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Chan Ho-yi’s “The Lost Days “

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】 //Feature 特寫// Chan Ho-yi’s “The Lost Days “ I. Q&A 1) How did the image/video inspire you to write this piece? The photo makes me to meditate and reminisce my old young days in Hong Kong. And they are only left for me to cherish so I write a sentimental piece. 2) How does your commissioned work correlate with the visual image/video? The music correlates the visual image by its harmonic design. The linear writing in strings also depicts the ladder in the playground. 3) All visual elements of this concert, which served as the initial inspiration for the composers, will be projected on screen during the performance. What is the difference between composing with and without a specified visual image? With a specified visual image, the purpose of music is to serve the message hidden beneath. Music without visual is purely the establishment of relationship through sound. II. About the Composer - Chan Ho-yi

Hobbies: Cooking, Eating Favorite scene: The elegance and peacefulness of the medieval town in United Kingdom Favorite music: Chinese choral music

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