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Kwok Tsun-huen’s "The Barbar"

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】 //Feature 特寫// Kwok Tsun-huen’s "The Barber" I. Q&A 1) Briefly introduce your commissioned work. It's a viennese waltz. The music divided into two part, Slow and fast. 2) How did the image/video inspire you to write this piece? The Photograph is about a Barber shaving customer's hair when H5N1 was spreading. I tried to have a piece of music that prove a feeling as if they are having a little shelter from the storm there. 3) How does your commissioned work correlate with the visual image/video? The image gives me a feeling that the two people were having their own shelter when serious disease was spreading. They trusted and didn't mind if each other got the disease and might infect their own. This gives me a very cozy feeling and write the music. II. About the Composer – Kwok Tsun-huen

Favorite composers: Stockhausen, Joseph Schwantner, Beethoven, the Beatles Favorite visual artists: Leonardo de Vinci, Pablo Picasso Favorite movies: 2001: Space Odessy, Watchmen


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