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As a collaboration project with RTHK, the Guild Council appointed representative as the Hong Kong Representative to attend the International Rostrum of Composers every year and present several selected pieces by Hong Kong composers. As an international event for radio stations, this conference enabled recordings of new music from each participating country to be played and judged by fellow radio presenters. The best pieces would be selected by the Rostrum and recommended to be broadcast in all radio stations. ​

For more details, please visit the website of the International Rostrum of Composers.

Selected pieces by Hong Kong composers:

2021 Belgrade, Serbia

(Hong Kong Delegate: Galison Lau)

  • Anthony Cheng: Trapped

  • Angus Lee: Triumvirate

  • Luk Wai-chun: Blue Pole

  • Yu Tsz-long: Please Don’t Open

2019 Patagonia, Argentina

(Hong Kong Delegate: Anthony Cheng)

  • Chris Hung: The Yu Lan Festival

  • Galison Lau: In and Out 

  • Austin Yip: Metamorphosis

2018 Budapest

(Hong Kong Delegate: Chris Hung)

  • Chan Nga-man: In June

  • Lee Kar-tai Phoebus: Prelude to the Quick Collage Sketches of Rain

  • Tsui Mei-ling Meilina: Four Seasons

  • Stephen Yip: Realm of the Immortals

2017 Palermo, Italy

(Hong Kong Delegate: Lee Kar-tai Phoebus)

  • Ng Chun-hoi: Prelude II (Wuxing Interation) 

  • Ng Ka-chun Ian: Hop Out and Shuffle Away 

  • Wong Chun-wai: Clouds in Twilight

2016    Wroclaw, Poland

(Hong Kong Delegate: Tang Lok-yin)

  • Chen Yeung-ping: The Moon in La Jolla

  • Tam Ka-shu: Tam-tam Sonata

2015    Tallinn, Estonian

(Hong Kong Delegate: Lam Fung)

  • Chan Chin-ting: time, unfolding 

  • Chen Chi-wai Jason: Global Warning   

  • Lam Kin-yee: The Dragon of Pan-Cumulus 

2014   Helsinki, Finland

(Hong Kong Delegate: Viola Yuen)

  • Chan Kai-young: Shimmers the Shivery Moon 

  • Pang Chun-ting: As Snow 

  • Wu Guanqing: La Ronde 


2013   Prague, Czech

(Hong Kong Delegate: Mui Kwong-chiu)

  • Leung Chi-hin: Utmost Attack 

  • Yip Ho-kwen Austin: A Mournful Cry 

  • Viola Yuen: Lamentor 


2012   Stockholm, Sweden 

(Hong Kong Delegate: Hui Cheung-wai)

  • Chris Hung Ming-kin: Fluorescence 

  • Wong Chun-wai: Nhemamusasa 

  • Yuen Wai-fung Mike: Faces 


2011   Vienna, Austria

(Hong Kong Delegate: Lo Hau-man)

  • Li Cheong: Drumming Ridge 

  • Lam Lan-chee: Ancient Color 

  • Tang Lok-yin: Fall Mirage 

  • Ng Wah-hei: Exuberance 

2010 Lisbon, Portugal

(Hong Kong Delegate: Cheung Pui-shan)

  • Tang Man-ngai: Voices 

  • Ada Lai: Vibrissae 

  • Lai Sheung-ping: Serenade 

2009 Paris, France 

(Hong Kong Delegate: Tang Man-ngai)


  • Stephen Yip: In the Garden

  • Joyce Tang: Aurora 

  • Raymond Mok: A Little Suite: Chinoiserie 

2008 Dublin, Ireland 

(Hong Kong Delegate: Clarence Mak)


  • Cheung Pui-shan: Flow with the Stream 

  • Lam Kwan-fai: City Instinct 

  • Richard Tsang: But for the Heart…

2007 Paris, France 

(Hong Kong Delegate: Lai Sheung-ping)


  • Mui Kwong-chiu: Hong Kong Landscape 

  • Law Wing-fai: The Ink Spirit 

  • Chan Sze-rok: Elegy to the Victims of Andaman Sea 

2006 Paris, France 

(Hong Kong Delegate: Ada Lai)


  • Victor Chan: Passion Within

  • Hui Cheung-wai: Post-modern Lyrics - 2 Chinese Songs
    (I. Meet and Know, II. Parting)

  • Galison Lau: Spelling Vocabularies

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