Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 名家趣談作曲

Presented by LCSD and in cooperate with Hong Kong Compsoers' Guild, the Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers presents six lectures on six consecutive Wednesday evening at Hong Kong Space Museum since 2013. 



Past Lectures 過往講座:

Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2017
名家趣談作曲 2017


1) My Music in Dialogue with Different Art Forms 我的音樂與不同藝術範疇的對話
Speaker: Dr. Joyce Tang 講者: 鄧慧中博士

2) More Space for Chinese Music 給中國音樂更多空間
Speaker: Prof. Leung Chi-cheung 講者: 梁志鏘教授

3) Representation of Human Empathy in My Music 從我的音樂作品表現同理心 
Speaker: Associate Prof. Wendy Lee 講者: 李允琪副教授 

4)  Searching for Magic: The Music of Christopher Coleman 尋找魔法:高爾文的音樂
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Coleman 講者: 高爾文博士

5) My Experience and Several of My Works 我的經歷與我的幾部作品
Speaker: Prof. Wang Qiang 講者: 王強教授

6) From Inspiration to Sounds 由靈開始
Speaker: Tang Man-ngai 講者: 鄧文藝


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Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2016 
名家趣談作曲 2016


1) Our Community as a Source of Inspiration for Music Compositions


Speaker: Dr. Ada Lai 講者:黎雅婷博士

2) Bewilderment 惑 

Speaker: Dr. Mok Kin-yee, Raymond 講者:莫健兒博士

3) Stylistic Gesture as an Emotional Vehicle in My Work 


Speaker: Kung Chi-shing 講者:龔志成 

4) Ng Cheuk-yin's Music World 伍卓賢的音樂世界

Speaker: Ng Cheuk-yin 講者:伍卓賢 

5) Innovation, Technology, and Contemporary Music 創新、科技與現代音樂

Speaker: Prof. Christopher Keyes (Conducted in English)

講者:祁道緯教授 (英語主講)

6) In Quest of Diversity - The Legacy of Postmodernism 求異存同—後現代的遺產 

Speaker: Dr. Tung Lai-shing 講者:董麗誠博士

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Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2015
名家趣談作曲 2015



1) Creativity Within and Without the Boundaries of the Musical Traditions


Speaker: Clarence Mak 講者:麥偉鑄


2) Composition: Crossing over Genres 作曲:跨越流派 

Speaker cum Piano Performance: Lam Man-yee 講者暨鋼琴演出:林敏怡


3) Exploring a New Musical Language 我的音樂藝術語言

Speaker: Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu 講者:梅廣釗博士


4) My Music in the Context of Multimedia Creativity 我的多媒體音樂創作

Speaker: Dr. Chan Ming-chi 講者:陳明志博士


5) The Writing of Christian Songs: A Sharing of Experience and Music Making


Speaker: Lai Boon-tsing, Joseph 講者:黎本正


6) My Sixty Years of Composing Life 作曲生涯六十年

Speaker cum Piano Performance: Prof. David Gwilt 講者暨鋼琴演出:紀大衛教授

Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2014

名家趣談作曲 2014



1) In Search of Resonance between Different Times 古今之間有共鳴

Speaker: Hui Cheung-wai 講者:許翔威


2) Aspirations: In Search of Identity and Expression in Comtemporary Music Composition 


Speaker: Dr. Ng Chun-hoi 講者:吳俊凱博士


3) A Classical Approach to Contemporary Choral Writing 現代合唱創作:從古典出發

Speaker: Prof. Victor Chan 講者:陳偉光教授


4) In Search of Cultural Identity in Music Composition 從音樂創作中探索文化認同

Speaker: Dr. Lai Sheung-ping 講者:黎尚冰博士


5) Writing for Wind Ensemble 管樂團音樂寫作

Speaker: Dr. Lo Hau-man 講者:盧厚敏博士  


6) New Music is also Beautiful 現代音樂也可以是動聽的

Speaker cum Violin / Erhu performer: Dr. Joshua Chan
講者暨小提琴/二胡演出 :陳錦標博士


Sharing Lectures by Hong Kong Composers 2013

名家趣談作曲 2013
15/4 - 20/5/2013


1) Sixty Years of Music Writing – Doming Lam 林樂培作曲六十年
Speaker: Doming Lam 講者︰林樂培


2) A Review of My Symphonic Works 我的交響樂創作

Speaker: Prof Chan Wing-wah 講者︰陳永華教授


3) John Chen – World Music Approach, as Reflected in His Compositions Through the Years 無國界音樂—陳國平的作品面面觀

Speaker: Dr Chen Kwok-ping, John 講者︰陳國平博士


4) From the Comprehension of Ancient Wisdom to the Creation of New Experience in Contemporary Aesthetics 從解讀古典智慧到創造現代美感

Speaker: Law Wing-fai 講者︰羅永暉


5) Music Composition as a Creative Expression 漫談音樂創作

Speaker: Chen Ning-chi 講者︰陳能濟


6) Thoughts on New Choral Potentials 現代合唱創作縱橫談

Speaker: Prof Richard Tsang 講者︰曾葉發教授