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LI Kar-yee

LI Kar-yee is a Hong Kong-born composer. She produced numbers of concerts in the public with her compositions of different genres performed, including orchestra, ensembles, choir music, electronic music and multi-media productions. She collaborated with artists from different medias with her compositions premiered in recent years, including 2022 New Music Festival in Seoul (Korea), Flowing Sound in 2019, HK Musicarama in 2017, 2009 and 2006, HKAPA 30th  Anniversary Concert, La Sax the 7th Annual Concert, Spotlight Series 3 – Rendering, Spotlight Series 2 – Sing East Hit West, Hell Hot New Music Festival, The Carmerata Annual, The Bel Canto Singers Annual Concert and HK-Macao Collaboration Concert. Li’s compositions were also awarded as the best composition in the HK New Generation Composition Competition in 2006 and 1st  runner-up in 2003, and selected as the HK Young Composer Representative in the Bangkok ACL (Asian Composers’ League) in 2005.

After receiving her Master Degree of Music with full-scholarship in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Li committed actively in music education and promoting creative art for the young generation. She has been teaching composition and music creating courses at the HK Academy for Performing Arts and Education University of Hong Kong. She is currently a lecturer at the HK Academy for Performing Arts.

李嘉怡生於香港,從事音樂創作及教育工作,致力推廣現代音樂。曾於不同院校教授音樂創作課程,並製作無數本地音樂會,演出及指揮不同類型作品包括管弦樂團、室樂、合唱團、電子音樂及多媒體製作等。近年參與之作品演出及製作包括:《2022韓國首爾新音樂節》、2019多媒體製作《流聲》、《音樂新環境》2017、2009、2006、《演藝30周年音樂會》、《La Sax 7周年音樂會》、《第一屆Hell Hot 音樂節》、Spotlight 系列之多媒體製作《Illusion.Imagine》及《喜怒哀樂》、《The Bel Canto Singers周年音樂會》、《The Carmerata 周年音樂會》、《香港・澳門交流音樂會》、泰國《亞州作曲家聯盟音樂節》等。

李氏畢業於香港演藝學院,獲碩士及學士(榮譽)學位,主修作曲及電子音樂,師隨羅永暉及麥偉鑄。於在學時期多次獲頒獎學金,包括「埃克森美孚獎學金」、「演藝學院友誼社獎學金」、「春天舞台獎學金」、「柏斯音樂基金會獎學金」及「香港演藝學院全額碩士獎學金」。其間亦獲選為2005《亞州作曲家聯盟音樂節・香港年青作曲家代表》、《音樂新一代》作曲比賽2006冠軍及2003亞冠 。現於香港演藝學擔任講師。


Ensemble and Solo works

  • Fruit Taste in a Tree 《樹上水果的滋味》 (2022) for Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Percussion

  • Collaboration and Confrontation《合作與對抗》(2016) for Piano 8 hands

  • One Minute on Stage 《台上一分鐘》(2014) for Guitar Sextet

  • Train to Sax 《色式旅程》(2012) for Saxophone Quartet

  • Summer Resail 《再夏》(2009) for Clarinet, Violin and Percussion

  • As I Like 《隨我鍾意》(2008) for Flute, Oboe, Saxophone and Marimba

  • The Beginning 《起初》(2008) for Piano solo

  • Song of Victory 《凱旋之歌》(2007) for Brass Quintet

  • The Sun 《日》(2007) for Brass Quintet

  • Shadow Chasing 《追影》(2006) for Recorder and Guitar / for Recorder and Tenor

  • Spring 《春》(2006) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano / Percussion

  • Fellowmen《同僚》(2006) for Flute, Clarinet, Cello and 3 percussionists

  • Xian Dong Qi Sheng《弦動氣生》(2005) for Xiao and Zheng

  • Ling Dong 《靈動》(2005) for String Quartet

  • Summer《夏》(2004) for Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion

  • The Waldspirale 《木旋》(2004) for Piano solo

  • An Autumn Leaf《一葉知秋》(2003) for Flute and Harp

  • The Way Alone《寂山行》(2003) for Xiao, Clarinet, Cello and percussion

  • Mind Script《心靈手稿》(2003) for Guitar solo

  • Fruit Taste《水果的滋味》(2003) for Percussion Ensemble

  • Ado…Efface…Death《忙…忘…亡》(2002) for String Quartet

  • Youth Emotion 《青心》(2001) For Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon

  • Starry Sound《星聲》(2001) for Flute, Cello and Piano

  • Up-Down, Joy《起落、喜樂》(2001) for Clarinet and Trombone

Choir / Vocal

  • Waiting for…x3《等・等・等》(2017) for SSA choir and Piano

  • 《聆.山行》(2009) for SSTBB

  • Whispering Hope 《微聲盼望》(2005) for SATB choir and Percussions

  • All Things Bright and Beautiful《一切美麗光明物》(2002) for SATB choir, Flute and Vibraphone

Multimedia Production

  • Flowing Sound 《流聲》(2019) for electro-acoustic music, dance and flow-art

  • Illusion.Imagine (2012) for Flute, Saxophone, Sheng, Percussion, Visual Projection and movement

  • The Four Senses《喜怒哀樂》 (2011) for 4 Voices, percussions and movement

  • Escape 《逃》(2008) for live Saxophone, Violin, electronic music, visual projection, dance and movement

  • Illusion《幻覺》(2006) for visual projection, voice and movement

  • Seeking For Hearts《靈覓凡心》(2005) for electro-acoustic music and movement

  • Schrodingers Kitten (2003) - Music for short film

  • Love in Heart, Autumn (2003) - Music for short film

Electronic / Acoustic-electronic Music

  • The Moment 《那時》(2008) for Flute and Electronics

  • Love is… 《愛是…》(2005) for Voice and Electronics

  • Unexpected Time 《捉不到的時間》(2004) for Live Electronics

  • Spiritual Ignition《靈韻》(2004) for Soprano, Cello and Electronics

  • Fishing《釣魚》(2003) for Flute and Electronics

Orchestra / Wind Band

  • Sound From The Land 《地鳴》(2009) for Electronic Drum set and Concert Band

  • Thousands of Torii 《千本鳥居》(2008) for Solo Flute, Cello, Zheng and Chinese Orchestra

  • A Time for Everything《萬物有時》(2007) for SATB Choir and Western Orchestra

  • Growing 《成長》(2006) for Western Orchestra

  • Onto The Cross《十架上》(2005) for Solo Soprano and Orchestra

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