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TSANG Shun-han

TSANG Shun-han, Hanson holds a Master of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong respectively. He studied percussion and timpani under the tutelage of Mr. LUK Kin-bun and Mr. James BOZNOS, studied flute under the tutelage of Mr. Matthew WU. He is also a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Composers Guild.

During his studies in EdUHK, Tsang was awarded the Year Prize of Academic Excellence, Champion of Artistic Composition Award and Performance Award as well as Outstanding Contribution Award. He was one of the awardees of HKIEd Student Representation in Oversea Activities Award and the award scheme enabled him to participate in various international music events, including the International Band Festival (WASBE), Conference of the Asia and Pacific Band Directors Association (APBDA), International Symposium of Music Education, International Handbell Symposium, International Orff Music Camp, International Dalcroze and Music Therapy Workshop. Tsang is currently the Assistant Music Officer in the Music Office of LCSD and is responsible for western percussion training as well as Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band and Music Office Youth Brass Band. He also established the Music Office Percussion Ensemble and Handbell Choir to promote community arts in Hong Kong.



Chamber (Western)

  • Soul Dance (2012) for Harmonic, Violin and Trombone

  • My Dream, Teachers Wish (2012) for Chinese Chamber Ensemble

  • The Rites of Victim (2010) for Saxophone Quartet

  • A Funny Journey (2009) for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone

Music for Theatre / Drama

  • Let’s go …our dream (2011) for Voice and Orchestra

  • The Rites of Hindu Goddess (2011) for Orchestra

  • My Belief (2011) for Voice and Orchestra

  • My Fate (2011) for Voice and Orchestra

Solo (Western)

  • I lost it but I found it (2009) for Piano Solo


  • 《心靈之舞》(2012) 為口琴、小提琴、長號而作

  • 《吾夢.師願》(2012) 為中樂室樂小組而作

  • 《受難者之祭》(2010) 為薩克管四重奏而作

  • 《奇趣之旅》(2009) 為長笛、單簧管、中音薩克管、次中音薩克管、上低音薩克管而作


  • 《向夢想前進吧》(選自音樂劇《八十日環遊世界》)(2011) 為聲樂及管弦樂團而作

  • 《印度女神之祭》(選自音樂劇《八十日環遊世界》)(2011) 為管弦樂團而作

  • 《信念》(選自音樂劇《八十日環遊世界》)(2011) 為聲樂及管弦樂團而作

  • 《命.緣》(選自音樂劇《八十日環遊世界》)(2011) 為聲樂及管弦樂團而作


  • 《迷失後的出路》(2009) 為鋼琴獨奏而作

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