Wong Chun-wai's "Waning Moon, Shivering Glimmer"

November 25, 2016

【聲影集:映照香港 SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Reflections】


//特寫 Feature//

Wong Chun-wai's Waning Moon, Shivering Glimmer 


I. Q&A


1) How does your piece correlate with the visual image?


The music captures the waning moon with shivering glimmer shown in the photo with a distorted version of the traditional Cantonese children song “Shiny Moon” ﹙《月光光照地堂》,又名《月光光》﹚. 


2) How did the image inspire you to write this piece?


Since the music is written for a photo, I have to observe the tone, the overall impression and special feature(s) of the image before I decide the mood, the materials and structure of my piece .


3) Please introduce the special features or fragments of your work.


Audiences can try to see if they can follow the distorted tune of “Shiny Moon”, which is present almost throughout the piece. 


II. About the composer - Wong Chun-wai



Hobbies: Composing 

Favorite composers: Joe Hisaishi/Gustav Mahler/Maurice Ravel/John Williams 

Favorite movie: Spirited away