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LEE Yi-wei Angus

Angus Lee is a Hong Kong composer-performer. Graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (2014) and the Royal Academy of Music (2016) with the highest honours, Lee is currently a member of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and a regular freelancing musician with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

 As an active instrumentalist Lee has made appearance at numerous new music academies, including the Modern Academy, the London Sinfonietta Academy, and most notably the Lucerne Festival Academy, where he has fostered a strong relationship and has been invited to perform at Academy founder Pierre Boulez’s memorial concert as the soloist in Mémoriale (... explosante-fixe... Originel).

Equally active as a composer, Lee’s works has brought him to multiple composition academies and masterclasses, where he had the fortune of studying with, among others, Toshio Hosokawa, Mark Andre, Simone Movio and Nicolas Tzortzis at the Modern Academy, IMPULS Akademie and the ilSuono Academy for Young Composers where his recent work《et lux perpetua》received its premiere in June. Further premiers this year include electronic music《Midnight Sun》for an installation by Hong Kong Artist Kingsley Ng at the CYCLE Music and Arts Festival in Iceland, and string quartet《Jarosinski-fragments》for the Asian Music Festival 2017 organized by the Asian Composers’ League.

李一葦是香港土生土長的長笛演奏家,先後以最高榮譽畢業於香港演藝學院(2014)及英國皇家音樂學院(2016),現為香港創樂團成員及香港小交響樂團特約樂手。李氏曾參與多個本地及海外夏季學院,包括亞洲青年管弦樂團、倫敦小交響樂團學院,及瑞士琉森音樂節學院。李氏亦於2015年應琉森音樂節邀請,以獨奏家身份於作曲家布列茲的紀念音樂會上演出他為長笛及合奏小組譜寫的 Mémoriale (... explosante-fixe... Originel),大獲好評。

李氏也是一名活躍作曲家,並曾參與數個作曲大師班,如 IMPULS Akademie, ilSuono Academy for Young Composers,及香港創樂團現代學院,師隨作曲家細川俊夫、Mark Andre、Simone Movio及Nicolas Tzortzis。近年的委約作品包括為澳門Sound and Image Challenge Festival開幕禮創作的《Aeolian Scriptures》,為西班牙奧維耶多新音樂節創作的小/中提琴二重奏《sous rature》,及為本地藝術家伍韶勁於冰島CYCLE音樂及藝術節裝置藝術作品Moon‧Gate創作的電子音樂《Midnight Sun》。他的弦樂四重奏《Jarosinski-fragments》亦曾於由亞洲作曲家同盟主辦的亞洲音樂節2017中亮相。


Ensemble Music / Conducted Chamber Music

   for clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello & piano

Cendré [Frontispiece I] (2019)
   for solo alto flute, with harp & violincello

Firecircle [to the memory of Pierre Boulez] (2016)

for flute(s) and percussion

IMA [Modus Operandi II] (2018)

for three percussionists

Modus Operandi [I] (2016)
   for string trio and percussion

   for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola & bass

Schattenhaft [Frontispiece II] (2019)
   for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin & violoncello

triumvirate (revised ver.; 2019)
   for alto saxophone, percussion & piano

Chamber Music

... in search of... (2012)
   for flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon

Aeolian Scriptures (2016)
   for flute(s), sheng, bass & fixed media

Codex Ex Nihilo (2016)
   manual of instructions for any [non-]instrument[al combination]s

Et lux perpetua (2017)
   for flute(s), saxophone(s) & percussion

Jarosinski-Fragments (2016)

for string quartet

On the Nature of Dreams (2013)
   for two soprano saxophones & fixed media

sous rature (2017)
   for violin & viola / violin & violoncello

Toshi Densetsu I (2017)
   for three non-specified string instruments

triumvirate (original ver.; 2018)
   for alto saxophone, percussion & piano

Instrumental Solo

aux portes des rêves (2016)

for solo piano

hikari | yami [Lapsus memoriae V] (2019 – 20)

for solo percussion & fixed media

Lapsus memoriae [I] [Epigrafe in memoria di una città immaginaria] (2018)

for solo [kingma system] flute, live electronics & fixed media

   for solo viola & fixed media


for solo percussion


for solo percussion

Electronic / Electroacoustic Music

« Hereafter is your unbecoming » (2017)

fox fixed media

« midnight | sun » (2017)

fox fixed media

Entre mondes: 5 études transitoires (2015)

for fixed media

Étude en mélancolie (2016)

fox fixed media

Lapsus memoriae II — Prologue: Stargazer (2018)

for fixed media

Lapsus memoriae III — Interlude: Hikari to Yami no Kansō (2018)

for fixed media

Lapsus memoriae IV « Geburtstagsrequiem » [Hommage to C.C.] (2019)

for fixed media

Music for « after the deluge » (2018)

fox fixed media

Selon « L'Interprétation des rêves » (2012)

fox fixed media


Elaborazione [on J.S. Bach’s Bandinerie, Orchestral Suite no.2, BWV 1067] (2012)

for flute, oboe and bassoon

Oblivion [arrangement on Ástor Piazzolla’s work of same name] (2011 – 12)

for 2 flutes and piano

Second Movement from Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata in D minor, Op.40 (2010)

for clarinet, horn, trombone, percussion, 2 pianos and string quartet


Tractatus Musico-Philosophicus: Wagner, Nietzsche, and Thereafter (2013 – 14)

Bachelor’s Degree Thesis

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