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The Asian Composers League (ACL) is the most vibrant and active contemporary music organization in the Asia-Pacific region today. It was established in 1973 by leading composers from the region. Hong Kong Composers' Guild represents Hong Kong section as one of ACL's member regions. 

The Conference and Festival are magnificent events which are held annually and biennially, hosted by the member countries under the auspices of the ACL. It is an important venue for promising Asian-Pacific composers with different cultural backgrounds to present their works, exchange ideas and build solidarity amongst themselves.

For more details, please visit the ACL website.

Selected representing pieces by Hong Kong composers:

2022 Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Chan Chin-ting: In-pulse 

  • Tam Ka-shu: Flux 

  • Wu Yimin: Wedge

2018 Taiwan


  • Chan Ming-chi: The Joyful Heart washed by Hakka for Chinese orchestra

  • Elena Chiu: Twenty-Third Psalm: "The Lord is My Shepherd" for choir

  • Lee Kar-tai Phoebus: Better Half for chamber ensemble

  • Leung Chi-hin: Striking in the Tornado for percussion ensemble

  • Mok Kin-yee Raymond: Bamboo in Silhouette for orchestra

  • Tam Ka-shu: City Story - Flying Sword for electroacoustics/multimedia

  • Richard Tsang: And When I Die for choir

  • Stephen Yip: motto for beauty for Chinese orchestra

2017 Tokyo, Japan

  • Lee Kar-tai: Everlasting is the Moon for violin and viola

  • Lee Yi-wei Angus: Jarosinski-Fragments for string quartet

  • Clarence Mak: Illusive Color in Emptiness for electroacoustic

  • Shing Chun-hay: Lost Memory in Sun Set Pixels for chamber orchestra

  • Richard Tsang: But for the Heart...for chamber orchestra

  • Austin Yip: Wind Quintet No.1: Eagle Eyes

2016 Vietnam


  • Chan Ho-yi David: A Night Abroad 

  • Livia Lin: Labyrinth for string quartet 

  • Mak Yui-kan Raphael: Orchestra Piece for New Era for orchestra

  • Ian Ng: Think Twice - Three Little Musical Games

  • So Ho-chi: Cautious Indulgence for Young Composers' Competition 

  • Richard Tsang: Shades for Orchestra

  • Tsui Mei-ling Meilina: Dancing Shades and Echoes

  • Austin Yip: String Quartet No.1: BE for string quartet

2015 Philippines

  • Chan Ho-yi David: Reunion 

  • Chu Hiu-fong Priscila: Halika Dito (Come here, I am waiting for you) 

  • Chris Hung: Song of Bird's Gorge 

  • Leung Chi-hin: Reverberations from the Unreachable Continent 

  • Shuen Lai-yin: Rainscape 

  • So Ka-wai: Rites of Qinglong 

  • Wang Qiang: Intermezzo 

  • Wong Chun-wai: Nhemamusasa 

  • Viola Yuen: Lullaby for Choral


2014 Japan

  • Chan Ming-chi: Qian Dui Xue

  • Lau Hiu-kong: Thorns

  • Leung Chi-pong: Corona

  • Li Kin-yat: Seventh Son of the Seventh Son 

  • Richard Tsang: Overture fM 


2013 Singapore 

  • Lam Fung: Three Movements for String Quartet

  • Galison Lau: Infinite White 

  • Lee Kar-tai: Nostalgia in Four Rhymes 

  • Raymond Mok: Cycles of Destiny

  • Tang Lok-yin: The Sunflower – On a Painting by Van Gogh

  • Richard Tsang: Mang 

  • Wong Kong-yu: Plants and Men 

  • Austin Yip: City 

  • Stephen Yip: Message from the Wind 


2012 Isarel

  • Joshua Chan: Moments of Peace 

  • Richard Tsang: Soliloquy 

  • Lee Kar-tai: Pyrus Flower in Rain

  • Ng Wah-hei: Beyond the Life 

  • Yau May-kay: Demise of the Cherry Blossoms 

  • Pang Chun-ting: As Snow 

  • Ian Ng: Grand Jeté 

  • Wong Yat-wai Joseph: Via Dolorosa 


2011 Taiwan


  • Lee Kar-tai: Palpitation - Montage for Large Orchestra in 100 Seconds 

  • Stephen Yip: The Legendary Phoenix 

  • Tang Lok-yin: Cháo 

  • Mui Kwong-chiu: The Sea Off the Little Palm Beach

  • Doming Lam: Dust Bury the Bridge of Xian Yang 

  • Victor Chan: On and On: An Ancient Song 

  • Hung Ming-kin Christopher: Ever-changing Veins of Stone 

  • Clarence Mak: The Approach of Day 

  • Livia Lin: Illustrious (A movement from "Ju")

  • So Ka-wai: In the Dream of Ancient Path 

  • Lam Lan-chee: Ancient Colour 

  • Joshua Chan: Circular Triangle 

  • Raymond Mok: Five Studies for Three Instruments 

  • Yuen Wai-fung Mike: Faces 

2009 Korea



  • Richard Tsang: Dragon Signs

  • Alice Ho: Lamia

  • Victor Chan: A Dream Too Short 

  • Ada Lai: The Stars Are Not Wanted Now

  • Joyce Tang: Aurora

  • Stephen Yip: In the Garden

  • Cheung Pui-shan: Dancing Script

  • Christopher Hung: Epilogue for a Tragedy 

  • Lam Lan-chee: Starry Night 

  • Joseph Wong: Duo for Percussion

  • Kelvin Ng: The Pale Bone from Dragon Spring 

2007 Hong Kong

  • Chan Hing-yan: There's Something in the Wind

  • Joshua Chan: In the Days of the Travelling Tram

  • Chan Ming-chi: Jing.Qi.Shen

  • Victor Chan: Two Chinese Songs 

  • Cheung Pui-shan: Flow with the Stream

  • Ip Kim-ho: Momento

  • Doming Lam: Thanksgiving to the Kitchen God

  • Lam Kwan-fai: City Instinct

  • Galison Lau: Spelling Vocabularies

  • Law Wing-fai: A Thousand Sweeps

  • Clarence Mak: Touch of the Past

  • Raymond Mok: A Little Suite: Chinoiserie

  • Tang Lok-yin: Vocanicity 

  • Tang Man-ngai: Requiem - In Memory of Pope John Paul II

  • Richard Tsang: But for the Heart…

  • Wu Cheuk-nam: Ayala

2006 New Zealand

  • Clarence Mak: Voice of the Harbour

  • Lam Fung: Illumination 

  • Cheung Pui-shan: The Dragon 

  • Lee Wai-shan: Similar Space

  • Tang Lok-yin: The Giving Tree II  

2005 Thailand


  • Lydia Ayers: Tala Malika Jak

  • Chan Wing-wah: Distant Hill  

  • Alice Ho: Garage

  • Doming Lam: Moonlight over Spring River  

  • Tang Man-ngai: Distant Image 

  • Li Kar-yee: Summer 

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