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LAI Boon-tsing Joseph

A church composer, retired recently. In his early years he was graduated from the Music Department of Hong Kong Chinese University, studied composition with Professor David Gwilt. After graduation he worked successively in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Gloria Institute of Music, The C&MA Alliance Church, Alliance Bible Seminary, at present is working as a special music pastor in the Alliance Church, and also helps teaching worship and music ministry in the Gloria Institute of Sacred Music. His musical compositions mainly include hymns, anthems, liturgical music, organ and piano pieces. Publications include part of the above works, and also books concerning worship and music practice in the Christian church.




Prelude No. 1 (1998) 2' 15"

Canon (1998) 2' 30"

Four Pieces for Four Hands (1976) 3'

     for pf duets

Nocturne (1976) 4'

     for pf duet


Instrumental Solo

Processional (ASCRIBE GREATNESS) (1995) 2'

     for organ

Canon (1992) 4'

     for pf

Prelude (1991) 2'

     for organ

Prelude No. 2 (1991) 2'

     for pf

Anthem without Words (Postlude) (1990) 1' 40"

     for organ

Lullaby (1976) 1'

     for pf

A Children Piece (1976) 1'

     for pf

Imitation (1976) 1'

     for pf

Theme and Variation (1976) 2' 20"

     for pf

Prelude No. 1 (1975) 2'

     for pf

Hesitation (1974) 1' 20"

     for pf


Jonah and the Big Fish (1989) 17'

     for children chorus & pf


Be an Ambassador of Reconciliation (1992) 9'

     for soprano solo, chorus, brass quintet, timpani & organ; commissioned by Diocesan Youth Committee, The Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao

Vocal / Choral

Where Love Is, There Is Hope(2016)〔4’ 40”〕

     for Male and Female 2-part singing

The Sign of Baptism(2016)〔4’ 50”〕

     for mixed chorus

Little Bethlehem(2015)〔4’ 30”〕

     for children voice and mixed chorus

Rejoice in the Lord Alway(2015)〔4’ 20”〕

     for mixed chorus

We Hear Him Call(2015)〔2’〕

     for mixed chorus

Chung Chi College Anthem(2015)〔1’ 45”〕

     for Soprano and piano

惜哉,以色列!惜哉,以色列!(1999) 5'

     for SATB & organ

普天下當讚美主(始禮頌)(1997) 1'

     for SATB with optional keyboard accompaniment

Gloria (1996) 5'

     for SATB a cappella

遵行主的話 (1995) 4'

     for unison chorus, tp & pf

願你們平安 (1995) 2'

     for SATB & organ

Amen I (1994) 50"

     for SATB & organ

Allelujah I (a canon for up to 15 parts) (1994) indef.

     for mixed chorus & 3 keyboard instruments

Sanctus (a 3-part canon) (1994) 2'

     for 3-part chorus & keyboard instruments

我主精兵奮進 (1994) 5'

     for SATB & pf

十字架的默想(組曲)(1993) 15'

     for SATB & pf

Gifts from my Heavenly Father (1992) 3' 15"

     for children chorus & pf

Bring God's Peace to All the World (1988) 1'

     for SATB a cappella

Praise for the Grace of God (1987) 4' 10"

     for SATB & pf

Jehovah is in His Holy Temple (1981) 1' 30"

     for SATB with organ accomp. ad lib.

For the Newly Weds (1981) 3' 10"

     for SATB & pf

Rely on Jehovah (1981) 2' 30"

     for SATB a cappella

Song of Praise to Jehovah (1980) 2' 45"

     for SSA

The Lord has Risen (1980) 8'

     for children chorus, pf & perc

Psalm 90 (1978) 5'

     for soprano & fl

Hymn Arrangement

我們應當如此行 (GOD HAS SPOKEN) (2001) 5'

     arr. for SAB, brass quartet & organ

Have Mercy, Lord (LAVENDER) (2001) 3'

     arr. for unison chorus & keyboard instrument

The Lord is My Strength (1997) 3'

     arr. for SATB a cappella

Thanksgiving Hymn (SIBYL) (1997) 3' 30"

     arr. for SATB & pf

Lift High the Cross (CRUCIFER) (1996) 5'

     arr. for SATB, brass quartet & organ

Psalm 100 (1995) 2' 25"

     arr. for female chorus & handbell

God is Working His Purpose Out (BENSON) (1995) 4'

     arr. for congregation, organ & brass quartet

For the Bread Which Thou Hast Given (CROSS OF JESUS) (1994) 3'

     arr. for SAB & hn

The Call for Reapers (1994) 4'

     arr. for SATB & organ

New Away in A Manger (1993/4) 3'

     arr. for unison children voice & keyboard instrument

Ascribe Greatness to our God the Rock (ASCRIBE GREATNESS) (1990) 2'

     arr. for unsion chorus & soprano descant

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (ROCKINGHAM) (1990) 1'

     arr. for SSA a cappella 

O Jesus, King Most Wonderful (ABRIDGE) (1988) 3'

     arr. for SATB a cappella

Hail. Thou Once Despised Jesus (FAUXBOURDON) (1988) 4'

     arr. for SATB & keyboard instrument

Tell Out, My Soul (WOODLANDS) (1987) 4'

     arr. for SATB & organ

So Send I You to Teach my Word (LING MING) (1987) 3' 20"

     arr. for SATB & organ

十架七言歌 (1985) 13'

 I. Jesus in Thy Dying Woes (GOWER)

 II. Jesus, Pitying the Sighs (HELFER MEINER ARMEN SEELE)

 III. Jesus, Loving to the End (SEPTEM VERBA)

 IV. Jesus, Whelmed in Fears Unknown (TON-MAN)

 V. Jesus, in Thy Thirst and Pain (SWEDISH LITANY)

 VI. Jesus, All our Ransom Paid (HERVEY)

 VII. Jesus, All Thy Labour Vast (AGNES)

     arr. for SATB & pf

Sweet Will of God (1984) 2' 30"

     arr. for SSA & pf

Read, Mark, Learn (CAUSA DIVINA) (1983) 2' 30"

     arr. for SATB & keyboard instrument

O Could I Speak the Matchless Worth (ARIEL) (1980) 3'

     arr. for SATB & pf 

The King of Love my Shepherd is (DOMINUS REGIT ME) (1980) 4'

     arr. for SATB & organ

How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds (KILMARNOCK) (1980) 2'

     arr. for SATB

Till You Know Jesus (1979) 3'

     arr. for SAB & pf


For the Music of Creation (CREATOR COMPOSER) (2001)

Allaince Bible Seminary Centennial Song (1999)

Lord of History, Light of the World (1996)


今到主殿歌 (1995)

美麗的神 (1995)

New Away in a Manger (1993)



I Reached the Water of Morah (1992)


My Lord, I Did Not Choose You (1992)


Thanksgiving Hymn (SIBYL) (1991)

Open my Eyes, That I may See (VISION) (1984)

Draw Me Nearer (CHARMAINE) (1983)

'Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer (MEDITATION) (1983)


God of Love and Truth and Beauty (CHUN SENG) (1982)

Look Ye, Saints (BRADEN) (1982)

Jerusalem the Golden (CHUNG CHI) (1982)



Hymn Harmonization

O God our Help in Ages Past (ST. ANNE) (2001)

     harmonization to stanza 5

In the Bleak Midwinter (GRANHAM) (1999)

     harmonization to stanza 2

O Jesus, I Have Promised (WATERMOUTH) (1997)

     harmonization to stanza 2

All Praise to Thee (ENGELBERG) (1996)

     harmonization to stanza 3, arr. for brass quartet

Declare His Glory (VIOLA) (1993)

     harmonization to stazas 4 & 5, arr. for tp, hn, tb, timpani & organ

Ascribe Greatness to our God the Rock (ASCRIBE GREATNESS) (1993)

     harmonization to stanza 2, arr. for tp, hn, tb, timpani & organ

In Love for Me (IN LOVE FOR ME) (1991)

I Will Lift my Eyes to the Hills(PSALM 121) (1991)

Hymn Descant

How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds (KILMARNOCK) (1998)

     soprano descant to stanza 6

Come Thou Holy Spirit Come (VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS) (1998)

     soprano descant to stanza 5

The Church's One Foundation (AURELIA) (1993)

     soprano descant to stanza 4

Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus (FAUXBOURDON) (1993)

     soprano descant to stanza 3

O Jesus, King Most Wonderful (KILMARNOCK) (1993)

     soprano descant to stanzas 4/5

Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life (GARDINER) (1992)

     soprano descant to stanza 6

At the Name of Jesus (CAMBERWELL) (1992)

     fl/cl descant to stanza 5

Name of All Majesty (MAJESTAS) (1992)

     cl/tp descant to stanzas 3 & 4

Mangificat (ASCRIBE GREATNESS) (1992)

     soprano descant

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God (1992)

     fl/cl descant

Sun of my Soul, Thou Saviour Dear (HURSLEY) (1992)

     fl descant to stanza 4

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (REPTON) (1992)

     tp descant to stanza 6

Majesty (MAJESTY) (1992)

     tp descant

Lead on, O King Eternal (LANCASHIRE) (1991)

     tp descant to stanza 3

A Mighty Fortress is our God (EIN' FESTE BURG) (1990)

     soprano descant to stanza 4 in D, with interlude



「聖詩變僵詩 - 淺談教會音樂事工與神學的關係」《聖樂通訊》第37期,秋季,2001年

「教會音樂 - 表彰神的真理」《聖樂通訊》第36期,春季,2001年

「祈禱 - 常被忽略的崇拜事奉」《聖樂通訊》第34期,秋季,2000年





「驚踏天門 - 集體崇拜與會眾(二)」《聖樂通訊》第26期,春季,1998年

「驚踏天門 - 集體崇拜與會眾(一)」《聖樂通訊》第25期,冬季,1998年



Essays on Sacred Music and Worship《脫俗尋真 - 聖樂與崇拜評論集》香港:建道神學院,1998年。ISBN:962-7997-25-0

The Choral Works of Joseph Lai《黎本正合唱曲選》香港:建道神學院,1994。ISBN: 962-244-409-1

Hymn harmonization nos. 266 & 344《恩頌聖歌》

Hymns nos. 7, 31, 64, 69, 89, 106 &114《華人聖頌》

Hymns nos. 39, 140, 159, 366, 432, 479 & 490《生命聖詩》


I Reached The Water Of Morah 瑪拉苦水《萬崇仁牧師紀念特刊》

Allaince Bible Seminary Centennial Song 建道神學院百週年院慶歌《建道神學院百週年紀念特刊》

Psalm 90《香港聲樂作品集》(八),羅炳良編,48-55頁。香港:香港基督教文藝出版社,1999年。


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