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The Hong Kong Composers’ Guild is engaging the established Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble to perform 8 contemporary ensemble music written by Hong Kong and Japan composers, including 3 commissioned works by CHAN Chin-ting, LEUNG Pak-hei and TAM Ka-shu. The concert premiered on the Guild’s YouTube channel on Monday, Dec 6, 2021 at 9 p.m.

Performer: Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble

  • Kosuke HASHIZUME - Director, Classical & Electric Guitar

  • Keisuke ARIMA - Left Hand Piano

  • Takaaki SHIBATA - Mandolin

  • Tadayoshi KUSAKABE - Saxophone  

  • Takuya OOI - Vocal (Bass-Baritone) 

  • Takahiro YONESAKA - Classical Guitar

  • Ayako SHIBATA (Associate Member) - Mandolin

  • Masahiro NISHIDA (Associate Member) - Classical Guitar


  • CHENG Zen-in Michelle (Hong Kong) – The Outcry

  • CHAN Chin-ting (Hong Kong) - Fracture

  • MAN Ho-yan Winfred (Hong Kong) – Sacbeg II

  • Chris HUNG (Hong Kong) – Towards a Harmonious World III

  • TAM Ka-shu (Hong Kong) – Aphasia

  • Austin YIP (Hong Kong) - The Emperor's Soliloquy

  • LEUNG Pak-hei (Hong Kong) – Hazy Moonlight Night

  • Kosuke HASHIZUME (Japan) - Imaginary Bridge

About Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble


Rosetta is an independent music ensemble/collective based in the Kansai region of Japan. Through its commissions and successful call-for-scores project launched in 2015, Rosetta has given premières to numerous works of living composers from Europe, Asia, Australia and Americas.


With the unique combination of music and art creators/performers, the collective has been introducing new perspectives on conventional stage expression in contemporary classical music.

Download the electronic house programme here.

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