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Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu wins the Artist of the Year (Music) at the 14th Hong Kong Arts Developm

Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu


Dr Mui Kwong-chiu is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild; Director of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), Chinese Musicians’ Association member; Artistic Director of World Dulcimer Orchestra; an Examiner in Music at the Hong Kong Arts Development Council; Advisor of the Hong Kong Yanqin Association; Honorary Advisor of the Music Program of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Honorary Advisor of Tien Ma Chorus, and Hong Kong Parents Choir; Honorary Composer-in-Residence of the Hong Kong Harmonica Association. He also sat on the jury panel of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, World Harmonica Festival and Hong Kong Drum Festival. In 2020 he was awarded ‘The 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Award’ Artist of the Year (Music) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. In 2018, for his achievements in music and contribution to Hong Kong society, he was awarded the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Distinguished Communication Alumni Award to celebrate HKBU Communication 50th anniversary.  

Dr Mui holds a PhD and M. Phil in Music at The University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor's degree in Cinematography at Hong Kong Baptist University. He immersed himself in an array of diverse and innovative music and art projects: Fight the Covid 19 Song for Hong Kong antivirus campaign; Bauhinia Blossom – Cross media Musical Show in relation to the National Security Education Day 2022 (as Composer/ Script/ Director); Theme music for West Kowloon Palace Museum, History of Hong Kong I, II, III, IV (all RTHK TV production) ; The Great Earth Flute, Piano Concerto with Chorale; Cross media Chinese Music Theatre Intoxicating Nature and Ode to Water for Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO); Chinese Folk Melody Suite for Hong Kong String Orchestra, Fatherland for HKCO; Evergreen Pine Trees for Allegro Singers; The Beach Multimedia Concert of the 1st Hong Kong Youth Festival in Sai Kung (as Composer/Director); The Spirited Lion Dance Drums featured in the HKCO Hong Kong Drum Festival 2018; Hero Erhu Concerto; Snowy Mountain in Spring Yangqin Concerto premiered in The 3rd International Dulcimer Music Festival in Beijing; Elijah, You Make me Fly Again (Cross Media Revival Musical) ; and many original music themes for RTHK TV series.

Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu

Dr. Leung Chi-hin 


Dr. Leung Chi-hin is a visionary composer renowned for seamlessly blending Eastern and Western influences in his captivating compositions. With a deep passion for musical innovation, Leung has achieved global recognition and received numerous prestigious awards.

Leung's music scores and recordings are published by esteemed publishers such as Schott Music (Germany), MOECK (Germany), Donemus (Netherlands), Edition HH (U.K.), PARMA Recordings (U.S.), From the Top Music (U.S.), Oxford University Press (China), and the Hong Kong Composers' Guild. His works have been prominently featured in renowned international events, including the ISCM World New Music Days, UNESCO International "Arts for Peace" Festival, International Rostrum of Composers, International Electronic Music Week, World Choir Games, International Handbell Symposium, ISME World Conference on Music Education, Asian Composers League Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Asian Recorder Festival, Asian Saxophone Congress, Singapore Saxophone Symposium, Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival Vienna, Taipei Traditional Arts Festival, Musicarama, and the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, among many others.

As an accomplished inventor in the realm of music and education, Leung has received notable accolades. He was honoured with the Top 20 Best Invention Award and the Gold Medal at the esteemed International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada. Additionally, he has been awarded the Gold Medal from the International Innovation and Invention Competition, the Silver Award in Asia from the QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards, and the International Special Award from Norton University in Cambodia. His groundbreaking contributions have also earned him the Special Prize from the Romanian Inventors Forum, the Silver Medal from the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the Bronze Medal from the International Trade Fair "Ideas-Inventions-New Products" in Nuremberg, and the prestigious EdUHK President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Knowledge Transfer and Teaching.

Beyond his remarkable artistic achievements, Leung holds essential positions within the music community. He serves as the President of the Hong Kong Association for Music Educators (HAME) and the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Composers' Guild (HKCG), demonstrating his unwavering commitment to promoting and advancing music composition and education. Moreover, Leung contributes his expertise as a Commissioner within the ISME's Music in School and Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) and holds the title Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). He is also an Expert Adviser of the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme under the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and a committee member of the Committee on Venue Partnership within the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Currently, Leung serves as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts of The Education University of Hong Kong, where he passionately nurtures the growth and development of aspiring musicians and educators, inspiring them to unleash their potential.

Dr. Leung Chi-hin

Dr. Chris Hung

Secretary (Administration)

Described as “beautifully evoked…in a type of ordered chaos”, “meticulous attempt on the balance of the sound of modern music”, the music of Hong Kong composer Dr Chris Hung has first gained international recognition in 2010, with his work “Infinite Soundscape” premiered by International Contemporary Ensemble (USA) at the Darmstadt Summer Course in Germany. 


One of the salient features of Hung’s composition is his use of kaleidoscopic details, merging different cultural styles between the East and West. His diverse oeuvre includes an array of about 70 works from instrumental solo to orchestral music, as well as audio-visual works and choral music. Hung’s scores are published by Universal Edition scodo (Germany), BabelScores (France) and Trübcher Music Editions (UK). 


Over the past fifteen years, Dr Hung’s works have been performed and broadcasted throughout Europe, as well as USA and Asian countries in various leading festivals, such as Beijing Modern Music Festival (China), ISCM World Music Days (Slovenia), Sibelius 150th Anniversary Celebration (Finland), Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia) etc. He was composer-fellows in CoMA New Music Residency (UK), Singapore Chinese Orchestra Workshop and composer-in-residence of Nexus Ensemble. 


In addition, Hung was a recipient of numerous awards, such as ALEA III International Composition Competition (USA) (First Prize),“Sofia 2013” International Composition Competition (Bulgaria) (First Prize); International Composers' Competition of the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music (Poland) (Second Prize); EarShot: China – U.S. Composers Competition (USA), Singapore Chinese Orchestra Composition Competition and International Jean Sibelius Composition Competition (Finland) (Finalists) among others. 


He currently serves as Secretary (Administration) of Hong Kong Composers' Guild. He was Hong Kong Representative attending the 65th International Rostrum of Composers held in Budapest, Hungary in 2018. 

Hung holds a Doctor of Music degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received guidance under the tutorlege of Prof. Chan Wing Wah and Prof. Victor Chan. He currently teaches music in School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS), School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBUSCE), Baron School of Music and other Music Institutions in Hong Kong.

Dr. Chris Hung

Ms. Viola Yuen

Secretary (Membership)

Dr. Viola Yuen is an active composer, arranger, conductor and an A Cappella singer who is enthusiastic about the application of human voices in musical compositions of different styles. Her music displays uniqueness, originality and profound emotions.


She is currently the composer-in-residence of the Academia de Música S. Pio X, of the Macao Diocese, an adjunct lecturer of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the Music Director of the Sregnis Singers, the first contemporary A Cappella group in Hong Kong, the founder of the Coro Allegra and Chummy Choir. She is also a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (C.A.S.H.) and the Membership Secretary of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild. For the period between 1990 and 2017, she was appointed as the conductor of the Diocesan Choir - Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong and the instructor of a choral conducting course under the Sacred Music Commission, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. She was the conductor of the choirs of the Hong Kong Music Institute from 2012 to 2019, the conductor and instructor of the Hang Seng University Sinfonietta and A Cappella Ensemble from 2018 to 2022.


With the sponsorship of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild published the music score of her nine-part A Cappella works and the recording of another composition “LAMENTOR”, a three-movement music piece written in 2010 for choir and philharmonic orchestra, in a music CD in 2013. The orchestral piece “LAMENTOR” was also chosen as one of the music pieces broadcast in the International Rostrum of Composers, held in Prague of Czech Republic in May 2013. It was well received by the radio reporters and composers from 28 countries attending the event. Her composition “RITE OF DRAGON”, commissioned by the Handbell Association of Hong Kong and sponsored by the C.A.S.H. Music Fund, had its premiere played by six hundred handbell players in the 16th International Handbell Symposium held in Jeju of Korea in August 2014. This music score was also published by the H’ing Publishing (HK) and the Handbell Association of Hong Kong.


One of her recent music compositions, “STABAT MATER DOLOROSA”, for soprano solo and organ, which was commissioned by the Macao Catholic Culture Association, made its world premiere in the St. Joseph’s Seminary Church at Macau in May 2023. Her recent piano suite, “DUNGEON”, which was commissioned by the Academia Música S. Pio X of Macau, was published by the Macao Diocese, in July 2023. Also, the world premiere of her commissioned choral piece “JESU CHRISTE” for two-part treble voices, soprano solo, string ensemble and piano, was made at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Academia Música S. Pio X of Macau in July 2023.

Viola Yuen
Lee Kar-tai

Dr. Lee Kar-tai,



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Dr. Lee Kar-tai Phoebus is an active composer, contemporary-music researcher, and educator. His music have been performed in numerous international music festivals and conferences. He writes music for concerts, multimedia-staged performances, dances, galleries and exhibitions, short films and movies. His music has always been described as poetic and refined by listeners. His music often suggests inspirations from oriental aesthetics, philosophies, and classic literatures, and displays multicultural assimilations and contemporary visions through fine techniques and sophisticated musicality. 

Lee attained the Doctor of Music degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been a part-time lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong, a composition tutor at the Hong Kong Art Festival youth programme and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology summer programme, as well as an editorial assistant, music researcher, presenter at RTHK Radio 4. He has been teaching music and conducting composition programmes at universities, colleges and schools, giving workshops and lectures to school teachers, students, and the general public, serving as an adjudicators at music festivals and competitions, and being a writer for compositional teaching materials.


At various occasions, he also performs as a choral, orchestral or chamber-music conductor, harpsichordist, organist, and pianist on both traditional and contemporary works.

Dr. Phoebus Lee

Dr. Au Tin-yung,

Council Member

Dr. Au Tin-yung, Alex was born in Hong Kong. He is an active composer, conductor and jazz pianist. He received his Master’s Degree (Distinction) in Composition at the University of York, under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Simaku. Alex’s works have been widely performed in different places including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Macau, Taiwan, Italy and the U.K. His chamber work “Dao” has been selected as finalists in Duosolo Emerging Composer Competition​ 2012. Alex also learned Orchestra Conducting from Dr. John Stringer in the U.K. and Roberto Paternostro in Berlin.


Besides being a composer, Alex is an enthusiastic jazz pianist. He met one of his mentors, John Taylor, when he studied in York. Alex has also worked with a wide range of top musicians including Lonnie Williams, Ted Lo, Kazuo Takeda, Iain Ballamy and Julian Arguelles, etc. and also performed in several International Jazz Festivals.


In recent years, Alex did a lot of research on compositional techniques regarding pitch structuring. His book “The Common Features in Music in the Extended Common Practice” was published in 2013. He is currently continuing his research on integrating electronic technology with serious music in a PhD in Composition at HKU, with the support from the university postgraduate scholarship.

Alex Au
Chan Kai-young.jpeg

Dr. Chan Kai-young 

Council Member

A Hong Kong-born composer, Kai-young Chan focuses on the integration of nuance, relevance, and resonance in music that converses with societies and cultures. His creative practice centres on turning constraints into creative resource, such as the transformation of text-setting constraints in the tonal Cantonese language into an algorithmic composition device in contemporary idioms. His music is performed in various continents by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Albany Symphony, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, PRISM Quartet, Daedalus Quartet, Mivos Quartet, and Choral Arts Initiative, among other prominent performers. His selected works are released on Ablaze Records, PARMA Recordings, and Innova Recordings, and his scores are published by Edition Peters (London).

Chan is part of the first American Composers Forum delegation to the Havana Festival for Contemporary Music in Cuba, a historic tour documented by the National Public Radio. His music is presented on international stages such as ISCM World Music Days, International Rostrum of Composers, June in Buffalo, and Internationalen Ferienkurse Darmstadt. He has won the Keuris Composition Prize, the Helen L. Weiss Composition Prize, the Dolce Suono Ensemble Composition Competition, the Orchestra Seattle and Seattle Chamber Singers Competition, and the Vocal Espoo Choral Composition Competition, among others.

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, he joined the composition faculty at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where he is currently an assistant professor. A recipient of the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award, he has received multiple courseware development grants from CUHK to develop online games and videos for the blended learning of tonal and post-tonal harmony. Supported by commissions and grants from the Research Grants Council, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Society, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong, and other institutions, his research focuses on unravelling the creative use of Cantonese text in Hong Kong contemporary music.

Dr. Chan Kai-young
Dr. Chen Yeung-ping
Chen Yeung-ping.png

Dr. Chen Yeung-ping

Council Member 

Chen Yeung-ping (Hong Kong, born 1983) has received degrees from Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), and studied with Lei Liang, Clarence Mak, Law Wing-fai, and Chistopher Coleman.

The recipient of the Asian Cultural Council’s Altius Fellowship, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund, and the CASH Music Scholarship, Chen was named a finalist for the Rivers Awards Competition in Shanghai and was later commissioned by Steven Schick and La Jolla Symphony & Chorus to compose “The Moon in a Jolla” a telematic symphonic work inspired by a poem of the late Hong Kong poet Yasi.  Chen was also a composer-fellow for the Ensemble 2010 Project in Darmstadt Summer Festival, the International Ensemble Modern Academy in 2011, and June in Buffalo 2012, and worked with groups from all over the world, includes Ensemble Modern, JACK Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Tactus Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, UMS n’ JIP, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.

Chen now serves as Associate Professor and Director of Academic Colloquia at South China Normal University School of Music (Guangzhou, China).

Galison Lau (photo credit Martin Lee).JPG

Mr. Lau Wing-fung,


Council Member

Mr. Lau’s compositions were performed or broadcasted in many places and events, including New Music From Hong Kong Concert in NYC; Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival; Intimacy of Creativity 2017 Contemporary Song Festival; ACL 2013 Singapore; ISCM – ACL World Music Days 2007; 2006 International Rostrum of Composers in Paris; the Lilian Baylis Theatre in Sadlers Wells, London; Musicarama; New Generation.


Galison got several commissions, including Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival 2018; Helsyd Piano Trio with Hong Kong New Music Ensemble in 2017; Hong Kong Arts Festival 2014; Spotlight On Young Musicians Concert Series 1; Musicarama 2010, 2012, and 2017. In 2009, Scents got the first prize of Harry Archer Memorial Scholarship. He was asked to compose a piece for the inauguration of the Wellcome Theatre in HKAPA.


He worked with several renowned ensembles, including Munich Chamber Orchestra; Parker String Quartet; MIVOS Quartet; RTHK Quartet; RTHK Chamber Soloists; Varshavsky Shapira Piano Duo.

Mr. Lau Wing-fung, Galison
Ms. Li Kar-yee
Li Kar-yee.jpeg

Ms. Li Kar-yee

Council Member

LI Kar-yee is a Hong Kong-born composer. She produced numbers of concerts in the public with her compositions of different genres performed, including orchestra, ensembles, choir music, electronic music and multi-media productions. She collaborated with artists from different medias with her compositions premiered in recent years, including 2022 New Music Festival in Seoul (Korea),  Flowing Sound in 2019, HK Musicarama in 2017, 2009 and 2006, HKAPA 30th  Anniversary Concert, La Sax the 7th Annual Concert, Spotlight Series 3 – Rendering, Spotlight Series 2 – Sing East Hit West, Hell Hot New Music Festival, The Carmerata Annual, The Bel Canto Singers Annual Concert and HK-Macao Collaboration Concert. Li’s compositions were also awarded as the best composition in the HK New Generation Composition Competition in 2006 and 1st  runner-up in 2003, and selected as the HK Young Composer Representative in the Bangkok ACL (Asian Composers’ League) in 2005. 

After receiving her Master Degree of Music with full-scholarship in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Li committed actively in music education and promoting creative art for the young generation. She has been teaching composition and music creating courses at the HK Academy for Performing Arts and Education University of Hong Kong. She is currently a lecturer at the HK Academy for Performing Arts.

Luk Wai-chun.jpg

Dr. Luk Wai-chun

Council Member

Luk Wai-chun earned his Doctor of Music degree (D. Mus.) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He loves exploring different kinds of musical style. He went to the University of South Florida(USF) as a visiting scholar to study jazz music and conduct research on Latin American Music. Later, he traveled to Cuba, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil for conducting music fieldwork on Latin American music. During his doctoral study, Luk received various scholarships, including the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarship, the ICS Mok Hing Cheong Postgraduate Scholarship, and the Music Scholarship (Local Studies) from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund.

Wai-chun collaborated with different music groups, artists from various places, for example, Trey Lee, Zhang Ying, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, Nanjing Chinese Orchestra, Ding Yi Music Company (Singapore), Ensemble Mise-en (USA), Red Chamber (Canada) and Tacet(i) Ensemble (Thailand), etc. His Chinese instrumental work “Tan-Tiao Rock” won the Gold Prize in Combination of Musical Instruments of the Same Category at 2021 "Dunhuang Award" for Chinese Chamber Music, another pipa solo work "Jazz Pipa” earned the Silver Award in Dunhuang Award for New Works for Pipa Solo in 2017.

Other compositions of Wai-chun were featured at the 67th International Rostrum of Composers (Serbia), São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival (Brazil), Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival 2019, ISCM World New Music Days 2017 (Canada), and Intercultural Music Conference & Concert (USA).

Dr. Luk Wai-chun
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