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Lam Lai's "Towards the sky"

【聲影集:映照香港 SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Reflections】

//特寫 Feature//

Lam Lai's Towards the sky

I. Q&A

1) How did the image inspire you to write this piece?

The image shows a man raises his hand towards the sky. In my piece, I am thinking about this prospective.

2) Please share your perception of “Hong Kong”. How did you convey this perception in your work?

The high rise building design of Hong Kong is spectacular and when you are standing on the road and trying to look up towards the roof of those high rise buildings, it is like you are looking towards the end of the sky. I try to put an impression on my piece.

3) All visual elements of this concert, which served as the initial inspiration for the composers, will be projected on screen during the performance. What is the difference between composing with and without a specified visual image?

With a specified image, the inspiration of the music immediately appears after seeing the image. And it would take more times to search for the initial musical idea if there is no specified image.

II. About the Composer - Lam Lai

Composing habit: start with a nice milk tea Favorite place in hong kong: central Favorite sound: snare rim


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