021), for SATB choir and piano

  • When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d (2021), for SATB choir, piano and media


  • Freesia (香雪蘭) (2021), for solo erhu

  • Meditation - Clear Mirror Still Water (2021), for solo flute

  • Shimmering Tides (2020), for solo cello

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