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Lun Wai-kit’s “Modernization”

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】 //Feature 特寫// Lun Wai-kit’s “Modernization” I. Q&A 1) Briefly introduce your commissioned work. Migration of sound. 2) How did the image/video inspire you to write this piece? The first thing I have done was to find out the place/angle the photo was taken, then with the description of photo, I started to imagine what sound should be included in it. 3) All visual elements of this concert, which served as the initial inspiration for the composers, will be projected on screen during the performance. What is the difference between composing with and without a specified visual image? I don't need to think too much when there is an image. II. About the Composer – Lun Wai-kit

Hobbies: DIY Composing habit: start actually composing at the last minute before deadline Favorite sound: Raindrops


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