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CHEN Yeung-ping

Yeung-ping Chen is a Hong Kong-born composer. 

Over the course of his career he has been awarded several prestigious prizes, including scholarships from Hong Kong (CASH Music Scholarship for Oversea Studies, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund) and grants from the International Summer Course in Darmstadt, Germany, the Harry and Alice Eiler Foundation, Diane Lin Memorial scholarship from Friends of the International Center at UCSD, Nee Commission Award, and Altius Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council in the United States.

Chen was composer-fellow for the Ensemble 2010 Project in Darmstadt, the International Ensemble Modern Academy in 2011, and June in Buffalo 2012.  He has worked with Christopher Rountree, Steven Schick, Marino Formenti, Mark Dresser, Susan Narucki, Alice Teyssier, Jessica Aszodi, Yuki Numata, Jeffrey Milarsky, the Mivos Quartet, the JACK Quartet, UMS n' JIP (Switzerland), Tactus Ensemble (Manhattan School of Music), Ensemble Dal Niente (Chicago), Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, La Jolla Symphony Orchestra, and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.

He is currently studying at the University of California, San Diego.  His recent research focuses on telematic musical composition, performative strategies for electro-acoustic music, and hyper-transcriptional composition model. 

Chen is also an experienced instructor who has been giving or assisting various undergraduate courses, graduate seminars and extension program for high school student.  The topics he have taught included, Introduction to Composition, Music Theory and Practice, Fundamentals of Music, Women and Music, Symphony, Telematic Music Performance, and, the Audiovisual: Music's Place in Film, Television and Art.


  • Palindrome (2014) for saxophone quartet 

  • Light (2013-14)  for contrabass quintet 

  • Sonic Engraving "Fragment X" (2013) for string quartet

  • Light and Tears (2013) for solo violin

  • Stars and Moon. Cloud and You. (2012) for Pierrot ensemble

  • Stillness in the Fragmentized Twirls (2011) for animated image, trumpet and string quartet

  • Bíe III (2011) for large mixed chamber ensemble

  • Trace of Solar Luminosity (2010-11) trio for violin, horn and contrabass

  • Sonic Engraving of the Last Sigh (2010) for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and piano

  • A Silence Tree (2010) duo for counter-tenor and recorder with interactive electronic

  • A Future Letter (2010) multi-media work for theater      

  • Bíe II (2009) for mixed ensemble      

  • Bíe I (2009) duo for clarinet and sheng                  

  • Symphonic Etude- Azurescape (2009) for orchestra      

  • Xian Xia (2008) for solo alto saxophone and orchestra

  • Sublime (2006) for wind concert band      

  • Ki Lin (2006) trio for clarinet, violin and cello

  • 清心也可以 (2014)

  • 柔光 (2013-14)

  • 音響版畫-賦格 (2013)  

  • 燭淚 (2013) 

  • 星和月. 雲和妳 (2012) 

  • Stillness in the Fragmentized Twirls (2011)

  • 別 III (2011)

  • 日照的軌跡 (2010-11)

  • 音響版畫-最後的嘆息 (2010)

  • 一棵寂靜的樹 (2010)

  • 給未來的信 (2010)

  • 別 II (2009)

  • 別 I (2009)

  • Symphonic Etude- Azurescape (2009)

  • 仙峽 (2008)

  • Sublime (2006)

  • 麒麟. 瑞獸 (2006)