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Ka-Shu (Kenneth) Tam (b.1991) draws most of his inspiration from the musicality of daily conversation. His music is characterized by its complicated emotions, complex timbre and its philosophical nature. His interest in the intrinsic nature of the human and the universe deeply influences his musical writings. Most of his music underlies certain messages about the relationship between human and the universe.


Tam's works have been performed across the world, including Hong Kong, the USA and Greece; and they have also been broadcasted through radio. His work “Discussion.(Somewhat) Meaningless Sound for somewhat Profound Listeners” won the third prize in New Generation 2012. He won the Speech Choir Young Composer Award with his“Ideal Reality”, a piece which is commissioned by Hong Kong Education Bureau as a set piece for the 2012/2013 Speech Choir Showcase in Hong Kong.


Tam completed his Bachelor of Art in Music Composition with first class honor in Hong Kong Baptist University. He is pursuing his Master of Music in Composition in the University of Missouri - Kansas City in the USA. His major composition teachers include James Mobberley, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Paul Rudy, Christopher Keyes and Christopher Coleman.


Personal Webpage: http://www.tamkashu.com/





譚氏的作品在世界各地演出過,如香港、美國及希臘。他亦有作品於電台上擴播。 他的 "空廢討論・給資深聽眾的無謂聲音" 贏得了New Generation 2012的第三名,他亦憑"理想的現實" 贏得了動感聲藝年輕作曲家獎,而該作品更被香港教育局選為 2012/2013動感聲藝展的指定歌曲之一。.


譚氏於香港浸會大學主收作曲,於2010年取得音樂文學士學位,並以一級榮譽成績畢業 。他現於美國密蘇里大學堪薩斯分校攻讀作曲碩士。他師從著名作曲家周龍、陳怡、James Mobberley、Paul Rudy、Christopher Keyes及Christopher Coleman。


 個人網頁: http://www.tamkashu.com/



The Full Cycle (2014) (In progress)

     for full orchestra (3333, 4321, 3P, Harp, Str)

Two little Orchestral Studies (2014)

     for chamber orchestra (2222, 4221, 2P, Harp, Str)




String Quartet No.1 – Ideology (2014)

Tam-Tam Sonata (2013)

     for tam-tam and piano

Sudden Moment in a Stripe of Memory (2013)

     for flute, cello and toy piano

String Octet No.1 – Spiritual Fermentation (2013)

     for string octet (double string quartet)

Discussion . (Somewhat) Meaningless Sound for somewhat Profound Listeners (2012)

     for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola and double bass




Wu Ye Ti-Du Shang Xi Lou (2013)

     for Children choir (SSA)

Ideal Reality (2013)

     for four mixed voice part




Darwin's Thought (2015) (in progress)

     for Soprano and Piano quintet

A Key to Devolution (2012)

     for soprano, 2 trumpets and percussions



Wandering in Labyrinth (2013)

     Stereo channels

Magnetized World (2013)

     for stereo track and violin

Vessel of Dream (2012)

     5.1 channels 




大迴環 (2014) (In progress)

     管弦樂團 (3333, 4321, 3P, Harp, Str)

兩首管弦樂小品 (2014)

     室內樂團 (2222, 4221, 2P, Harp, Str)




第一弦樂四重奏-觀念 (2014)

大鑼奏鳴曲 (2013)


記憶的一隅 (2013)


第一弦樂八重奏-靈釀 (2013)

     空廢討論Ÿ給資深聽眾的無謂聲音 (2012)





烏夜啼-獨上西樓 (2013)

     童聲合唱團 (SSA)

理想的現實 (2013)





達爾文奇想 (2015) (in progress)


退化的索引 (2012)




漫步迴廊 (2013)


磁化世界 (2013)


夢的導管 (2012)

     5.1 聲道

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