TSE Kin-chuen 謝建銓



Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (1997) 7'
Mist (1996) 9'
Secular (1995) 10'
  for vn & orchestra 


Chamber (Western)

Poetic Autumn (1996) 9'
  for soprano, cl, hp, vn, vc & perc
Bird (1996) 7'
  for ob, vc, va & pf
String Quartet No. 2 (1995) 8'
Buzz¡DSolitaire (1995) 11'
  for vn, vc & pf
Confrontation (1994) 8'
  for cl, pf & 2 perc
String Quartet No. 1 (1994) 8'
Hermitage at Po Shan Monastery (1993) 8'
  for baritone, hp & alto fl 


Chamber (Chinese)

Red Snowflake (1999) 10'
  for 6-player Chinese ensemble 


Piano Solo

The Rolling of Dream (1998) 9'
Night's Wave (1996) 7' 


Electronic Music

Moon with the Blur Star (1998) 7'
  for marimba & electronic music
Moon Dance (1997) 7'
  for marimba & electronic music 



Love in the Cynical City (1998) 22'
  4 acts for vn, cl, vc & pf
Chasing the Rainbow (1998) 58'
  for dance drama (electronic music)



大提琴協奏曲 (1997) 7'
霧 (1996) 9'
俗世 (1995) 10'
     for vn & orchestra


室樂 (西樂)

秋詩 (1996) 9'
     for soprano, cl, hp, vn, vc & perc
鳥 (1996) 7'
     for ob, vc, va & pf
第二弦樂四重奏 (1995) 8'
繁.寂 (1995) 11'
     for vn, vc & pf
對峙 (1994) 8'
     for cl, pf & 2 perc
殞塵 (1994) 8'
破山寺後襌院 (1993) 8'
     for baritone, hp & alto fl


室樂 (中樂)

紅雪飛 (1999) 10'
     for 6-player Chinese ensemble



夢的滾動 (1998) 9'
夜潮聲 (1996) 7'



月帶殘星 (1998) 7'
     for marimba & electronic music
月舞 (1997) 7'
     for marimba & electronic music



燃燒在冰冷都市的愛 (1998) 22'
    4 acts for vn, cl, vc & pf
彩虹的追蹤 (1998) 58'
     for dance drama (electronic music)

Tse Kin Chuen, Ricky, was born in Hong Kong. He entered the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1991, where he studied composition under Prof. Chan Wing-wah, electronic music under Clarence Mak and also gain a lot of inspiration from Mr. Law Wing-fai. Ricky has composed some orchestral pieces included violin concerto, cello concerto, and also numerous chamber music. Ricky has obtained his Bachelor of Music and Professional Diploma from the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts in 1996. His creation, “Hermitage at Po Shan Monastery”, was awarded the second-prize at the Taiwan Orchestra Competition in 1994. In 1995, his composition “Confrontation” was awarded the first-prize at the ACL Young Composer prize. In 1997, Ricky’s composition “Bird” was performed by the ensemble of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in the Hong Kong Composers Showcase. In November of 1998, Ricky also composed a piano solo “The Rolling Dream”, which is performed by Warren Lee. Beyond composing, Ricky also attempted different works in the production of art performance. In 1999, Ricky is the coordinator of the dance section of the multi-media work Nuo in the program of Art Festival “Beyond Time and Space”. In 2000, Ricky’s work “A trip to chaos” was second time performed by the ensemble of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in the Composers Showcase.As a part time music teacher, Ricky teaches piano, guitar class, music theory and arranges music for school’s orchestra. He also has many years of experience about teaching music for HKDSE music examination.



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