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CHANG Herbert

Born in 1948, California, U.S.A. In 1959, at age 11, Chang entered Chinese Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The study started from elementary and then high school. In 1966, the Cultural Revolution interrupted his study, and in 1968, he was sent to Tianjing Gegu Farm to receive re-education. He grew rice there. Three and half years later, the government assigned him a violinist position in the Chinese Central Ballet, which at that time was a model troupe of Mao’s wife. In 1978, he was transferred back to the Central Conservatory to teach at the high school department. In 1979, Chang returned to the U.S, and studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Currently, he is a violin teacher in the U.S, and also a composer with two violin text books published by Mel Bay Music Publications; “Forty Studies for Violin” and “Daily Scale Exercises for Violin”. 

於1948年出生於美國加利福尼。 (父母均為留美學生)1959年進入中央音樂學院附小, 然後附中學習。 1966年文化大革命爆發,學業停止。 1968年被送到天津葛沽農場接受“再教育”。張在農場種水稻。 1972年被分配到中央芭蕾舞團工作。 (當時是江青的樣板團)於1978年被調回中央音樂學院附中任教。 1979年赴美。 1979到1982年在美國舊金山音樂學院學習。現在在美國做小提琴教師並且從事音樂創作。在美國出版了“小提琴練習曲40首”,和“小提琴每日音階練習”兩部著作。 (由美國 Mel Bay 公司出版)最近完成了“特出小提琴技術練習”一書以及一些樂曲,其中包括小提琴獨奏曲8首,中提琴獨奏曲1首,大提琴獨奏曲1首,弦樂四重奏一部。 (4個樂章)


Two violin text-books have been published in the U.S. They are “Forty Studies for Violin” and “Daily Scale Exercises for Violin”. Publishes is “Mel Bay Music Publications Inc.”

The third book “Special Technique School for Violin” has just been finished.

Following pieces have been finished.

  • Cello solo piece:  Caprice

  • Viola solo piece:  Legend

  • Violin solo piece: Caprice No.1

  • Violin solo piece: Caprice No.2

  • Violin solo piece: Happy Birthday

  • Violin solo piece: Impromptu

  • Violin solo piece: May Song

  • Violin solo piece: Song of spring

  • Violin solo piece: Trill Fantasia

  • Violin solo piece: Waltz

  • String Quartet in four movements

張海伯在美國出版了《小提琴練習曲40首》和《小提琴每日音階練習》兩本教科書。出版商是“Mel Bay Music Publications Inc.”



  • 大提琴獨奏曲: 隨想曲

  • 中提琴獨奏曲:傳奇奇曲

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 隨想曲第一號

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 隨想曲第二號

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 生日快樂 

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 即興曲

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 五月的歌

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: 春之歌 

  • 小提琴獨奏曲: Trill 幻想曲

  • 小提琴獨奏曲:圓舞曲

  • 弦樂四重奏 (四個樂章)

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