Livia Lin’s “the tree says…”

January 5, 2016

【SOUND-IMAGination: Hong Kong Landscape 聲影集:香港景觀】

//Feature 特寫//
Livia Lin’s “the tree says…”

I. Q&A

1) How did the image/video inspire you to write this piece? 

While many find Hong Kong to be a small vibrant city lacking recreational spaces, the image reminds me of pockets of nature and greenery in the city which we unconsciously not notice. The dense trees eclipsing the individual inspire me to put the trees on center stage in my composition. 

2) All visual elements of this concert, which served as the initial inspiration for the composers, will be projected on screen during the performance. What is the difference between composing with and without a specified visual image? 

Music is a temporal form of art while a still image offers information instantly. I think composing with specific image prompts me to take more time in expressing an idea because I believe the audience, too, would have the luxury of delving deeper into the artists’ messages through listening and looking simultaneously. 

3) Please introduce the special features or fragments of your work. 

This work anchors on two rhythmic elements – dotted rhythm and triplet. These rhythmic sways mimic the gentle flutter of the leaves throughout the composition. The audience will hopefully disengage from the steady pulse and assimilate with the ambience of the swaying leaves imperceptibly. 

II. About the Composer – Livia Lin 


Favorite place in Hong Kong: Lantau Island, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong International Airport 
Favorite scene: the meeting of the sky and water, the people flow in a cafe 
Favorite visual artist: Vasily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock

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