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CHEN Yeung-ping

Chen Yeung-ping (Hong Kong, born 1983) has received degrees from Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), and studied with Lei Liang, Clarence Mak, Law Wing-fai, and Chistopher Coleman.

The recipient of the Asian Cultural Council’s Altius Fellowship, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund, and the CASH Music Scholarship, Chen was named a finalist for the Rivers Awards Competition in Shanghai and was later commissioned by Steven Schick and La Jolla Symphony & Chorus to compose “The Moon in a Jolla” a telematic symphonic work inspired by a poem of the late Hong Kong poet Yasi. Chen was also a composer-fellow for the Ensemble 2010 Project in Darmstadt Summer Festival, the International Ensemble Modern Academy in 2011, and June in Buffalo 2012, and worked with groups from all over the world, includes Ensemble Modern, JACK Quartet, Ensemble Dal Niente, Tactus Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, UMS n’ JIP, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.

Chen now serves as Associate Professor and Director of Academic Colloquia at South China Normal University School of Music (Guangzhou, China).


陳仰平曾獲美國拉霍亞交響樂團所頒發的 Thomas Nee 年度委約獎,創作管弦樂作品《樂海崖的月亮》,並曾獲邀出席在曼哈頓音樂學院、西北大學、斯坦福大學、新英格蘭音樂學院、萊斯大學、紐約州立大學、台北藝術大學(亞洲作曲家聯盟)、澳門大學、香港中文大學、馬賽、米蘭、上海(上海當代音樂周)、南寧(東盟現代音樂節)等地舉行的國際作曲交流活動,發表作品和主持音樂講座,而近年則主要從事粵港澳三地現代音樂研究。除了創作及科研外,陳仰平亦具豐富的藝術策劃經驗,自2014年起,成為世界國際音樂聯盟(WFIMC)成員哈爾濱勛菲爾德國際弦樂比賽 Schoenfeld International String Competition 的首席運營官。


  • Palindrome (2014) for saxophone quartet 

  • Light (2013-14)  for contrabass quintet 

  • Sonic Engraving "Fragment X" (2013) for string quartet

  • Light and Tears (2013) for solo violin

  • Stars and Moon. Cloud and You. (2012) for Pierrot ensemble

  • Stillness in the Fragmentized Twirls (2011) for animated image, trumpet and string quartet

  • Bíe III (2011) for large mixed chamber ensemble

  • Trace of Solar Luminosity (2010-11) trio for violin, horn and contrabass

  • Sonic Engraving of the Last Sigh (2010) for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and piano

  • A Silence Tree (2010) duo for counter-tenor and recorder with interactive electronic

  • A Future Letter (2010) multi-media work for theater      

  • Bíe II (2009) for mixed ensemble      

  • Bíe I (2009) duo for clarinet and sheng                  

  • Symphonic Etude- Azurescape (2009) for orchestra      

  • Xian Xia (2008) for solo alto saxophone and orchestra

  • Sublime (2006) for wind concert band      

  • Ki Lin (2006) trio for clarinet, violin and cello

  • 清心也可以 (2014)

  • 柔光 (2013-14)

  • 音響版畫-賦格 (2013)  

  • 燭淚 (2013) 

  • 星和月. 雲和妳 (2012) 

  • Stillness in the Fragmentized Twirls (2011)

  • 別 III (2011)

  • 日照的軌跡 (2010-11)

  • 音響版畫-最後的嘆息 (2010)

  • 一棵寂靜的樹 (2010)

  • 給未來的信 (2010)

  • 別 II (2009)

  • 別 I (2009)

  • Symphonic Etude- Azurescape (2009)

  • 仙峽 (2008)

  • Sublime (2006)

  • 麒麟. 瑞獸 (2006)

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