YIU Siu-lung Alex 姚少龍 


Alex Yiu, who currently studies Sonic Arts at the Goldsmiths, University of London, is the winner of the 2013 RTHK new generation young composer’s competition. Alex has been an active composer and violinist and he is the composer-in-residence of Hong Kong Festival Orchestra. While his music has been played by major contemporary classical music ensembles such as the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HK), notes inégales (UK) and Chai Found Music Workshop (Taiwan), his interests are not only limited in contemporary classical music. Indeed, he has performed in Sonic Anchor, Hidden Agenda, Shan Zhai Music, Culture Industries Association (CIA) and Oi! (a.k.a. Oil Street Art Space) in psychedelic folk, indie pop and ambient style. Otherwise, some of his recorded soundscapes are available at the library by soundpocket, where he assigned as a sound collector, collecting the soundscape of the city. 


姚少龍正在倫敦大學金匠學院修讀聲音藝術,於二零一三年香港電台「音樂新一代」年輕作曲家比賽得到冠軍。少龍為香港節慶管弦樂團的駐團作曲家,然而他的興趣並不限於當代古典音樂,他的作品除了曾經給香港創樂團、台灣採風樂坊和英國的不平均節奏樂團所演奏之外,他也曾經在聲音下寨、Hidden Agenda、山寨音樂、文化企業協會和油街實現,以迷幻民謠、獨立流行以及氛圍各種的音樂風格進行演出。另外,少龍也是聲音掏腰包的採聲人之一,在聲音掏腰包所設立的網上聲音圖書館中,能夠聽到少龍所收錄的聲景。

Aqua (2012) 6’                                  

     Audio-visual work

Sigur Ròs (2012)
     for Sheng, Viola, Electric Bass, Piano and Crash Cymbal

Here and There (2012)
     Music for Dance Theatre

Le Cycle (2012) 7’
     for ob., bsn., vln., vla., cb.

Trio (2012) 15’
     for Trumpet, Tuba and Piano

Plucking the Greens (2012) 4’
     for percussion ensemble

Mitosis (2012) 13’
     for 4 flutes 

Los Pájaros (2012) 7’
     for violin and electronic

La Soledad (2012) 6’                      
     for viola da gamba solo

Extinguishment of Fire (2011) 6’

     for six channels speakers

採青Plucking the Green (2011) 4’     
     for percussion ensemble

The Spur (2011) 6’          
     for flute, 2 violins, cello and piano

Theme et variations (2011) 6’
     for violin and piano 

String Quartet No. 1 (2008) 15’

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