Match Making Concert 2018 - Emerging Composers x Emerging Performers
創藝匯新聲 2018﹣創 ‧ 演青年音樂家

6.4.2018 Friday 星期五 8pm

Studio One, RTHK



Fong Lok-chi 方樂知│ Pater Noster 主禱文 (2018)(5’)

For sopranos, tenor and piano 為女高音、男中音及鋼琴而寫


Shing Chun-hay 成俊曦│ By the Lovesick Tree 相思樹 (2015)(5’)

for flute solo 為長笛而寫


Tsang Lok-yan 曾樂欣│ Cupid and Psyche 邱比特與賽姬 (2018)(5’)

for viola and piano  為中提琴及鋼琴而寫


Wong Ching-yin 黃正彥│ Mixture 混合物 (2018)(4’15”)

for erhu trio 為二胡三重奏而寫


Wu Yimin 吳藝敏│ The Peaceful Stars 星空 (2018)(5’)

for tenor and piano為男中音及鋼琴而寫


Tam Ka-shu 譚家樹│Reaction I  反應 I (2018)(4’20”)

for viola solo 為中提琴而寫


Tsui Mei-ling Meilina徐美玲│ Ink and Paper油墨和紙張 (2014)(5’)

for piano solo 為鋼琴而寫

Lai Miu-yeung 黎渺揚│ In the Unknown 未知之際 (2013/2018)(1’30”)

for saxophone, bassoon and viola 為色士風、巴松管及中提琴而寫


Chan Nga-man 陳雅雯│ Firecracker and Peace 竹報平安 (2015)(3’)

for saxophone, bassoon, pipa and erhu 為色士風、巴松管、琵琶及二胡而寫


Concert Producers 音樂會監製:

Leung Chi-hin 梁智軒, Lee Kar-tai Phoebus 李家泰, Viola Yuen 阮慧玲


Producer 節目監製:Charles Chik 戚家榮

Administration 行政:Grace Yip 葉芷晴

MC 司儀:Raymond Chung 鍾子豪 Livia Lin 凌崎偵 

Poster Design 海報設計:Alex Sze 施世展


The concert will be recorded by RTHK Radio 4 (FM Stereo 97.6-98.9 MHz and and will be broadcast in ‘Live on 4’ on Friday, 20 April 2018 at 8pm with a repeat on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at 2pm.


音樂會由香港電台第四台(FM97.6-98.9 兆赫及錄音,並將於2018年4月20日星期五晚上8時在「第四台音樂會」播放,4月25日星期三下午2時重播。

Fong Lok-chi 方樂知


Since he first encountered a piano, Roger does not just play on it but branches out himself to different music activities.


He got an ATCL, an LMusTCL and recently an MA degree of Music from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Beside performing and conducting, he administers by being the vice-president of Hong Kong Youth Choir and the president of the Church Music Executive Committee of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong. 


For composition, he, since his postgraduate days, has then started entering the serious music filed by having his Glimpses on Ourselves premiered by the Hong Kong Wind Kamerata and being a member of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild.









Pater Noster 主禱文


It is not easy to pray nowadays as the world is choking us. 

Jesus gave us the prayer in unsettling time with unsettling message, so the prayer will be unsettlingly sung. 


Embraced by the filthy earth, in agony we praise the sanctity. 

In desperate though, somewhere will still give us our daily bread. 

Warm, tender, it sustains us.

Agony still exists and it is human who sins, damages and ruptures. 

We are all responsible and we will complete the mission that is given to all. 


It is unsettling and conflicting. 

Still we say amen to this, and may God help us.













Shing Chun-hay 成俊曦


Shing Chun-hay identifies creativity with its power to inspire new perception, whether of music, of art, or of life. His works, often embodying his reflections and literary inspirations, have travelled across continents, performed by eminent musicians in various concerts and music festivals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Italy and USA, receiving radio broadcast.


Accolades include First Prize in New Generation 2015 (presented by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild), David Gwilt Composition Prize, and The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) Scholarship. Recently he conducted the premiere of his octet for winds and strings Lost Memory in Sunset Pixels in Asian Music Festival, organised by Asian Composers League in Tokyo.


Shing is currently furthering his study with a Doctor of Music degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying with Prof. Lee Wan-ki Wendy.







By the Lovesick Tree 相思樹


Acacia confusa, more commonly known as “lovesick tree”, is an extensively planted tree native to Southeast Asia. Its flowers are golden yellow in colour and give a hint of fragrance. The name “lovesick tree” originates from a love story from the Warring States period (475 BC - 221 BC) in ancient China. A king was impressed by the beauty of the wife of one of his officers, so he detained her to make her his own. The husband was also imprisoned and, out of extreme grief, he killed himself. When his wife knew about this, she also resorted to suicide. Despite the king’s order to bury them separately, legend has it that, over night, two trees grew out from their graves — intertwined. The officer and his wife were finally reunited in death and the tree was called “lovesick tree” as a memorial for them.


This music is not an attempt to depict the love story, but rather an expression of the sentiment that the lovesick tree has come to symbolise since millennia ago. The sentiment still resonates today.


相思樹,學名Acacia confusa,是廣泛種植於東南亞的原生樹木,其花金黃,氣味芳香。「相思樹」此名,源自中國戰國時期(公元前475-221年)的一個愛情故事。當時,一位皇帝看中手下舍人之妻,垂涎其美色,意欲奪來成為自己妻妾,於是將二人分別囚禁。其夫悲痛欲絕,自殺身亡,妻子驚聞噩耗亦不惜共赴黃泉。皇帝深感不快,下令二人必須分開埋葬,而傳說中,一夜過後,兩棵樹從二人墳墓長出,彼此交纏。舍人與妻子死後終能一起,故後世稱此樹為「相思樹」以作紀念。



Tsang Lok-yan 曾樂欣

Tsang Lok-yan is currently a year 4 student of Bachelor of Music in Education (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy) in The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), studying composition with Dr. LEUNG Chi-hin. Tsang is also a member of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH) and the Chairlady of EdUHK Composition Society.


Tsang is active to join different composition activities. TSANG has won the third prize at the New Generation 2016; was the champion of EdUHK Artistic Excellence Award (Composition) 2017; and was one of the three winners of the Tennessee Valley Music Festival - Young Composers' Forum 2017. Her work, Ballade "Purple", was performed by Huntsville Youth Orchestra and Orquesta Sinfónica del Mar in 2017.




曾氏曾於「音樂新一代 2016」榮獲季軍;二零一七年獲得校內優秀藝術獎(作曲)及獲邀出席美國亨茨維爾音樂節的作曲家討論會。其作品亦獲當地青年樂團及來自蓬塔雷納斯的樂團演奏。

Cupid and Psyche 邱比特與賽姬


Psyche had lots of admirers. People made offerings to her and neglected the proper worship of the love goddess Venus. This offended Venus much. Therefore, she asked Cupid to work her revenge.

Cupid had a golden arrow and the other one with a blunt tip of lead. A person wounded by the golden arrow would fill with uncontrollable desire, but the one struck by the lead feels aversion.

Cupid was committed to let Psyche falling in love with an ugly man. When Cupid looked at the sleeping Psyche, he was fascinated by her beauty. Cupid scratched himself with his golden arrow accidentally, which made him fall in love deeply with Psyche. Cupid recognized he would disobey his mother's order...... 





Wong Ching-yin 黃正彥


Wong is a year 2 student from the Department of Music in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Majoring in organ under Dr. Anne Lam’s guidance, Wong has high aptitude in both chinese, playing the er-hu, and western, piano. Under guidance of Mr. Cheung Wai-fung, Wong were soloists in multiple concerts, including acting as both soloist and arranger of Carmen Fantasy for Er-hu and Chinese orchestra at the Music Office Annual Gala 2015, he is currently the Gao-hu principal of Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra. Wong is also active in piano accompanying, composing and arranging affairs, which his composition entered and was performed in the Music from the Heart activity for consecutively 2 years held by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.


黃氏現為香港中文大學音樂系學士二年級生,師承林芍彬博士主修管風琴。黃氏雙線發展中國音樂和西方音樂。中樂方面,黃氏二胡曾師承張偉鋒老師,並於多場音樂會中擔任獨奏,包括在音樂事務處2015 年週年大匯演中同時擔任《卡門主題幻想曲》的中樂版編曲和獨奏。黃氏現為香港青年中樂團高胡首席。黃氏同樣活躍於鋼琴伴奏和作曲、編曲事務,作品曾兩度入選香港中樂團心樂集徵曲活動。

Mixture 混合物


A mixture is composed of physically separable elements.


Cantonese music modes,

The distorted, contemporary noises,

The groove of swinging, and

The random process of tuning the musical instruments

--- they are so intimately mingled together, yet so discriminable easily by their features.

How they communicate with each other in parallel?


The composition explores the dialogue of sound effects with each other in the medium of Er-hu trio, a Chinese bowed stringed instrument. Inspired by the unique scratch tone of the huqin in Fire Ritual, a huqin concerto by Tan Dun, the composition tries to deviate Er-hu from the ordinary lyrical image stereotyped by audience. With the scherzo-like tone, the music varies greatly interspersed with noises produced by different bowing angles and bowing pressures.




--- 在我的音樂裡他們環環相扣,但從特徵上可以清楚分辨。




Wu Yimin 吳藝敏


Wu received his bachelor degree in Music Composition from Hong Kong Baptist University and is pursuing his master degree (M.M.) at Bowling Green State University. His primary composition teachers are Dr. Christopher Coleman and Dr. Mikel Kuehn. During his study abroad, Wu had his very first micro-opera performed in Ohio, collaborated with clarinetists for the Acoustic Frontier project in New York, and also a local upcoming concert, SOUND-IMAGination 2018: Hong Kong Culture.


吳氏畢業於香港浸會大學作曲專業,師從高爾文博士,現正修讀於鮑林格林州立大學作曲系碩士,師從Mikel Kuehn博士。吳氏創作的微歌劇於一月在俄亥俄州上演,其後將會前往紐約參加Acoustic Frontier與多位單簧管演奏家合作。吳氏另一作品將於「聲影集2018:香港文化」首演。

The Peaceful Stars 星空


  1. Childhood

  2. Mankind

  3. You


A Myriad of Stars is a poem collection by Bing Xin (Ping Hsin), who is one of the most prominent Chinese writers in 20th Century. This three-set of songs are based on three poems in the collection of 164 short poems. The three poems are featuring the idea of childhood and love.


(From The Poems of Ping Hsin, “The Stars”, 1921

Translated by Kai-yu Hsu, from Twentieth Century Chinese Poetry)


  1. 童年

  2. 人類



Tam Ka-shu 譚家樹


Tam Ka-Shu (Kenneth) draws most of music his inspiration from the daily auditory experience. His works have been performed and received radio broadcast all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong and more. His Tam-tam Sonata has been chosen in 2016 to be presented in the International Composer Rostrum in Poland.


Tam completed his Bachelor in Hong Kong Baptist University and Master University of Missouri - Kansas City respectively. He is pursuing his PhD in Music Composition in the University at Buffalo. His major composition teachers include David Felder, Cort Lippe, James Mobberley, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Paul Rudy, Christopher Keyes and Christopher Coleman.


譚家樹作品曾在世界各地演出及廣擴,當中包括美國、澳洲、希臘、香港等。他的大鑼奏嗚曲於2016年被選為其中一首作品參與於波蘭舉行的國際作曲家論壇。譚氏畢業於香港浸會大學音樂系,其後於美國密蘇里大學堪薩斯分校取得作曲碩士。現正於紐約州立大學水牛城分校攻讀博士學位。他師從 David Felder, Cort Lippe, 周龍、陳怡、James Mobberley、Paul Rudy、Christopher Keyes及Christopher Coleman。

Reaction I  反應 I


“Reaction I” is a piece written specifically to showcase the versatility of the viola and the virtuosic technique of the player. The entire piece is built with rigorous gestures and intense timbre which can only be executed with precise technique. The intensity of the piece somehow mimics the soundscape in the most crowded district in the city, where one could possibly hear a lot of different information (or noise) that might or might not associate with each other. These senses of quasi-randomness are captured in this piece by cramping a bunch of different timbre within the given timeframe.


“反應 I”是專門為表現中提琴多變的音色及提琴手的技巧而寫的。樂曲中粗獷及強烈的音色需要有精確的技巧才能充分表現出來 。這首樂曲映射著一個人身處於鬧市中的聽覺感受:能同時接收很多可有可無的資訊。樂曲中充斥著很極多不同的音色就是為表現這種近乎隨機性。

Tsui Mei-ling Meilina 徐美玲


Tsui Mei-ling Meilinais a composer, pianist, songwriter and radio presenter, born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, raised and based in Hong Kong. She earned her B.A. (Music) with First Class Honours from Chinese University of Hong Kong under Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship and M.Mus. (Composition) with Distinction from King’s College London under Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme. Her music has been performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Republic of Bashkortostan (Russia), HKPhil, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Romer String Quartet, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, Lontano Ensemble (UK), Ivory Duo Piano Ensemble (UK), Nancy Loo & Mary Wu Piano Duo, Quartetto Indaco (Italy), among others, and broadcast by London arts radio "Resonance fm" and RTHK Radio 4.


1993年出生於哈薩克斯坦。作曲家、鋼琴家、歌曲作者和電台主持人。畢業於中大(一級榮譽文學士)和倫敦國王學院(優異碩士)。作品曾在倫敦電台和香港電台播出,亦獲俄國的巴什科爾托斯坦共和國交響樂團、香港管弦樂團、香港創樂團、羅曼四重奏、竹韻小集、羅乃新及吳美樂鋼琴合奏、英國的Lontano與Ivory Duo、義大利的Quartetto Indaco等樂隊演奏。

Ink and Paper 油墨和紙張


Ink and Paper, or Paintings at the Chinese Exhibition, is a dynamic piano piece written in the style of traditional Chinese music. The constant changes of thematic material, character, keyboard register and texture epitomise the act of observing different paintings at the exhibition. The various themes are all drawn from the composer’s childhood encounters with Chinese ancient history, folklore and myths.


The piece was commissioned by and premiered at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Art Museum for the “Open Books” exhibition in 2014. It was also performed for the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development and his guests at the Residence of the Director General of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, and at Renaissance College Hong Kong’s 10th Anniversary Celebration.



作曲家在2014年受中文大學文物館委託並獻《油墨和紙張》為Open Books展覽的主題曲。

Lai Miu-yeung 黎渺揚


Israel Lai Miu-yeung is a composer, arranger, accompanist, conductor, translator, and hyperpolyglot from Hong Kong. He is currently a final-year undergraduate music student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying composition with Prof. Lee Wan-ki Wendy, Dr. Chan Kai-young, and Prof. Chan Wai-kwong Victor, and previously an exchange student at Lund University, Sweden.


Lai has served as pianist, assistant conductor and composer at his church and produced chamber arrangements and experiments in modern Cantonese Christian music, such as Seven Last Words (2018). Lai is eager to explore ways of incorporating different musical idioms inside one composition, and is interested in various instrumentations. Fascinated by large-scale classical forms, he has worked on his Swedish Rhapsodies (2015-) and Clarinet Concerto (2015-7). His Rondo (2017) for wind quintet was acclaimed at the premiere, and Introduction and Intermezzo (2017) was broadcast on radio at the finals of New Generation 2017. He is always open to new influences and inspirations.






In the Unknown 未知之際


In the Unknown was written in 2013 and revised in 2018 for two woodwinds and viola. It can be seen a little game of notes: the saxophone states the key to the puzzle in the opening – a fleeting muttering of four chromatic notes – which is then interspersed in the piece, from the rapid-fire section with bickering to-and-fro interaction atop the bassoon’s motor rhythm, to the pseudo-fugue that culminates in a climax. The piece ends by dragging the musical material to a halt.




Chan Nga-man 陳雅雯


Chan graduated from the University of Hong Kong. She has collaborated with different music groups include the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Music Virtuosi and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Chan’s works have been given public performances in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S. In 2014, her soundscape music, Vast Littleness, was commissioned by the Hong Kong Lok Sum Chinese Orchestra. Her works were selected for performance in the HKCG ‘New Generation’ and the ‘Music from the Heart’ concerts of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, and was heard on radio. Another piece, In June, was performed at the Nief-Norf Music Festival 2015 in the U.S. Her music is recently selected by the World Harp Congress 2017 Hong Kong.


陳雅雯畢業於香港大學音樂系,與她合作過的樂團包括香港中樂團、竹韻小集、龢鳴樂坊及香港創樂團。 陳氏的作品曾於香港、台灣、美國等地公開演奏。其作品曾入選「音樂新一代」及兩度入選「心樂集」,亦曾在電台廣播。作品《In June》在美國 Nief-Norf 2015 音樂節中演出, 而其新作亦入選 World Harp Congress 2017 Hong Kong。


Firecracker and Peace 竹報平安


In traditional Chinese society, every family light up the firecrackers to scare away the evil and wish for peace from Lunar New Year Eve to New Year Day. The music is fast and lively, which represents the happiness festive atmosphere of Lunar New Year.


古時後,從除夕到元旦,家家戶戶都燃放爆竹,有驅魔迎平安的意思。現代都市雖然禁止燃放爆竹,但一些傳統村落還是會在元旦以爆竹迎接新春。此作品 輕鬆明快,表現出熱鬧的新春節日氣氛。



Lee Yu-ching Fifi 李俞澄 (soprano 女高音)


Born and raised in Hong Kong, soprano Fifi Lee is studying at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, BMus Year 3, Major in Vocal Studies. She is now a student of Miss Yuki Ip, soprano.


She has won the open class of Vocal Female Solo and Art Song in the Hong Kong School Music Festival in 2015 and 2016.


She was featured in “Young Music Makers 2017”, a series of documentaries by RTHK TV and Radio 4. She performed as a soloist with Miss Tania Kross and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Concert in 2013.


She is a holder of the Michael Rippon Memorial Scholarship in 2017, Cecil Leong Scholarship in 2016 and Tom Lee Creativity Prize in 2014.


李俞澄生於香港, 現於香港演藝學院就讀學位三年級課程, 主修聲樂,師隨女高音葉葆菁老師。





Tsang Wing-yiu Audrey 曾詠瑶 (soprano 女高音)


Currently studying in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with major in Vocal, Audrey Tsang is learning Vocal with Margaret Yim.  In 2016, she was awarded with distinction (vocal) in the Associate of the Trinity College London, and distinction in the Grade 8 Piano examination by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She has been performing in operas both in school and in the public over the past two years, including Puccini’s Suor Angelica, Verdi’s Aïda by Opera Hong Kong, and Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann. 


曾詠瑶現就讀於香港演藝學院音樂學院聲樂系, 師隨女高音嚴翊樺。於2016年考獲倫敦聖三一音樂文憑(聲樂), 及2014年考獲英國皇家音樂學院8級鋼琴, 均取得優異成績。在校期間曾參與歌劇演出, 包括修女安潔妮卡, 阿依達及荷夫曼的故事等。

Wesley Lam 林俊傑 (tenor 男中音)


With the support of scholarships, Wesley graduated as Master of Music (Voice) at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2017 and as Bachelor of Arts (Music) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014. He is studying with Ms Nancy Yuen, Head of Vocal Studies at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He is deeply inspired by Ms Lee, music teacher at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. His major operatic roles include Tamino in Mozart’s Magic Flute, Rinuccio in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi and Rodolfo in Puccini’s La bohème. He performed as tenor solo in Handel’s Messiah, Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy. He also collaborated with Prof. Chan Wing Wah, Prof Carmen Koon, Mr Mak Ka Lok, Mr. Pietro Mianiti and Mr. Nicholas Kok. Wesley is a voice instructor (Junior Section) at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a conductor at The Hong Kong Children’s Choir.


林氏以獎學金於2017年完成香港演藝學院音樂碩士及於2014年完成香港中文大學音樂文學士,現隨演藝學院聲樂系主任阮妙芬老師習唱,亦深受聖公會林護紀念中學音樂科李老師的啟蒙。曾演唱過的主要歌劇角色包括:《魔笛》的王子、《賈尼斯基基》的里奧齊奧及《波希米亞人》的羅道夫。亦曾擔任《彌賽亞》、莫扎特《安魂曲》及《合唱狂想曲》等的男高音獨唱。曾合作的指揮包括陳永華教授,官美如教授,麥家樂先生,Pietro Mianiti及Nicholas Kok。林氏現爲香港演藝學院青少年課程聲樂導師,亦為香港兒童合唱團指揮。

Chan Tsz-chun Brian  陳子俊 (flute 長笛)


Brian is an experienced orchestral player, chamber musician, and teacher.  He was awarded a full scholarship by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund for his postgraduate studies at the Royal Northern College of Music, where he studied with Laura Jellicoe, Joanne Boddington, and Peter Lloyd. He graduated with Distinction in 2010. He has performed with The Hallé, the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Macau Orchestra, the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta since 2006. As a devoted educator, he is currently a member of the senior faculty at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Under his tutelage, his students have been accepted by conservatoires worldwide.


陳氏獲香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信詫基金頒發全數獎學金赴英深造。陳氏以一等成績畢業於英國皇家北部音樂學院以及以優異成績畢業於香港演藝學院, 師承 Laura Jellicoe、 Peter Lloyd、Joanne Boddington、Megan Sterling、LindaStuckey及Ivy Chuang。


陳氏曾以長笛及短笛手身份與英國哈雷管弦樂團 、香港管弦樂團、 香港小交響樂團、香港城市室樂團、亞洲青年管弦樂團、國際青年管樂團以及以獨奏家身份與香港演藝學院管弦樂團合作演出。足跡遍佈英國、法國、意大利丶南美洲丶中國丶日本丶台灣丶新加坡及香港等。



Wah Chi-shing Anthony 華智誠 (saxophone 色士風)


Born and educated in Hong Kong, Anthony Wah is a student in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Under the tutelage of Mr. Timothy Sun, Wah has attained ATCL and LTCL diplomas in Saxophone Performance in 2013 and 2016 respectively. He has also held his personal recital in Lee Hysan Concert Hall, “Kizuna Concert”, in Jan 2017, featuring a great variety of music, such as Libertango by Astor Piazzolla and Yukinohana by Nakashima Mika.


As an enthusiast in band and orchestral music, his interests and devotion into music rooted during his times at his secondary school times. Wah was a chairperson of The Y.W.C.A. Hioe Tjo Yoeng College Symphonic Band, and organised various concerts as a chairperson, including an Afternoon concert, as well as a Joint-school Band Concert with Wa Ying College. Wah is currently a saxophonist in multiple symphonic bands, including the Young Musicians Wind Orchestra, Kong U Big Band, the Hong Kong Doujin Philharmonia and the Chung Chi College Wind Orchestra.


華智誠現爲就讀於香港中文大學的二年級生,同時為非音樂主修的色士風手。華氏自2012年起師從孫穎麟先生學習色士風,並分別於2013及2016年以優異成績考獲ATCL (聖三一  四級音樂演奏文憑) 及 LTCL (聖三一  六級音樂演奏文憑)。於2017年一月,華氏於香港中文大學利希慎音樂廳舉辦了首次色士風個人獨奏會: 「絆」音樂會,節目包括多種不同風格的作品,如皮亞佐拉的「自由探戈」及中島美嘉的「雪之華」。


除了個人獨奏以外,華氏亦活躍於本地樂團演奏。他曾擔任基督教女青年會丘佐榮中學管樂團主席,並與華英中學合作舉辦以動畫音樂為主題的「聯校音樂會」。現時華氏於多個本地樂團擔任色士風手,包括香港青少年管樂演奏家、Kong U Big Band、香港同人管弦樂團及香港中文大學崇基管樂團。

Ma Cheuk-lam Annis 馬倬琳 (viola 中提琴)


Annis Ma, one of RTHK Radio's Young Music Makers, started learning viola at the H.K. Academy for Performing Arts at 6. She was the first prize winner of Senior Viola Solo at 11, prize winner of Open Class/Scholarship for Stringed Instruments of the HKSMSA, Champion of Open Class for Viola Solo of Bauhinia String Competition. Since the age of 13, Annis has received full scholarship from Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) to join its 25th & 26th concert tours as the youngest musician by waiving the minimum age requirement at the discretion of AYO. Annis is currently the Principal Violist in the symphony orchestras of Diocesan Girls’ School, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Peace International Foundation.



Liu Tung-bo 廖冬保 (bassoon 巴松管)


Liu Tung- bo graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with first-class honour, majoring in bassoon under the tutelage of Mr. Kam Shiu. Tommy is one of the recipent of Hong Kong Jockey Music and Dance Fund and have started his master degree at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, studying with Professor Henrik Rabien. In 2015, Tommy has been selected as one of the soloists to perform with the Academy Symphony Orchestra and also as one of the “Young Music Makers 2015” by RTHK 4.


Tommy has been the freelance bassoon player of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra; One of the founder of Piano, Flute and Bassoon Trio “Triozolla” and Woodwind quintet “Hong Kong QUINTessence”. He was also the chairman of The Bassoonion in 2014-2017.


廖冬保畢業於香港演藝學院,師隨金瑞老師。畢業後獲得香港賽馬會音樂及舞蹈信託基金獎學金,赴德國Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts修讀碩士學位,師隨Henrik Rabien教授。廖氏於二零一五年以獨奏身份與演藝交藝樂團作演出,同年獲選「樂壇新秀2015」的其中一員。


廖氏為深圳交響樂團特約樂手; 鋼琴、長笛及巴松管的三重奏 Triozolla、木管五重奏 Hong Kong QUINTessence創辦人之一,並曾為非牟利藝術團體「巴松館」之主席。

Chan Kwan-yee 陳君儀 (piano 鋼琴)

Chan Kwan-yee is currently a year 4 student of Bachelor of Music in Education (Honors) (Contemporary music and Performance pedagogy), studying piano under Tino Maxwell. She participated in masterclasses by pianists Paolo Vairo, Colleen Lee, Mary Woo, Carl Lo, Julie Kwok and Rachel Cheung respectively. Kwan Yee started learning piano at the age of 5 and she was recommended to be Arts Ambassador of AAiSS, ‘the Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme’ in 2012-2013. Kwan Yee has also participated different ensemble groups in EdUHK. She was the member of EdUHk Orchestra, iLork (Laptop Orchestra) and Modern Music Ensemble. She is now a committee member of Modern Music Ensemble (MME). Besides, she was elected to be the member of Student Pro-Artists Scheme (SPA) during 2016-2018.


Recently, Kwan-yee has won the third prize at the Chopin Memorial Prize International Piano Open Competition (2015) at Schubert Impromptu Class and second prize at the Liszt Memorial Prize International Piano Competition (2016) in Chopin Nocturne class. She also won prize at the 5th Macao-Asia Pacific Youth Piano Competition (2017, Champion in Performance Class) as well as the Hong Kong Youth Music Competition (2016, Third Prize in Piano Diploma Class). She is also the Champion of EdUHK CCA Artistic Excellence Award (performance) (2015-2016).


陳君儀現為香港教育大學音樂教育榮譽學士課程(當代音樂及演奏教育學)四年級學生,主修鋼琴,師承Tino Maxwell。曾先後參與鋼琴家Paolo Vairo,李嘉齡,吳美樂,盧嘉,郭品文及張緯晴的大師班。她自小開始對音樂及藝術充滿熱誠,五歲起學習鋼琴,並於2012-2013年擔任第五屆香港藝術發展局的藝術大使。她在學期間積極參與學校各種音樂活動,曾是香港教育大學管弦樂團,iLork(Laptop Orchestra),現為現代音樂團MME (Modern Music Ensemble)的成員,更擔任2017-2018年度現代音樂團委員會成員。另外,陳氏亦是2016-2018年度文化與創意藝術學系優藝生。



Lam Chun-hei 林俊熹 (piano 鋼琴)

Matthew Lam is currently a music undergraduate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in piano. He is currently studying piano under Dr. Timothy Kwok Ka-ho. Lam was awarded with the Associate of Trinity College London (ATCL) in Piano Recital in 2016. Besides from being an active pianist, Lam is also an active composer, and he had studied composition with Dr. Lee Kar-tai.


林俊熹現在於香港中文大學音樂系主修鋼琴,並師隨郭家豪博士習鋼琴 。林氏於2016年考獲英國倫敦聖三一音樂學院文憑(ATCL)。此外,林氏也是一位活躍作曲家,曾經隨李家泰博士習作曲。


Lee Seen-tung 李倩彤 (piano 鋼琴)

Lee Seen Tung is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Last year she was selected to study abroad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) through the Music Department exchange programme. Majoring in piano performance, she is now studying piano under the tutelage of Ms. Julie Kuok Pun Man. Seen Tung has been participating in various contemporary music performances. She also plays jazz.




Leung Ka-lok 梁家洛 (pipa琵琶)

Leung Ka-lok is currently a year 2 student of the Bachelor of music of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He started learning the pipa with Li Ping before, and is now a student of pipa virtuoso Zhang Ying. Leung has won many prizes in the Hong Kong and International competitions including the ‘DunHuang Cup’. In 2015, Ka-lok was selected as one of RTHK Radio 4’s Young Music Makers. He was also a quest pipa player of the Macau Chinese Orchestra and participated in HKCO’s ‘Professional Orchestra Internship’. He also participated in different performances. Currently, Ka-lok is the pipa principal and member of local Chinese Orchestras.




Chan Kai-him 陳啟謙 (erhu二胡)


Chan Kai Him, born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated with First Class Honours at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts under the tutelage of Prof. Yu Qi-wei and Mr. Wong On-yuen, and later with Prof. Yu Qi-wei at the same school for his Master Degree.


In 2015, Chan was named one of the Young Music Makers by Radio Television Hong Kong. Chan is now the Acting Co-Principal of the Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, Part-time performer (Erhu) of the LCSD Music Office, Concertmaster of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Chinese Orchestra.






Ko Tsz-wang 高子泓 (erhu二胡)


Aaron Ko has played both erhu and violin for 10 years, and have achieved numerous championships in The Hong Kong Music Festival. He has been learning erhu from Xiao Ling Xin since six. Following the Chinese Orchestra of DBS, He has won championships in Singapore and Slovakia participating in the Nan Yang International Music festival 2017 and Bratislava International Youth Music Festival. He is now the concert master of The Chinese Orchestra of Diocesan Boys’ School.



Wong Tsz-kei 黃紫琦 (erhu二胡)


Wong started learning erhu under the tutelage of Tsang Chi-wai since young. Wong is presently studying for a Bachelor of Music degree in CUHK, majoring in erhu performance under virtuoso Wong On-yuen. She is also benefited from the coaching of Prof. Yan Jie-min. Wong is currently a part-time erhu tutor at Music Office; was the Principal Gaohu of Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra. She won the championships and first runner-up of the Banhu, Gaohu and Erhu (Senior Class) at the Hong Kong School Music Festival respectively. Having been selected as one of the RTHK 2015 Young Music Makers, Wong joined radio and TV programme recording. She has appeared in concerts in Vienna, England, Singapore, Taiwan and Mainland China.




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