名家趣談作曲 Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2017

Presented by 主辦 : Leisure and Cultural Services Department 康樂及文化事務署、Hong Kong Composers' Guild 香港作曲家聯會
Supported by 資助 : Hong Kong Arts Development Council 香港藝術發展局


Date 日期: 15/3/2016 - 26/4/2017(6 lectures in six Wednesday evenings 星期三,共六講 )
Time 時間: 7:30pm
Venue 場地:Hong Kong Space Museum (Lecture Hall) 香港太空館 (演講廳) 
Ticket Price 收費 : $50 (Free Seating 不設劃位)
Website 網頁:https://goo.gl/ZRYpYN

The lecture on 5 April will be conducted in English, while that on 12 April will be in Putonghua. All other lectures will be conducted in Cantonese.



15 March - My Music in Dialogue with Different Art Forms
Speaker: Dr. Joyce Tang
Moderator: Dr. Ada Lai
Composer Joyce Tang has been collaborating with artists of different disciplines in recent years. In this lecture, she will discuss her recent interdisciplinary compositions for visual arts, dance, theatre and literature.

22 March - More Space for Chinese Music
Speaker: Prof. Leung Chi-cheung
Moderator: Au Tin-yung Alex
Demonstrators: Chu Wan-pin (Erhu) and Bryan Lai (Yangqin)

Mentioning about Chinese music, most people only know about the violin concerto Butterfly Lovers, but whether they know about the name of the composer would be another question.  Is there such a little space to appreciate Chinese music given its long history? Composer Leung Chi-cheung will answer this question from different perspectives in history, composing, performing, conducting and even marketing.   Through illustration of his works in the last decade, Prof. Leung will talk about a wider space for the development of Chinese music.

Demonstration: The Pair of Jades for Erhu and Yangqin (2009)

29 March - Representation of Human Empathy in My Music
Speaker: Associate Prof. Wendy Lee 
Moderator: Dr. Lee Kar-tai Phoebus

Demonstrators: Cynthia Chan (Piano) and Grace Chiang (Mezzo-soprano)
The music of composer Wendy Lee is lyrical, poignant, and narrative, but it also derives from an engagement with the musical materials of the 20th and 21st centuries. A central and crucial feature of her music is its representation of human empathy. This empathy arises not only as a result of her composition titles, but of the technical implications and other deeper inner workings of such pieces as well.  In this lecture, she will take the audience onto her musical journey that is highly emotional and personal.

5 April - Searching for Magic: The Music of Christopher Coleman
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Coleman
Moderator: Dr. Austin Yip
In this lecture, Composer Christopher Coleman will present a sampling of his works. A polystylistic composer, he writes music that is serious, music that is humourous, and everything in-between. From acoustic to electronic music, tonal to atonal, Coleman’s music shares one feature throughout — a search for a magic moment where the audience feels transported.e.

12 April - My Experience and Several of My Works
Speaker: Prof. Wang Qiang
Moderator: Dr. Lam Lan-chee
Composer Wang Qiang’s childhood years coincided with the turmoil of wartime. A number of massive political movements occurred throughout her musical journey. That could explain why her works are somehow imprinted with a certain watermark. In this lecture, she will present some of her works and share the stories behind these compositions, including River of Fortune (for Chorus) (1958), Farewell My Concubine (for Konghou, Peking Opera Percussion and Dizi) (2013)

26 April - From Inspiration to Sounds
Speaker: Tang Man-ngai 
Moderator: Dr. Leung Chi-hin
Demonstrators: Terry Chan (Violin) and Tong Wai-ho (Cello)
Composer TANG Man-ngai will share his writing experience of Dawn, Birds Singing by the Brook and Voices and discuss the use of harmony, melody and texture in these works.

3月15日- 我的音樂與不同藝術範疇的對話
講者: 鄧慧中博士
主持: 黎雅婷博士



3月22日 - 給中國音樂更多空間
講者: 梁志鏘教授

主持: 歐天勇
演出嘉賓: 朱芸編(二胡)及賴應斌(揚琴)



3月29日 - 從我的音樂作品表現同理心 
講者: 李允琪副教授 
主持: 李家泰博士


4月5日 - 尋找魔法:高爾文的音樂(英語主講)
講者: 高爾文博士
主持: 葉浩堃博士

4月12日 - 我的經歷與我的幾部作品
講者: 王強教授
主持: 林蘭芝博士



4月26日 - 由靈開始
講者: 鄧文藝
主持: 梁智軒博士

演出嘉賓:陳昌隆(小提琴)及 湯偉灝(大提琴)

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The running time of each lecture is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and substitute speakers, demonstrators and moderators. 


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