MARK Wing-yi 麥穎怡


Mark Wing Yi graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mark started composing in her second year of music study under the guidance of Prof. Wendy Lee and Dr. Lo Hau Man. Mark took composition in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) as an exchange student. Her composition teacher at UNCG was Prof. Mark Engebretson. Mark is also a flute and piano performer.

In 2013, she coordinated with Art Administration Office and Self-Learning Center of CU to hold a concert of music and poem-“The Power of Words”. Solo cello work “Seven Year-old” was performed in accompany of recitation of a poem with the same title by local poet Mr. Ng Huan Yan. In 2014, she performed her solo flute work titled “Journey: The Lone Tribe” at the UNCG New music festival.  Mark is now a secondary school teacher, passionately working on her composition and piano performance. 


麥穎怡畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,師隨李允琪教授及盧厚敏博士。大學四年級到北卡羅來納州大學交流,作曲老師為Prof. Mark Engebretson。麥氏亦為長笛及鋼琴演奏者,現隨陳岑小惠老師習鋼琴。2013 年,麥氏與中大自學中心、香港文學研究中心、藝術行政主任辦公室及吐露詩社合作舉辦《不完全抒情》音樂會,為吳萱人先生的詩作《七歲記》寫出大提琴獨奏作品。2013年的暑期,麥穎怡到克羅地亞參加 Prof. Joel Hoffman作曲班,《冰上的小孩(鋼琴四手)》於該地作首演。2014年她於北卡羅來納州大學的新音樂節演出其長笛獨奏作品《獨行:孤族》。麥氏現為中學教師,同時醉心於作曲及演奏。


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