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Ada Lai's "Studississimo"

【聲影集:映照香港 SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Reflections】

//特寫 Feature//

Ada Lai's Studississimo

I. Q&A

1) Briefly introduce your new work.

Study, study hard, study harder.

2) How did the image inspire you to write this piece?

The photo shows students in a lecture hall. I imagine two circumstances. At regular lectures, students would have hoped for quicker passing of time. However, at tests and exams, they would have hoped for much slower passing of time. The piece has three sections: Moderato-Adagio-Presto.

3) Please introduce the special features or fragments of your work.

The Presto section shows a panicking student racing against the clock at an exam.

ii. About the Composer - Ada Lai

Favourite place in Hong Kong: Cheung Chau

Favourite composer: Toru Takemitsu

Favourite sound: the purring of cats


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