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CHENG Zen-In Michelle

A Hong Kong-born composer and music educator. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in music composition, Cheng soon pursued her studies in Music Education at Hong Kong Baptist University.

She is currently a MA student at the Iceland University of the Arts, a full member of the Hong Kong Composer s’ Guild and a Registered Teacher in Hong Kong.

Cheng is enthusiastic about composition for educational purpose. Her work The Time Train (2018) was selected to be published in the Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Album, performed by the renowned choir, and chosen by the Diocesan Boys’ School Choir as one of their repertoires in 2021.

Cheng has a consuming passion for vocal music composition. She entered the finals of the 6th International Choral Composition Competition Japan – in honour of her work Mens Agitat Molem (2020). Her a cappella work Anyone Here? (2020) was selected to be one of the programmes in the Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival 2020.

Apart from vocal music, Cheng’s commissioned work The Outcry (2019) for guitar solo was performed throughout the 2nd Composition Workshop held by the European University of Cyprus, whilst she was one of the selected international composers in the event.


鄭氏熱衷於創作用於音樂教育的作品。她所創作的 時光車 (2018) 被收錄於香港兒童合唱團五十週年歌集內,並由該合唱團首演,及後獲拔萃男書院合唱團選為該團的年度曲目之一。鄭氏近年集中於編寫聲樂作品,其中她的無伴奏合唱作品 Mens Agitat Molem (2020) 為第六屆日本國際合唱作品比賽的決賽曲目,而她的另一首無伴奏合唱作品 人在嗎? (2020) 則被挑選為二〇二〇年香港當代音樂節的曲目。

除聲樂作品外,鄭氏於二〇一九年獲塞浦路斯歐洲大學委約創作結他獨奏作品 The Outcry (2019),並以獲選國際作曲家身份應邀出席其主辦之第二屆作曲工作坊。


Orchestral / Symphonic Band

  • 2011 Saxophone Concerto No.1 (for SATB saxophones + orchestra) [8’]

  • 2011 QingFengNian Overture (for mixed Chinese & western symphonic band) [5’]


  • 2021  The Brimming Vibrance (for percussion trio) [4’]

  • 2020 The Three Movements (for string quartet) [3’]

  • 2013 Dragon Impromptu (for hulusi + piano) [3’]

  • 2013 A Set of Dizi Etudes (for dizi duo) [15’]

  • 2011 Saxophone Concerto No.1 (for AB saxophones + piano) [5’]

Instrumental Solo

  • 2021 The Vibrance (for percussion solo) [4’]

  • 2019 The Outcry (for guitar solo) [5’]

  • 2019 The Drunk Beetle (for alto saxophone solo) [3’]

  • Vocal / Choral

  • 2020 Krvava Bajka (for mezzo-soprano and strings) [7’]
    2020 Anyone Here? (for SATB + vocal percussion) [5’]

  • 2020 Todo es Música y Razón (for TBB a cappella) [4’]

  • 2020 Pond Pond Pond (for SA + piano) [2’]

  • 2019 Mens agitat molem (for SATB a cappella) [3’]

  • 2018 The Time Train (for SA + piano + metronome) [4’]


  • 2015 cINE65 III - Teacher Librarian (Film Scoring) [3’] (

  • 2011 Soul Minding (for Cantonese drama + string quartet) [10’]


  • 2011 Time Tesseract (for harp + live electronics) [5’]

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