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YEUNG Sin-tung Jessie

Yeung Sin-tung, Jessie, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in the organ and minoring in the guqin under the teaching of Dr Anne Lam and Professor Lau Chor-wah. She previously studied at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and was a student in its Junior Music Programme. Upon leaving Munsang College, she studied composition with Poly Ng Hau-yee, Dr Phoebus Lee Kar-tai, and Li Kar-yee. She was granted a scholarship under the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild Mentorship Scheme and studied with Prof Wendy Lee in the GalaMusica•School Chamber Compositions 2019, organized by Hong Kong’s Education Bureau. She created signature tunes representing the four core collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art under the guidance of  Chiu Tsang-hei. She is now the double bassist for the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra.

Yeung would like to express music’s simplicity and intrinsic qualities through performance and composition, exerting herself to explore the essence and inwardness of music in this boundless world of art.

楊倩桐現於香港中文大學就讀文學士(音樂)課程,主修管風琴,副修古琴,跟隨林芍彬博士及劉楚華教授學習。曾就讀香港演藝學院及其青少年音樂課程,畢業於民生書院,過去亦隨伍巧怡老師、李家泰博士、李嘉怡老師學習作曲。在教育局主辦「音樂薈萃.學校室樂創作 2019」獲得香港作曲家聯會導師計劃獎學金,跟隨李允琪博士學習作曲。前年2019 年在趙增熹先生指導下,為香港藝術館四大館藏譜寫和演奏主旋律。現為香港青年中樂團的低音大提琴手。




  • Probity (2020) [8’30”] for Soprano Sheng, Zheng and Chinese Percussion

1st Movement: On the Love of Lotus

2nd Movement: Clean

  • Forgive (2020) [5’] A duet for Cello and Piano

  • Dash-Dots (2019) [3’16”] for Double Bass and Vibraphone with Electronic Sounds

  • To a Tea Lover (2019) [3’] for Xiao, Erhu, Viola and Piano

  • A Literati Painting of Bamboo from Black to Silvery Grey (2019) [4’] for Xiao and Double Bass

  • A Peach Spring Beyond This World (2016) [4’30”] for Xiao, Clarinet in B♭, Erhu and Piano

Instrumental Solo

  • N Room (2020) [2’30”] Piano Solo

  • World of Contrast (2019) [2’] for Cello and Electronic Sound


  • Volcano (Climax), Volcano (Co-composed) (2019) [2’30”] for Violin, Bassoon and Percussion, Electronic Sound with Dance


  • 廉潔進行曲 (2020) [2’10”]

  • A Graduation Gift (2019) [6’] for a Symphony Orchestra


  • 愛廉潔 (2020) [8’30”] 為高音笙、古箏和中樂敲擊而寫

第一樂章: 愛蓮說

第二樂章: 淨

  • 寬恕 (2020) [5’] 大提琴和鋼琴的二重奏

  • 點劃 (2019) [3’16”] 為低音大提琴、顫音琴和電子音樂而寫

  • 煎茶 (2019) [3’] 為洞簫、二胡、中提琴和鋼琴而寫

  • 渲竹 (2019) [4’30”] 為洞簫及低音大提琴而寫

  • 桃花源 (2016)  [4’30”] 為洞簫、單簧管、二胡和鋼琴而寫


  • N 號房間 (2020) [2’30”] 鋼到獨奏

  • 合士乙上 (2019) [2’] 為大低琴和電子音樂而寫


  • 火山 (第三樂章) (2019) [2’30”] (合作創作) 為小提琴、巴松管、敲擊和跳舞而寫


  • Integrity March (2020) [2’10”]

  • 畢業禮物 (2019) [6’] 為管弦樂團編寫

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