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Breath of Spring


Zheng Enzhe(Winner)


Enzhe Zheng, from China, is currently a doctoral candidate at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying composition with Prof. Lee Wan-ki Wendy.

Drawing from his Chinese heritage, Zheng's compositions are infused with distinctive cultural elements, merging traditional themes and folk materials with contemporary and innovative expressions to create a unique musical language reflective of modern China. His compositions, Rosefinch, was awarded the Grand Prize winner in the Golden Bells International Composition Contest and was premiered by the Asian Cultural Symphony Orchestra of the U.S.A. at Carnegie Hall in 2022; Beyond the Sky, was awarded the 3rd Prize, Musicacoustica - Hangzhou 2023, Electroacoustic Music Composition Competition.


Breath of Spring explores the multifaceted nature of spring — from the quietly sprouting seeds to the splendid vistas of blooming flowers, and the revived vitality of animals. This piece is composed for a percussion quartet, where the interaction among the four musicians not only reflects the interplay of various life forms in nature but also symbolizes the perpetual cycle of life that spring brings. This composition, while expressing the essence of spring, also serves as a reminder for people to cherish this delicate beauty and to embrace the new season with emotion and anticipation.

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