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  • 《花城新聞》— 香港作曲家聯會40週年 以音樂連接世界 (2023.09.27)

    香港作曲家联会今年踏入40周年, 25日在香港上环文娱中心排练厅举行40周年纪念活动“传承‧美乐之河”音乐会发布会,宣布启动“山区校歌计划”及“林乐培作曲奖”两大重点项目。香港艺术发展局音乐组主席梁建枫、香港作曲家联会主席梅广钊等出席主礼。 全文刊於《花城新聞》: This content is available in Chinese only.

  • 《橙新聞》— 「香港作曲家聯會慶成立40周年 將辦「傳承.美樂之河」音樂會紀念活動」(2023.09.18)

    為慶祝香港作曲家聯會成立40周年,由香港作曲家聯會主辦、香港藝術發展局和CASH音樂基金資助的「傳承.美樂之河」音樂會活動於2023年10月至2024年4月期間舉辦,活動發布會將於2023年9月25日舉行,香港藝術發展局梁建楓、香港作曲家聯會主席梅廣釗任主禮嘉賓。 全文刊於《橙新聞》: This content is available in Chinese only.

  • 《商報》-「香港當代音樂節分三場演出 將呈現20首當代音樂作品」(2022.10.06)

    由香港作曲家聯會主辦的「香港當代音樂節:環宇薈萃」即將呈現,旨在推廣創作、音樂新思維、深究音樂欣賞及推介高質素的音樂演出。香港藝術發展局資助和CASH音樂基金贊助。陳達文博士、香港藝術節執行委員會委員楊光以及香港作曲家聯會主席梅廣釗早前作為主禮嘉賓,為音樂會揭開了序幕。 全文刊於《商報》: This content is available in Chinese only.

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  • Call for Scores | Hong Kong Composers' Guild

    CALL FOR SCORES OUR PROJECTS PROGRAMMES DEADLINES DETAILS Music Salon II Concert 16/10/2023 Click Here NON-HKCG PROJECTS PROGRAMMES DEADLINES DETAILS 8th Brandenburg Biennial 14/04/2024 Click Here 2nd Mansurian International Competition 13/04/2024 Click here International Composition Competition 2024 26/03/2024 Click Here *If you would like to submit the call-for-scores information from your organisation, please send an email to .

  • TSE Nok-kiu 謝諾翹 | Hong Kong Composers' Guild

    TSE Nok-kiu 謝諾翹 MAJOR WORKS 主要作品 Back

  • CHENG Lee 鄭重言 | Hong Kong Composers' Guild

    CHENG Lee 鄭重言 Lee Cheng is an interdisciplinary artist-teacher and researcher. His research and artistic interest interdisciplinarize music, technology, education, immersive and interactive media, digital and sonic arts, law and policy. His works have been featured as part of, amongst others, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), World Stage Design, and Mana Contemporary Chicago; his research articles have been published by top-ranked journals including Music Education Research, Journal of Knowledge Management, Technology, Pedagogy and Education. Cheng received his Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Law, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). He also attained the LTCL for flute (Distinction) and LMusTCL at London Trinity College, and DipABRSM (Principles of Instrumental Teaching) at Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). He is currently working as Assistant Professor of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at The Education University of Hong Kong. He is currently serving as Convenor of the Music Technology Special Interest Group at International Society for Music Education (ISME), Theory Examiner of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and Arts Education Examiner of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). 鄭重言是一位跨學科藝術家教師及學者,其藝術及研究範疇跨越音樂、科技、教育、沉浸及互動媒體、數碼及聲音藝術、法律及政策學科,作品及學術論文曾於多個國際藝術展覽、研討會、期刊等發表。 鄭氏畢業於香港大學及香港教育大學,獲頒工商管理學士(資訊科技)、工程學士(電腦科學)、學位教師教育深造文憑(專業及職業教育)、法律碩士(信息技術知識產權法)及哲學博士(科技及音樂教育)學位 ,亦於 2013 年及 2011 年考獲聖三一音樂學院長笛高級演奏文憑(LTCL)及音樂理論高級文憑(LMusTCL)並取得優異(Distinction)成績。 鄭氏現於香港教育大學文化與創意藝術學系任職助理教授,亦於國際音樂教育協會(ISME)擔任音樂科技小組的召集人及英國皇家音樂學院(ABRSM)擔任考官,亦為香港藝術發展局(HKADC)的藝術教育審批員。 MAJOR WORKS 主要作品 Shanshui 山水 (for flute and interactive media) Sound Map V (for MIDI keyboard & audio samples) DingDing 叮叮 (for violin, viola, cello, piano with tape) Canonic (graphic score for 12 players) Sketch of Tai Nan Street 大南街剪影 (for bass clarinet, viola, double bass) Back

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