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LAW Daniel

Daniel Law is a renowned Hong Kong composer, conductor, senior music educator and sacred music scholar.  He was Professor in the Department of Music and the Dean of Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  He also served many terms as Council member and trustee of CUHK, Chung Chi College and the China Graduate School of Theology.  In his own church, the North Point Alliance Church, he contributed in building up a comprehensive working team in its music and worship ministry.

Professor Law has been actively engaged in both the musical and scholarly sectors.  He has had numerous composition commissions, and had published academic articles, books and edited many anthologies, conference proceedings, helped produced several Protestant hymnals and anthem books.

Professor Law attended King’s College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Northwestern University at Evanston, Illinois.  His composition mentors included Antonio Donato and Alan Stout, while his conducting teachers were Dr Wing-Hei Wong of Hong Kong, Margaret Hillis of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Stephen Cleobury of King’s College, Cambridge University. He has been invited as a  visiting scholar by the Dept of Music at Harvard University, and a visiting research professor at CCRMA, Stanford University.  After retirement from CUHK, his interest has shifted to Music Theology and Liturgical Music. Recently, he spent two years at the School of Theology at Boston University as research scholar.  Honors awarded to him include the distinguished dissertation prize, membership to Pi Kappa Lambda, the American Honor Society in Music, and inclusion into the International Who’s Who in Music in 1984.



羅教授肆業英皇書院、香港中文大學及美國西北大學。他的作曲老師包括Antonio Donato 及 Alan Stout,指揮老師包括香港的黃永熙、芝加哥 交響樂團的 Margaret Hillis 及劍橋英皇書院的 Stephen Cleobury。羅教授曾任哈佛大學音樂系訪問學人、史丹福大學音響及電腦音樂研究中心訪問研究教授各一年,退休後其學術興趣轉移至崇拜禮儀學及音樂神學,最近獲邀在波士頓大學神學院作研究學者兩年。他曾屢獲殊榮,包括傑出博士論文獎,美國榮譽音樂學會(Pi Kappa Lambda)資格,並於1984年入選劍橋世界音樂名人錄。



  • Tien Dao (2002) 15'
         for Chinese drum & orchestra

  • Concerto for Orchestra (1996) 10'

  • Silk and Down (Overture) (1993) 2'

  • Symphony No. 2 (1991) 14'

  • Sinfonietta sine nominee (1987) 12'

  • Symphonie Concertante (1981) 15'

  • Ode from the Nestorian Monument (1972 ) 12'

  • Three Pieces for String Orchestra (1970/97) 8'


  • The Chessmen (2000) 14'
         for va & db

  • From the Wasteland to the Journey of the Magi: Homage to T.S. Eliot (1998) 20'
         for string quartet (String Quartet No.2)

  • The Century (1997) 10'
         for string quartet (String Quartet No.1)

  • Shiu Xian Cao II (1990) 6'
         for 6 Chinese instruments & pre-recorded synthesized tape

  • Variations on Themes from Malacandra (1987) 8'
         for fl, bn & pf

  • Pilikus (1987) 5'
         for 4 hn

  • Trio (1984) 5'
         for ob, cl & pf

  • Trio (1978) 5'
         for ob/Eng Hn, bass cl & pf

  • Medieval Suite (1977/91) 10'
         for fl, cl, bass cl, hn, tb, vn & db

  • Variations on a Chin Theme (1977) 6'
         for fl, vn, pf & tape

  • Nachmung No. 1 (1973) 3'
         for 2 fl & 2 vc

  • Three Pieces (1971) 5'
         for bn & pf

Instrumental Solo

  • Three Erudite Etudes (1993) 6'
         for pf

  • Prelude and Introit on "Unser Herrscher" (1990) 4'
         for organ & bass

  • Prelude and Postlude on "Wer nur den lieben Gott" (1988) 5'
         for organ

  • Five Etudes for Guzheng Solo (1985) 8'

  • Ten Short Pieces for Pianoforte (1973) 8'

Vocal / Choral

  • Veni Creator Spiritus (2000) 5'
         SATB a cappella with divisi

  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (1997) 5'
         for choir & organ

  • Christmas Carol Suite (1996) 20'
         for SATB & pf

  • Speaking of Huang-di (1995) 3'
         for SATB a cappella or SATB with pf

  • Anthem "God be in My head" (1994) 3'

  • Anthem "Praise the lord" (1992) 8'
         for choir, organ, brass quintet & perc

  • Solid Rock (1992) 45'
         cantata for choir, soprano & bass solo & orchestra

  • Huixin (1992) 10'
         a set of Chinese fun songs for choir

  • Jubilate Deo (Psalm 100) (1989) 13'
         for children treble choir & organ

  • The Crystal Prison - Poem of the Wristwatch (1989) 9'
         for SATB & pre-taped synthesizers

  • New Settings of Five Renaissance Songs (1987) 10'
         for baritone & lute/theorbo

  • Sheng Sheng Man (1980) 4'30"
         for SATB & prepared pf

  • Psalm 33rd (1980) 7'
         for SATB a cappella

  • The School Boy (1980) 4'
         for SSA a cappella

  • Three Chinese Folksongs (1980) 9'
         arrangement for SATB & pf

  • Alleluia with verse "The Holy Child" (1979) 7'
         for SATB a cappella

  • Three Chinese Folksongs (1979) 9'
         arrangement for TTBB a cappella


  • The Last Days (1994) 25'
         for 2 dancers, 3 perc, vc & cl


  • Many liturgical music, hymn-tunes published in Hymns of Life, Sound of the Bamboo, Sound of Grace, Chinese Praise, etc.


  • Ode from the Nestorian Monument, Pacific Music HK 8.242119

  • Variations on Themes from Malacandra, Pacific Music HK 8.242120

  • Three Erudite Etudes, CUMUS-001

  • The Medieval Suite, CGCD-9401

  • Symphony No. 2, Hugo HRP 799-2

  • Two Etudes for Gu Zheng Solo, ROI Productions RA-951010C

Selected Publications Related to Composition

*Note: many other publications in Music Education, Church Music and Musicology are not included in the following list.

  • "Teaching Contemporary Composition Theory: The Use of Simulation Games in the College Level Music Theory Course." Ann Arbor, Michigan : University Microfilm, 1979.

  • "The Composers' Quest: Words and Music, Host or Slave." Bauhinian Suite Music Society Bulletin (Nov 1983): 16-21.

  • "Chinese Sacred Music Ideology and Composition." Parts 1, 2. Sacred Music Quarterly 12 (January, April 1990): 1-4, 1-4.

  • "A Study of the Archetypal Approach: J.S. Bach and Chinese Hymns." In Research in Ethnomusicology: Proceedings of the Contemporary Chinese Music Conference, 1946-76, edited by C.C. Liu, 372-99. Hong Kong: Center of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong, 1990.

  • "Hong Kong." In New Music in the Orient: Essays on Composition in Asia Since World War II, edited by Harrison Ryker, 225-48. Buren, the Netherlands: Frits Knuf Publishers, 1991.

  • "Music Creation - Materials, Structure and Humanity: A Computer Adventure" The Humanity Bulletin (CUHK) vol.3 (1994): 52-61.

  • "Modelling Small Chinese and Tibetan Bells." (with Andrew Horner and Lydia Ayers) Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 45, no. 3 (March 1997):148-59.

  • Hong Kong Vocal Music Collection (editor in chief) 8 vols & 1 index (a project propelled by HKCG, the Hong Kong Association of Choral Societies and CCLC with funds from the HKADC). Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd, 1999. 1323pp.

  • "Synthesis Modeling of the Chinese Dizi, Bawu, and Sheng" Journal of Audio Engineering Society 47, no. 12 (December1999): 1076-87.

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