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YIP Shu-kin Stephen

Stephen Yip’s music have been described as post-modernist in style, with Asian roots, gives the inner colors of an advanced spatial sense.......

Yip was born in Hong Kong and now living in U.S.A. He received his doctor of musical arts (D.M.A.) at Rice University and bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, studied with Law Wing-fai, Clarence Mak, and Arthur Gottschalk. He has attended major music festivals including: Wellesley Composers Conference, Aspen Music Festival, Asian Composers’ League, ISCM World Music Days, Chinese Composers’ Festival, IMPULS Ensemble Akademie, Luxembourg, the International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt, Germany, Wellesley Composers’ Conference. Residencies include: the Atlantic Centre for the Arts, Yaddo Colony and MacDowell Colony.

Yip’s works have been performed in the Asia, Europe and America. He has received several composition prizes, included “Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award”, “Taiwan Music Center International Composition Prize”, “Robert Avalon International Prize”, “Singapore International Composition Competition for Chinese Orchestra”, the ALEA III composition Competition, and the 2010 Alvarez Chamber Orchestra Freestyle Composition Competition, London, England. His works are recorded in the ERM-Media, PARMA, Capstone, North South recording, Ablaze records, ATMA Classique, and Beauport Classical labels.

Yip is a member of the SCI, NACUSA, and ASCAP. Currently, he is on the music faculty at Houston Community College and works as a freelance composer.


他的作品曾於美國、歐洲及亞洲演出。曾獲得的作曲獎項包括Salvatore Martirano 紀念國際作曲獎、新加坡中國樂隊國際作曲獎、2011年臺灣音樂中心TMC國際作曲大賽, Isang Yun國際作曲比賽入選獎等。他的作品經ERM-Media、PARMA、North South recording、ATMAClassical及Beauport Classical等品牌灌錄發行。

葉氏曾跟多個著名樂團合作。包括香港中樂團、香港小交響樂團、香港無極樂團、新加坡中樂團、台灣十方樂集、美國Wellesley Composer Conference Ensemble、North/South Consonance、聖保羅室樂團、瑞典Curious Chamber Players、德國Ensemble El Perro Andaluz、韓國TIMF Ensemble、盧森堡Sinfonietta及俄羅斯新音樂團等。

葉樹堅是作曲家協會 (SCI) 及香港作曲家及作詞家協會成員,現任教於侯斯頓社區學院音樂系及自由作曲家。


Orchestral / Large Ensemble (Western)

  • In a Silent Way (2014) for String Ensemble

  • Mantra 真言 (2013) for Wind Ensemble

Performed by Hong Kong Band Directors Wind Orchestra, conductor: Stephen Yip ; Tsuen Wan Town Centre, Hong Kong, 2013

  • Postlude: Etenraku (2012) for Wind Ensemble

Performed by EKU Wind Ensemble, conductor: David Clemmer

Gifford, EKU Richmond, Kentucky, 2013

  • The Luminous Mystery (2011) for violin and orchestra

  • Realm of the Immortals (2012)
         for Chamber Orchestra, Performed by Wellesley Composer Conference Ensemble, conductor: James Baker.

  • Reverberation II (2011) for 12 players

Performed by North South Consonance Chamber Orchestra, conductor: Max Lifchitz; Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, New York, NY, 2011

  • Reverberation (2010) for 10 players

Performed by Composers Guild Ensemble, conductor: Richard Tsang;

Loke Yew Hall, University of Hong Kong, 2012.

  • White Porcelain (2010) for violin and ensemble (10 players)

Performed by El Perro Andaluz Ensemble, solo violinist, Emily Yabe;

Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Germany, 2012.

  • Flying Ink (2010) for chamber orchestra

Performed by Hong Kong City Chamber Orcheestra, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, 2010

  • Ink. Color (2010) for chamber orchestra

Performed by Hong Kong Sinfonietta; Hong Kong City Hall, 2014

  • The Legendary Phoenix (2009) for Piano and Orchestra

Performed by Taipei National University of the Arts Orchestra,

Solo pianist: Mei-Ling Chien, conductor: Tien-Chi Lin

Asian Composers League Conference and Festival

  • Spirit Labyrinth II (2009)
         for Harp and String Orchestra

Performed by North South Consonance Chamber Orchestra,

Solo harpist: Megan Levin, conductor: Max Lifchitz

Merkin Concert Hall, New York, NY, 2010

  • Fragrance of Baekje  (2009)
         for full orchestra

Performed by Ensemble TIMF, conductor: Soo-Yeoui Choi

Seoul Art Center, Korea, 2011

  • Six Paths (2007) for 13 players

Performed by Luxembourg Sinfonietta, conductor: Marcel Wengler

Centre des Arts Pluriels Ed. Juncker, Luxembourg, 2008

  • Shadow of Golconda (2006)
         for 15 players

Performed by ALEA III Contemporary Music Ensemble, conductor: Theodore Antoniou; TSAI Performance Center, Boston, MA, 2007

Orchestral /Large Ensemble (Chinese)

  • Serene Haven 浮 . 憶  (2015) for large Chinese ensemble of 13 players

  • Soundscape: “Fa Chang” 法常響景 (2011) for Chinese Chamber Orchestra

Performed by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, conductor: Hee Chiat Chew; Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre, Hong Kong, 2011

  • Nine Actors 九角子 (2011) for Chinese Orchestra

Performed by Singapore Chinese Orchestra, conductor: Tsung Yeh; SCO Concert Hall, Singapore, 2011

Chamber (Western)

  • Tranquility in Consonance (2016) for flute, saxophone, bassoon and piano

  • Insight II (2015) for flute, bass clarinet, violn, cello and piano

Performed by New York New Music Ensemble, Buffalo, NY, 2015

  • Fantasy on Green Island 綠島幻想曲 (2014) for violin, cello and piano

  • Peace of Mind (2014) for bass clarinet, baritone saxophone and piano

  • Insight (2014) for viola, cello and piano

*Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild

  • In Seventh Heaven (2014) for saxophone, double bass and piano

  • Hermit (2014) for 8 players of flute, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello doubla bass and piano

Performed by Ensemble Eclat, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong, 2014

  • Distant Voices (2013) for String Quartet

Performed by Quatetto Ascanio, Palagio de Parte Guelfa, Florence Italy, 2013

  • Silent Wind (2011) for viola, guitar, and vibraphone

Performed by Curious Chamber Players; Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Germany, 2012

  • Dark Side of the Shadows (2011) for bass clarinet, cello and piano

Performed by Illnois Modern Ensemble, Krannert Center for Performing Arts, 2012

  • Time and Tide (2010) for trombone and percussion (1 player)

Performed by Ryan Rongone, trombone and Jack Westmoreland, percussion; 14 Pews, Houston Composers Salon concert, 2014

  • Basho’s Six Scenes (2010)
         for shakuhachi, 2 violins, viola, and cello

Performed by Tajima Ken-ichi, shakuhachi and AMF String Quartet; Asian Music Festival, Tokyo Japan, 2010

  • Echo of Basho’s Voices (2010)
         for flute, violin, cello, and piano

Performed by Festival New Music Ensemble, The 10th Annual Festival of Contemporary Music, 2012

  • Yugen III (2009)
         for alto (tenor) saxophone, Bb (bass) clarinet, and piano.

Performed by Thelema Trio, SCI National Conference, South Carolina, 2010

  • Black, Wood, Silence, Color (2009) for erhu, guzheng, flute, bass clarinet, accordion, violin, cello and percussion.

Performed by Luxembourg Sinfonietta and guest players; Abbaye de Nemunster, Luxembourg, 2009

  • Reflection on Klee’s Ancient Sound (2009) for Oboe, Bassoon, Viola, and Guitar

Performed by Ensemble Sortisatio, Musicarama New Music Festival, Hong Kong, 2009

  • Yûgen (2008)
         for Flute (Piccolo), Bb Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), Cello, and Piano

*Commissioned by San Francisco Chamber Mix ensemble

Performed by Foundation for Modern Music Ensemble

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Texas, 2013

  • Hundun (2008) for Harp and Double Bass

Performed by Megan Levin, harp and Shawn Conley, double bass

Christ and St Stephen’s church, New York, NY, 2009

  • Karma II (2008)
         for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Cello and Double Bass

Performed by Juventas New Music Ensemble, Boston, MA, 2007

  • In the Garden (2007) for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass.

Performed by Ensemble Be, Asian Contemporary Music Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2009

  • Karma (2007) for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, and Percussion

Performed by E.A.R. UNIT New Music Ensemble, Arcosanti, Arizona, 2007.

  • Beautiful Mind (2006) for String Quartet

*Commissioned by Creator of Music Performance Organization

  • Gorintou, Five Rings Pagoda (2006) for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello, and Percussion.

*Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild

Chamber (Mixed or Chinese)

  • Ding II (2016) for guzheng and string quartet

  • Ding 鼎 (2015)
         for double bass and guzheng

  • Betweem the Lines II《兩線之間 II》(2013) for 12 mixed wester and chinese instruments

Performed by Chinese Virtuosi and Ensemble Amici, conductor: Kuok-man Lio

Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong, 2013

  • Message from the Wind《秋月涼風》(2012) for seven Chinese Instruments

Performed by Dingyi Music Ensemble, Singapore Conference Hall, Singapore, 2013

  • Awaiting the Dawn《群鶴待曉》(2011)
         for seven Chinese instruments

Performed by Forum Music Ensemble, Soochow University Performing Arts Center; Taipei, Taiwan, 2012

  • By the Lotus Pond《蓮葉清響》(2010) for Wuji (Yuan) Ensemble

Performed by Wuji Ensemble, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong, 2013

Solo Music

  • Jasmine Bloosom (2015) for piano

  • A Spring Morning 曉春 (2015) for flute

  • Ran 然 (2014) for Guzheng

Performed by Yu-cheng Wang,

Roadhouse Community Arts Center, Vancouver, Canada, 2014

  • Hui 匯 (2012)
         for flute

Performed by Elizabeth Talbert,

Community Music Center, San Francisco, California, 2013

  • Color. Valley (2010) for Cello

  • Performed by Christophe Mathias

  • GroBer Akademie fur Tonkunst, Darmstadt, Germany, 2010

  • Spirit Labyrinth (2009)
         for Harp

  • Performed by Jasmie Hogan,

  • Simon Music Center, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 2010

  • Sunflower (2008)
         for Trombone

  • Performed by Aubrey Tucker,

  • Spring Composers’ Concert, Houston Community College, Houston, Texas, 2013

Vocal / Choral

  • Canción Cantada (2015)
         for voice, flute and harp

  • Autumn Colors (2012) for soprano, guitar and cello Performed by Great Noise Ensemble, Ward Hall, Washington, D.C., 2013

  • Moonlight II (2008) for Mezzo Soprano, Violin, Cello and Piano Performed by HCC music faculty, HCC faculty recital, 2011


  • “The Luminous Mystery” for solo violin and orchestra, on the CD, “Turbulent Sky” by Navona Records. Recorded by Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Mužik (solo violin), Petr Vronsky, conductor. more information:

  • “Dark Side of the Shadows”, Composer: Stephen Yip, by Ablaze Records. more information: http://www.ablazerecords.netStephen_Yip_Dark_Side_of_the_Shadows.html

  • “Hui”, solo flute on the CD, “Millennial Masters vol. 4” by Ablaze Records. Recorded by Izumi Miyahara. more information:

  • “Sunflower”, trombone solo on the CD, “Paper Clips” by Navona Records. Recorded by Andrew Malloy, trombonist. more information:

  • “The Legendary Phoenix”, piano and orchestra on the CD, “Fire and Time” by Navona Records. Recorded by Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin Levicky (piano solo), Petr Vronsky, conductor. more information:

  • “Spirit Labyrinth II”, harp solo and chamber orchestra on the CD, “Crosscurrents” by North South Records.Recorded by Megan Levin, harp solo and North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor. more information:

  • “Yûgen III”, chamber music on the CD, “Millennial Masters vol. 2” by Ablaze Records. Recorded by Thelema Trio. more information:

  • “In the Garden”, chamber music on the CD, “Millennial Masters vol. 1” by Ablaze Records. Recorded by TIMF Ensemble, Christopher Lee, conductor. more information:

  • “Gorintou - Five Rings Pagoda”, chamber music on the CD, “Mosaic” by Navona Records. Recorded by Musica Nova New Music Ensemble, Lee Hartman, conductor. more information:

  • “Shun”, flute solo and strings on the CD, “Sound Paintings” by North South Records. Recorded by Lisa Hansen, flute and North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, conductor. more information:

  • “Hundun”, harp and double bass on the CD, “Ghosts” by Beauport Classical Records. Recorded by Megan Levin, harp and Shawn Conley, double bass. more information:

  • “Raining in Autumn”, violin and orchestra on the CD, “Mementos” by Navona Records. Recorded by Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Vit Micka, conductor and Ondrej Lebr, violin solo. more information:

  • “Yi Bi”, String Quartet on the CD, “Concours Molinari 2005-2006” by ATMA Classique records. Recorded by Molinari String Quartet. more information: http:/

  • “Novela”, Orchestra on the CD, “Masterworks of the New Era vol. 11” by ERM media records. Recorded by Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor.

  • “Six Paths”, Sheng and 11 players on the CD, “Luxembourg Sinfonietta International Composition Prize 2008”, by Editions LGNM No. 408. Recorded by Wu Wei, solo Sheng and Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Marcel Wengler, conductor.

  • “Karma III”, Octet on the CD, “Millennium Project: Made in the Americas”, by ERM media records. Recorded by Millennium Symphony, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor.

  • “Shadow of Golconda III”, Chamber orchestra on the CD, “Masterworks of the New Era vol. 14”, by ERM media records. Recorded by Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Ian Winstin, conductor.

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