CHAN Kai-young 陳啟揚 


Kai-Young Chan is drawn to assimilating elements from various Asian musical traditions as well as classical Chinese folklores, language, and literature into the his versatile output from concert works to film scores, through conventional western idioms to various forces of folk instruments. His music was performed across the continents by prominent performers including the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra(US), Curtis Symphony Orchestra(US), Brno Philharmonic Orchestra(Czech Republic), Daedalus Quartet(US), International Ensemble Modern Academy(Germany), Ensemble XXI(Belgium), and Hong Kong New Ensemble. Festivals that featured his music include the 2014 International Rostrum of Composers in Helsinki, Finland, Risuonanze 2014 in Trieste, Italy, 2013 Chinese Composers Festival in Hong Kong, and ISCM World Music Days 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium, and the 2014 Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt, Germany.


Chan is the winner of champion in New Generation 2012, the Dolce Suono Ensemble composition competition, PARMA Student Composer Competition, David Gwilt Composition Prize, the Helen L. Weiss Music Prize, and CASH Music Scholarships, among other honors.  His music is published by Ablaze Records, Navona Records of PARMA Recordings, and Editions Peters (London).


Chan studied composition with Jay Reise, James Primosch, and Anna Weesner as a Benjamin Franklin Doctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches music theory, piano, and erhu to undergraduates. He completed his Master of Music in composition as a student of Victor Chan at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he received his Bachelor of Arts with first class honours.


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陳啟揚為美國賓夕法尼亞大學富蘭克林學人,攻讀作曲博士課程,並教授本科課程之音樂理論、鍵盤技巧及二胡演奏,亦曾於寇蒂斯音樂學院學習指揮。陳氏先後於香港中文大學取得一級榮譽文學士及作曲音樂碩士,師隨陳偉光教授,並隨黃安源學習胡琴。陳氏的作品曾獲美國匹茲堡交響樂團、寇蒂斯音樂學院樂團、黛德拉斯弦樂四重奏、捷克布爾諾愛樂樂團、比利時Ensemble XXI、德國國際現代合奏音樂學院、龢嗚樂坊、香港創樂團等樂團演奏,並先後入選國際現代音樂節2012 (比利時)、華人作曲家音樂節2013(香港)、國際作曲家交流會議2014(芬蘭)等國際音樂節。英國Edition Peters出版社及美國ABLAZE、PARMA等唱片公司皆有出版其作品。



Orchestral Works


Seek, Seek (2014) [8’30”]

     for orchestra

Fall of Paulownia (2014) [8’]

     for orchestra

Ignis Fatuus II (2013) [8’]

     for string orchestra

vers le jardin japonais (2013) [7’]

     for orchestra

Les marées de la nuit (2012) [10’]

     for concert band

Nightmare Escape (2011) [4’]

     for chamber orchestra

Misty Morning by Lakeside (2010) [4’30”]

     for Chinese orchestra


Chamber/Solo Works


Seek, Seek (2014) [9’]

     for oboe, clarinet, and strings

Mieko (2014) [7’]

     for solo flute

Toper of the Bamboo Grove (2014) [5’] 

     for bass clarinet and cello

The River Remembers (2014) [1’30”]

     for flute, cello and piano

Moon over Pyrus Blossom (2014) [4’]

     for piano solo

Medley of Folk Tunes from Ethnic Minorities (2014) [5’]

     for erhu quintet

as the walls close in (2013) [1’30”]

     for viola, contrabass, and piano

Ignis Fatuus (2013) [8’30”]

     for string quartet

Parametrical Games (2013) [1’30”]

     for string quartet

Shimmers the Shivery Moon (2013) [7’30”]

     for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano

L’esprit de la nuit (2013) [8’]

     for percussion trio

le vent de la nuit (2012) [4’30”]

     for alto flute and piano

Fata Morgana (2012) [7’30”]

     for oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, contrabass

Poetic Landscapes: Zheng Playing of Chan (2012) [8’]

     for dizi, sheng, erhu, zheng, and narrator

Les marées de la nuit (2011) [10’]

     for tam-tam and piano

Once Upon a Snowy Night (2011) [7’]

     for flute, viola, and harp

Tinkles in the Rain (2011) [7’30”]

     for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Downstream (2010) [5’]

     for wind quintet

Lament (2010) [6’]

     for solo contrabass


Vocal/Choral works


Poem without a Title: Hard it is to Meet and Part (2014) [5’]

     for mezzo-soprano and piano

Under the Mid-Autumn Moon (2014) [4’]

     for mixed choir and piano

Songs of the Moon: Three Chinese Poems (2013) [14’]

     for mezzo-soprano, baritone, and harp

East-rail Speaks… (2012) [5’]

     for mixed speech choir




On the Same Boat (2014) [4’]

     for huqin quintet and erhu ensemble

The Moon Says (2013) [5’]

     for huqin quintet

Arabian Nights (2012) [4’]

     for Chinese orchestra

Prince Ali (2012) [3’]

     for Chinese orchestra

One Summer’s Day (2012) [4’]

     for Chinese instrumental ensemble

Two of Us (2011) [5’]

     for violin, cello, and piano

Doraemon Theme Song Medley (2010) [5’]

or Chinese instrumental ensemble


Film Scores


The Missing Ring (2014)  

Broken Me (2013)

Who am I? (2012) 




尋尋覓覓 (2014) [8’30”]


桐華恨 (2014) [8’]


雲隱 (2013) [7’]


鬼火 II (2013) [8’]


夜潮(2012) [10’]


夢魘(2011) [4’]


流雲組曲(2010) [4’30”]





尋尋覓覓 (2014) [9’]


三重子 (2014) [7’]


酒狂隨想(2014) [5’]


那日河川(2014) [1’30”]


月照梨花 (2014) [4’]


少數民族樂曲聯奏(2014) [5’]


圍城縛 (2013) [1’30”]


鬼火 (2013) [8’30”]


變數遊戲 (2013) [1’30”]


月光寒(2013) [7’30”]


夜森之靈(2013) [8’]


晚來風 (2012) [4’30”]


蜃景 (2012) [7’30”]


聽陳蕾氏的琴箏(2012) [8’]


夜潮(2011) [10’]


夜雪重(2011) [7’]


雨霖鈴曲(2011) [7’30”]


流水(2010) [5’]


輓歌(2010) [6’]





詩篇二十三篇 (2015) [4’]

     三部女聲合唱與鋼琴 (粵語)

無題:相見時難別亦難(2014) [5’]


水調歌頭(2014) [4’]

     四部混聲合唱與鋼琴 (粵語)

月訣:古詩詞三首(2013) [14’]

     次女高音、男中音與豎琴 (粵語)

火車話 (2012) [5’]

     三部混聲創意樂動 (粵語)




同舟之情(2014) [4’]


月亮說 (2013) [5’]


阿拉丁組曲 (2012) [7’]


那年夏天 (2012) [4’]


我倆 (2011) [5’]


叮噹與多啦A夢(2010) [5’]









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