CHEN Chi-wai 陳智偉


Dr. Jason Chen graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music in 1995 with a Bachelor of Music Degree, majoring in composition and piano with a 4-year scholarship. He later furthered his musical studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University, receiving the Master of Arts (majoring in composition and electro-acoustic music) and Diploma of Education (majoring in Music) respectively in 2000 and 2002. A composer, pianist and researcher, he studied jazz piano and arranging with Prof. Kim Park, and composition under tutorship of Prof. James Mobberley and Prof. John Chen, and has written over 40 compositions including works for orchestra, chamber music, electroacoustic music and writing music for TV commercials, movie soundtracks. His works have been published by Warner music, Universal music, Sony music, Capital Artist, What’s music and EEG Records.


Jason is currently the Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He is also a PhD in music technology at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia, researching on multi-media music composition. His articles have been published by the top-ranked journals such as International Journal of Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education and Music Education Research. He was the jury panel for New Generation Concert and conducted various workshops for HKAPA, HKCG and EDB. 


陳智偉1995年畢業於美國密蘇里大學堪薩斯城音樂學院,取得四年獎學金主修作曲及鋼琴演奏,獲頒音樂學士學位。其後繼續進修,於香港浸會大學取得音樂碩士學位(主修作曲及電子音樂)及音樂教育文憑。在學期間師從Prof. Kim Park 學習爵士鋼琴及編曲,又隨Prof. James Mobberley 及陳國平博士學習作曲,曾發表不同類型作品,包括管弦樂、室樂、電子音樂、廣告及電影音樂、流行音樂及爵士樂等。


陳氏現為香港教育學院文化及創意藝術學系助理教授。同時為澳洲皇家墨爾本科技大學哲學博士,研究多媒體電腦音樂創作,論文曾在國際音樂期刊 - International Journal of Music Education, Research Studies in Music Education, Music Education Research中發表。他曾擔任音樂新一代作曲比賽評判及於香港演藝學院教授爵士鋼琴工作坊,並擔任教育局新高中音樂課程(音樂)委員,近期著作包括Canto-Jazz音樂由Springer出版。

Commissioned Work


Global Warning (2011) [9”]

     for 12 guitars 




The Voice of God in 3 movements (2000)     [15”]

     for Orchestra and Voice              


Chamber (Western)


A Tribute to Bartok (1998) [6”]

     for String Quartet

Drops (1995) [10”]

     for 10 percussionists

In the mirror I see myself (1994) [8”]

     for String Quartet

Music for Guitar Quartet (1994) [8”]

     for 4 guitartists

Sunrise (1993) [6”]

     for Voice and Piano

Butterfly (1992) [6”]

     for unaccompanied voice and oboe

Reversal (1991) [10”]

     for fl, ob, vc & piano

June fourth for Violin and piano (1991) [8”]

     for vn, piano

Crystal window (1990)     [6”]

     for fl, cl


Instrumental Solo


Fantasia for solo Saxophone (1996) [15”]

     for Alto Sax

Variations on ‘Autumn Leaves’ (2002) [7”]

     for piano


Electronic Music


Chinese Drums (1998) [7”]

     for 4 speakers

Dragon (1995) [7”]

     for tape


Jazz Arrangement


Autumn leaves (2005) [6”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

Desafinado          (2005) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

Take five (2005) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

How high the moon (2007) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

The girl from Ipanema (2007) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

Summertime (2009) [6”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

Watermelon Man (2009) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

How insensitive (2009) [7”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band

What a wonderful world (2009) [5”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band and SCPE chamber choir

Spain    (2009) [6”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Band and SCPE chamber choir

喜帖街 (2012) [5”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Ensemble

幸福摩天輪(2012) [5”]

     for HKIEd Jazz Ensemble




越過黑暗 (composer for movie soundtrack)                               


後現代戀愛 (composer for TV commercial)                                    

CD Polygram 534965-2

孤單一個 (composer)                                                                                          

CD Warner 0630-13015-2

只要為我好 (arranger)                                                                                         

CD Capital Artist 02-1266

請您 (arranger)                                                                                                   

CD Capital Artist 02-1266

細味 (composer, arranger)                                                                        

CD 宣道出版社 TCD 142

Global Warning (Composer)                                                                                 

CD Resonating Colours CGCD 1401


Jingles for TV commercial


China Bank Group Limited,

Ford Car Explorer,

Korean Ginseng,

Hong Kong Bank Limited


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