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Shuen Lai-yin’s “Street through a Glass Ball”

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】 //Feature 特寫// Shuen Lai-yin’s “Street through a Glass Ball” I. Q&A 1) All visual elements of this concert, which served as the initial inspiration for the composers, will be projected on screen during the performance. What is the difference between composing with and without a specified visual image? The visual image gave me loads of inspiration. It helps me to determine the structure, atmosphere and musical flow of the piece. 2) Briefly share with us the composing techniques or styles you used in the piece. I have constructed a chord using diatonic scales, and the chord developed from a close position and expanded to open position, whereas music tension is created and resolved at the same time. 3) Please introduce the special features or fragments of your work. It is a simple short piece. I tried to avoid special gestures in my work, as I would like to express the feeling of "Lost" in my music, which is motionless and solitude. II. About the Composer – Shuen Lai-yin

Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing in a choir, riding bicycle. Favorite scene: Sunset near seashore Favorite composer/music: Toru Takemitsu


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