LAM Lan-chee 林蘭芝


LAM Lan-chee is the winner of the prestigious award, Grand Prix of the 19th George Enescu International Composition Competition (Symphonic Section) in Romania, 2009. Her music often combines Chinese tradition and contemporary technique, exploring new dimensions of sound world. Born in Hong Kong, graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (B.A.) and University of Toronto (M.Mus., D.M.A.), her works have been performed all over Asia, Europe and North America. She is currently appointed as the Composer in Residence at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and instructor at LCSD Advanced Music Composition Training Project.


Dr. Lam has awarded top prizes in 2008 Luxembourg International Composition Competition, Nieuw Ensmeble’s Second Chinese Composers’ Competition, 2011 Taiwan Music Centre International Composition Competition (chamber music and NCO Award) and 2012 Ding Yi International Composition Competition. Her music has been performed by Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra, Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Nieuw Ensemble, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Bang On a Can, MOLDOVA Philharmonic Orchestra and Little Giant Chamber Orchestra.


Dr. Lam has received commissions from Laurel Ensemble, New York Transit Ensemble, Chinese Music Virtuosi and Hong Kong Sinfonietta. She was invited to present works at major music festivals, including the 6th Annual Concert New Music Festival, the 3rd Cortona Contemporary Music Festival, Beijing International Congress on Women in Music, Asian Contemporary Music Festival, Yogyakata Contemporary Music Festival, Europalia Festival and George Enescu Festival. 




林氏的作品曾由香港城市室樂團、盧森堡小交響樂團、荷蘭新室內樂團、Nouvel Ensemble Moderne、樂侃群星、MOLDOVA 管弦樂團及小巨人絲竹樂團演出,亦曾獲桂冠合奏團、紐約Transit 室樂團、龢鳴樂坊及香港小交響樂團委約。林氏亦被邀請出席在美國加州舉辦的第六屆國際女作曲家週年音樂會、第三屆康拓納現代音樂節、北京國際女音樂家大會、亞洲作曲家大會、Yogyakata現代音樂節、歐羅巴利亞藝術節及埃內斯庫國際音樂節。目前於香港中文大學擔任駐校作曲家和學校藝術培訓計劃作曲導師。

Orchestral (Western)


Lotus (2011) 13' 

    for full orchestra

Earth Dance (2009) 10'

     for wind ensemble
Mysterious Palace (2008) 10'
     for orchestra
The Frozen World (2008) 6'
     for two solo violins, woodwind quintet and string orchestra
Time and Space (2007) 17'
     for violin and orchestra
Firework (2004) 18'
     for orchestra


Orchestral (Chinese)

A Journey of Rediscovery (2011) 15' 

    for Chinese Orchestra

Wind Soughing in the Pines on Baiyun Mountain (2010) 13' 

    for double concerto for pipa and percussion

Orchestral (Mixed)


Colour of Ink (2009) 16' 

    Concerto for four chinese instruments and chamber orchestra
Threnody for the Earth (2008) 9'
     for concerto for sheng and chamber orchestra

Chamber (Western)


Branches (2012) 7' 

    for clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and double bass

Falling Petals (2011) 9' 

    for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and double bass

Resonance (2011) 6' 

    for violin and piano

Sprites (2011) 6' 

    for bass clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, piano, cello and double bass

Flying Snow (2010) 7' 

    for flute, piano, violin and cello

Night Snow (2010) 9' 

    for clarinet, oboe, horn, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola and double bass

Wave (2010) 4' 

    for 5 Recorders

Primary Colours (2010) 8' 

    for guitar duet

Air . Tone (2010) 8' 

    for chamber ensemble

Pavilion of Far Reaching Fragrance (2009) 10'
     for harp and percussion
Ice Sculpture (2009) 13'
     for violin, clarinet and percussion
La Defense (2009) 10'
     for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano
The Scream (2009) 10'
     for string quartet
Crystallized Tree (2008) 18'
     for guitar, harp and percussion
Aurora (2008) 6'
     for flute and guitar
Starry Night (2007) 10'
     for string quartet

Drizzle (2007) 5'
     for guitar and piano
Back to Nature (2005; rev. 2007) 9'
     for violin, cello and piano
The Lost World (2006) 7'
     for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Black Hole (2006) 10'
     for accordion and piano
Snowflakes (2005) 18'
     for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon
Nightmare (2005; rev. 2006) 9'
     for violin, clarinet, cello and piano
Sonatina (2005) 8'
     for clarinet and piano
Mirage (2004) 7'
     for viola and piano
The Dawn (2003) 10'
     for clarinet, cello and piano

Chamber (Chinese)


Fire . Dragon Dance (2012) 6' 

    for 3 dizi, sheng, suona and 2 percussionists

Cloud . Mist (2012) 8' 

    for dizi, sheng, yangqin, pipa, ruan, guzheng, erhu

Ancient Colour (2010) 8' 

   for dizi, sheng, yangqin, pipa, guzheng and erhu

Squirrels in Snowland (2006) 6'
     for erhu and zhong ruan

Chamber (Mixed)


Four Gentlemen (2011) 9' 

    for flute, dizi, sheng, erhu, guzheng, harp, viola and percussion

The Peaceful Land (2011) 10' 

    for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano and pipa

Changing of Seasons (2009) 9'

     for flute, clarinet, accordion, erhu, guzheng, violin, cello and percussion
Current (2009) 6'
     for sheng, guzheng, clarinet, cello and percussion
A Solitary Wildgoose (2008) 7'
     for erhu and two pianos
Scorpion Dance (2003) 6'
     for flute, erhu and pipa

Instrumental Solo


Night (2012) 15' 

    for pipa solo

Snow . Cherry Blossom (2011) 9' 

    for alto flute solo

Ringing Bells (2011) 9' 

    for piano solo

Breeze (2011) 10' 

    for viola solo

Spiritual Rain (2010) 10' 

    for percussion solo

Memories (2009) 4' 

    for violin solo

Autumn Sketch (2005) 6'
     for piano
Fantasia (2003) 6'
     for piano

Vocal / Choral


To Winter (2012) 6' 

    for soprano and piano

Eternity (2009) 10'

     for tenor, bass clarinet, piano and percussion
Requiem (2007) 5'
     for soprano solo, SATB choir and piano

Dark Soul (2004) 7'
     for mezzo-soprano and piano


Music for Theatre / Drama


The Legend of Hou Yi (2012) 15' 

Lady Doth Protest Too Much (2007) 15'
     for chamber opera



Threnody for the Earth. International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2008, CD408


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