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Chan Chin-ting’s “Reaching Up, Touching Down”

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】 //Feature 特寫// Chan Chin-ting’s “Reaching Up, Touching Down” I. Q&A 1) Briefly introduce your commissioned work. This piece explores different perspectives of Hong Kong’s cityscape, particularly of the perspective looking from below. It is inspired by an image that portrays a person lying on a rooftop amid city noise, facing up against the sunshine but with the face covered. 2) How did the image/video inspire you to write this piece? The music takes inspiration from the image, re-imagines and vitalizes the sound world surrounding the subject, as though the collage of city noise uncovers his/her face, rising up to above and beyond the infinite layers of Hong Kong’s modern cityscape. 3) Briefly share with us the composing techniques or styles you used in the piece. The composition uses Serial techniques as a foundation for the harmonic contents. The use of certain pitch sets is associated with my impressions of the photograph. II. About the Composer - Chan Chin-ting

Hobbies: photography, writing computer programs Composing habit: can compose anywhere with a pencil, eraser and staff paper Favorite sound: sound in nature

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