LAU Galison 劉詠浲


Galison Lau studied with Wing-fai Law, Clarence Mak, and Samuel Lo. He also studied with Leonardo Balada and Fabien Lévy in US.


Mr. Lau’s compositions were performed or broadcasted in many places and events, including ISCM – ACL World Music Days 2007; Being chosen as one of the pieces from Hong Kong in the 2006 International Rostrum of Composers in Paris; the Lilian Baylis Theatre in Sadlers Wells, London; Musicarama 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, in Hong Kong; New Generation 2005, 2006, in Hong Kong.


Galison got several commissions, including Spotlight On Young Musicians Concert Series 1 in June 2011; Musicarama 2010, and 2012 by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund. In 2009, Scents, for string quartet, was chosen to be the first prize of Harry Archer Memorial Scholarship. He also composed a piece for the opening of the new theater of the HKAPA in 2006.


His music was performed or read by renowned ensembles, including Munich Chamber Orchestra; Parker String Quartet; MIVOS Quartet; Varshavsky Shapira Piano Duo; Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.


劉詠浲曾師隨羅永暉,麥偉鑄及盧厚敏。於美國曾師隨Leonardo Balada及Fabien Lévy。

作品曾於 2007 國際現代音樂節、巴黎2006 International Rostrum of Composers 、英國薩德勒威爾斯劇院、音樂新一代 2005、2006決賽、音樂新文化 2005,2010,2011,2012等演出或廣播。

劉氏曾獲多個委約,包括2011年6月 聚「招」青年音樂家第一季、由CASH資助香港作曲家聯會委約音樂新文化2010及2012等。2009年,作品《氣味》,獲得哈利.阿徹紀念獎冠軍。2006年他為香港演藝學院新落成的劇院開幕創作及演出。

作品曾由多個樂團演出或試奏,包括慕尼黑室內樂團、Parker弦樂四重奏、MIVOS四重奏、Varshavsky Shapira鋼琴二重奏、香港創樂團等。

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