恭喜香港作曲家聯會主席榮獲由香港藝術發展局頒發的香港藝術發展獎 - 藝術家年獎(音樂)!感謝梅廣釗博士在推動香港藝術發展方面的貢獻。


A big congratulation to the HKCG Chairman Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu who was awarded the Artist of the Year of the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC). This is such an honor to Dr. Mui’s significant accomplishments and contributions to arts development of Hong Kong. Congratulations!


The introduction and interview of the 16 award recipients including Dr. Mui has been featured in the “The 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards” television programme “on ViuTV Channel 99 at 10:45 pm on 20 June and 27 June.







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