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LUK Wai-chun

Luk Wai Chun is currently a Doctoral student in composition at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), studying composition with Professor Lee Wan Ki Wendy and focusing on fusing Chinese and Western elements in Contemporary music.

He won the Outstanding Individual Award and the Hong Kong Composers' Guild mentor program scholarship in the 20th Schools Creative Music Showcase with “War of Ferocity”. In 2016, He was invited to present his composition – “Jazz Pipa” at UCSD's Intercultural Music Conference and Concert and he was awarded the “Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Scholarship”.


Chamber (Western)

  • Blue Pole《歸墟》(2018) for string quartet

  • Dance of Yi in Honghe《紅河彝舞》(2018) for violin, alto saxophone and piano

  • Love Will Never Let Me Go (2017)  for vln, cl, alto sax, tpt, tb, pf, electric bass/db & drumset

  • Pure Land《淨土》(2017)  for woodwind quintet

  • Yangzhou Massacre《揚州十日》(2016) for piano quartet

  • Tribal dance (2015) for violin, alto saxophone and piano

  • Mask (2015)  for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano

  • Reality-Schizophrenia《現實・精神分裂》(2015)  for string quartet

  • Roaming in Painting—‘Splendid Image’《畫中遊-萬象神采》(2014) for violin and piano duet

  • Connection Dance《與靈共舞》(2014) for flute and piano duet

  • Pixies (2014) for flute, cello & piano

  • Sunset. Sea《日薄・海》(2014)  for violin and piano duet

  • Dream of the Dragon《夢想・巨龍》(2012)  for piano trio

Chamber (Mixed)

  • Samba Miniature《森巴彈指》(2020)  for pipa, piano, double bass and drumset

  • Bian Lian《變臉》(2018)  for pierrot ensemble and percussion

  • The Legend of Fairy Cave《仙洞傳說》 (2017) for jazz organ, dizi, pipa, zhongruan, guzheng, string ensemble, electric guitar, bass guitar and drumset

  • Fire Dragon Dance《舞火龍》(2016) for violin, viola, cello, sheng, zhongruan, pipa

Chamber (Chinese)

  • Tan Tiao Rock《彈撥搖滾》(2020) for Pipa, Zhongruan and Daruan

  • Lan Kwai Tang Fong 《蘭桂騰芳》(2020) for Cantonese ensemble

  • Window 《窗》(2016)  for xiao, sheng & yangqin

Instrumental solo (Chinese)

  • Rock Pipa - Fight《搖滾琵琶—FIGHT!》(2020)   for pipa

  • Still Ink《沉・墨》(2016)  for zhongruan

  • Jazz Pipa《爵士琵琶》(2015)   for pipa

String Orchestra 

  • Xi Shui Yuan Yang《戲水鴛鴦》 (2017) for string orchestra

Electro-Acoustic Music/ live electronic Music/ Electronic Music

  • Nian《念》(2016)  for trumpet, singing bowl and live electronics(MAXMSP)

  • Dream. Awakening《夢・醒》(2015) electronic music


  • Mong Kok’s Corner《旺角一隅》 (2017) for pipa, viola & cello

  • War Ferocity《戰・猙》 (2011) for violin, percussion, piano, SA choir, dance(collaborate with other composers)

Theatre (Drama/Music Drama)

  • Faith《信途》 (2017) (theatre scoring/song writing) - Exploration theatre

  • My City《我城》(2013) (theatre scoring/song writing/arranger)(collaborate with other composers) - Serious Play