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Chinese Poems are the valuable cultural treasures of our nation. It not only reflects our sense of beauty and philosophical thinking, but also the root and soul of our nation.


Contemporary Choral Compositions of Chinese Poems Concert is our musical presentation of original compositions from our Hong Kong Composers’Guild (HKCG) with a selection of Chinese Poems as lyrics through the two languages (Chinese and English) and three dialects (Cantonese, Putonhua and English) format, to unfold a new horizon of cultural exchange beyond the language boundary. With such aims, we produce this category of original music compositions in the form of CDs and score publications.

Concert Date & Time: May 30, 2019 (Thursday) at 8 p.m.

Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Concert Producers: Leung Chi-hin, Viola Yuen


  • Wong Wai-ying Paulina

  • Renie Sinn

  • Alston Ng

  • Chan Ka-hei Lesley

  • Viola Yuen

  • Mark Loh

  • Jane Lau

  • Yu Yui-tim Timothy

  • Wong Kin-yee Winky


  • Poon Kiu-tung

  • Alexander Wong

  • Kawai Chan

  • Lily Cheung

  • Emas Au

  • Chan Kwan-yee

Participating Choirs:


  • The Education University of Hong Kong Chorus - EdUHK Chamber Singers

  • Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Choir

  • Bishop Hall Jubilee School Choir

  • Wah Yan College Kowloon Boys' Choir

  • G.T. A cappella and Choir

  • Junior Choir of Wah Yan College Hong Kong

  • Marymount Secondary School Choir

  • The Greeners' Sound


  • Mooring by the Maple Bridge

  • Mu Lan

  • Visiting the Ancient Plain of Leyou

  • Caige

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Night Thoughts at Mid-Autumn Festival

  • The Spring of Hope

  • Written on the Wall of Westwood Temple

  • The Old Ballad of the Army Life

  • Mutual Yearning

  • Goose, Goose, Goose!

  • The Newly-wed Wife

  • The Autumn Breeze

  • Looking for a Hermit but not Finding Him

  • Qing Ming

  • Beyond the Frontier of the Great Wall (I)

  • A War Poem for the Lost Homeland (to the tune The River Runs All Red)

  • Friendship

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