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TANG Hoi-ching Katie

Katie is currently studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts major in Composition and Electronic Music.

Katie is enthusiastic in exploring the relationship of human and nature, thus the relationship of physics and philosophy in the form of art. She is keen on discussing the purpose of life, imagination of utopianism, reality and physics elements that could not be seen with human eye. Her music focused on the timbre of different instrumental sounds and attempted to explore different combination of sound spectrum played by different instruments. She aims to create a musical space for audience to rethink their innatism and stimulates creative imagination that could be brought to our daily life.

Her music has been performed by the Academy’s contemporary ensemble and the Academy choir. She has also been selected to participate the music festival “SoundMine 2022” in Belgium in summer 2022 in tuition by Prof. Wim Henderickx, Professor of composition in Antwerp and Amsterdam.

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